Tgw mum knows im trans ama

Tgw mum knows im trans ama

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Nvm dont ask you troll my thrras ama

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Neck yourself and get off this board, mentally ill faggot

Are you the guy with the Mormon family?

Yes my mum is mormon my thread will be trolled

All the trolls ruin my threas ama

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Do you think that your posting anime girls all the time has a correlation with you wanting to be a girl yourself?
>pic unrelated

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I eant to be a magical girl

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You will never get to be a magical girl. You are a man. Even if you became a trap and passed you'd never be a magical girl. Have you checked your testosterone levels?

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No i dont care i dont i was drowned when i wad a baby it ruiny my motpr skills im crippled im want to be a magical girl

Idk what they sau i want to be this im a girl also ots my threas ama

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>i was drowned when i wad a baby it ruiny my motpr skills im crippled
What happened to you lmao. Now you have to greentext.

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How the hell were you raised Mormon and ended up becoming a tranny anyway? Why the fuck do you wanna become a girl? You do realize they're inferior, right? Just read pic related.

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I want thr new chance... I want to ne a magical girl i should doe my life should not exist

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Being a trans is a literal mental illness lmao. Why can't you just man up and own your gender? Why can't you be how you were meant to be since you were born? Why can't you act the way you're supposed to act? Why aren't you religious like your family? At least do you think you would pass as a girl, were you to transition?

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No i dont dress or look luje a girl to be trans im not physical a girl to be one also religion os not empowering me... And im not mentally ill mental illness cannot be quantified... Its to control me mind. Show the illmess... Physical quantification. There is none. Im mentally ill if i say it so

Have you grown increasingly worse as time went on? You didn't use to write like this. Also, why don't you accept Jesus Christ?

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Im on a phone the buttons are small jesus will accept me or doesnt jesus can male me a magical girl

You're a fucking tranny and you gotta get your head checked. I hope God strikes you down for being a trans. You'll never be a girl, you will only be a fucked up tranny. Get over it and stop this faggotry, there might still be hope.

Deut 22:5

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because he already decided to be pic related

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Trannies trying to man up and live as a man always backfires, they always break eventually

This is me but not as a shitpost. Art reflects life. Dont reply to this I dont want to b famous

Fuck off back to discord.