Why don't you go out more, Jow Forums? you know girls don't like pasty shut ins

why don't you go out more, Jow Forums? you know girls don't like pasty shut ins

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here's a life tip. go to brothel and fuck something and youll see sex doesnt feel much better then masterbating, its warm and squishy and not much more. then you can get on with your life and enjoy actually decent things like masterbating on a head full of acid.

>willingly spending time with the gendoral jew

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i think robots much more prefer the intimacy and closeness you feel with the woman you have a relationship and bond with than just fucking some whore at the local brothel. it's more than wanting to stick your dick in a hole and cum.

well thats a silly hing to chase after, practically non existant.

>intimacy and closeness
these things don't actually exist outside of movies and shit.
its a big meme. normalfags are just playing pretend.

>why don't you go out more, Jow Forums?
Because I'm fucking tired.

I've been labouring in the sun all fucking day, you cunt.

so if you're a pasty shut in, you're giving contradictory advice. go out there and get actively disliked by people that don't like pasty shut ins. Why don't they just stay in and flog themselves instead you fucking moron?

they exist definitely exist outside of movies but we just have to sift through more garbage to find something worthwhile.

you are correct, but its very nice to kissu a girl in the lips

>girls don't like
sounds like that's their problem

how tf do you wank on acid

>why don't you go out more, Jow Forums?
because there are people out there
and people are scary

Where I would go? No friends no social life no connections

Just a random walk on thr streets will get me a grill? Fuck off normie

>tf no cute big forehead gf

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She is down to fuck if you have coke.

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>tfw she sees the new young buck from the slave markets working the fields

>hint:he is black

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I am a khv. I try to be with girls but always get rejected. Talked with a friend and he told me how easy it is to find girls for him and how boring they are. He literaly fucks the hot girls that I wouldn't even bother to make a move. He is not even a good looking guy. Girls just like chatting with him for some reason. He is a fucking degenerate asshole. He has more than one aborted baby, girls still let him do it condomless. He fucks girls that has a boyfriend, makes them break up then dumps the dumb roastie. I just can't comprehend how it's so easy for some guys. Why is getting fucked good so important for roasties?

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>have to sift through more garbage to find something worthwhile
Reminds me of Jow Forums

why is this so hot? also alice needs to get destroyed by the b b c

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99% of robots have vitamin d deficiency
seriously get some sun you losers

I don't care what girls like.

reminder that people who suggest you to take some sun want you to be unpretty, to be pretty you should apply sunscreen every day

hows it going spencer?

Some of us get Vitamin D from other sources, you don't just have to get it from sunlight. Some of us just prefer the night time and also love being one solid color of white all over.

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Where would I even go? What would I even do?

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spencer? fuck you, nigga

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I tan very quickly and it lasts for literal years, I'm good.

I want a relationship that isn't possible with my mental machinations and adjusted instincts, So I'd rather stay in my own crypt than be more depressed being alone among hordes of people.

who is she, help poor robot out?

it's my wife Alice
stay away from her

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If I cared what girls think I wouldn't weigh 400 lbs.

>400 lbs
you should probably start caring

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I should but I won't. I'm just waiting to succumb to heart disease.

>tfw this is how cats look at you when you look away
>tfw they never look at you like this if you look back
predator instincts are cool.

ofc orignizalo

It is my wife, Alice.

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she needs black cum all over her face

I have to wonder, are you and other posters like you just whites/hapas with a black fetish, or are you actually black and just that obsessed with the meme? I'm mixed so I'm really curious about the psychology behind the people who spam this shit.

She might be loose and with a high mileage, but at least she has exclusively fucked whites as of yet.

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If your cum is black you have a problem.

do girls even understand what bullying is?

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Shit. This was the pill for me. Once I had sex I don't even feel like trying to get some anymore. It just made me realize that honestly, my hand feels so much better... Huge dissapointment for me, but it did help me get over my obsession with it, so there's that.

I'm not that guy and I never post that shit, but I am hapa and do like interracial vids (of all kinds). But again I don't spam shit. It's probably low level whites and hapas that realize they can ever get a white women who get off on spamming posts like that.

>you know girls don't like pasty shut ins
i beg to differ

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I do but i don't talk much to people and drink pretty fast

she has a car and you don't, Jow Forums what the fucl

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you know girls bodies are filled with feces and urine? Why would I want that?

>actually falling for the sunlight jew
Lmao le shiggy donatello
How do you think people came up with vampires?

I do go outside from time to time. Also
>caring about what women, or anyone else, thinks of you
Be the best version of yourself that you can be, but do it for you, not for thots or normalfags.

i dont like girl who like "going out". doing what, drinking? no whore shit on my land.

"go out" as in outside the house, incel