Pics that prove just how depressed you've become

pics that prove just how depressed you've become

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Pic related. My diet is mostly junk food and every shit is liquid

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too lazy to post a pic of my piss bottles
you will just have to trust me

i've been on Jow Forums for the past 5 days without any sleep does this count?
>i'm 5'3 and my penis is small

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Penis related, I havent had an erection in weeks. Thinking about taking the pinkpill because at least my ass is nice

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Spoke too soon!!! The idea of being a trap made me hard! Pic related :)))

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You fucking faggot

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Yes daddy I AM a sissy faggot, will you punish me for it? ^.^

i don't have the pic anymore, but last year i consumed 480 pills of 210mg caffeine. it was a pic of 4 closed bottles containing 120 pills each.
literally the only thing that makes me happy. better than any antidepressant i ever took
this is my most recent pic, i have around 160 pills in stock

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You want this dick baby? ;)

nice pp, lemme suck it

It's bigger now but too lazy to take a new pic.

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Come to Odessa Texas and be my cockslave BF

Post pic, probably bc Im bi. Come to Odessa Texas and be my ass-dominating BF

how the fuck does caffine make you happy if youre depressed Why not just do adderall or something stronger

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my house is a general mess but not hoarder levels. I keep some pride in it. I expect my poor dental hygiene over the last year is the real indicator.

I, too, would consider myself at the depths of depression, if I found Corona in my fridge.

Exercise and/or switch to 40 oz bottles. Either way, you'll be better off.

>how the fuck does caffeine make you happy
lifting while pumped on caffeine and listening to my fav songs, that's all i can say it.
>why not just do adderall or something stronger
because i need medical prescription to buy those things.

i clean my desk periodically and it's been much worse than this before

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Caffiene releases dopamine, I recall.

>how the fuck does a stimulant make you feel stimulated?

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somehow the mic and keyboard are the worst things in this image

yeah you're telling me. i spilled vodka on that keyboard last month though so thankfully it's out of commission now.

I loved this lamp. In a fit of drug fueled rage I went berserker and started smashing shit around with a heavy wrench. I also destroyed an ashtray I loved very much, but dont have the remains.

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Open the two beer and strum up ideas how to get more money to get more liquor

then shit post on r9k all day and drink cheap booze

your room must stink

>american spirits
>sky blue lighter
Are you me? I smoke the sky blue boxes though

>smoking inside

Not him, but adderall turns me into a slut. I just end up teasing and edging my self for 12 hours. It makes my peepee smaller than it normally is, which makes it difficult to fap

I do the same thing. Actually get cleaning and tidying done and it makes vidya enjoyable. Also often end up with 15 threads open, shitposting and collecting (You)s at the speed of light. It is great

kek, right?
my maximum dose ingested was 1050mg, i never had such an euforic day like that one.

What happens if you piss in the water filter jug?

im turbo depressed and caffeine does noting for me

i drink it and i am able to function relatively well for like 30 minutes and then i crash and its back to good old go fuck yourself and die

That looks more like your butt-plug then a lamp.

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not to me, but yeah, everyone else is probably as repulsed by it as i am by myself

i recently switched to sky blue my dude, ayyyy
much less harsh on the lungs


Zoomer genocide when?


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i meant sky blue american spirits, learn your cigs!!


Boomer genocide when?

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>not hard liquor
get on my alcoholism level

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fucking go home

I haven't been outside since August, even then it was only for a hour.

whats the most fucked up drunk night you had?

Thank you user. For the only time in my life I feel like I actually have an average sized penis. God speed, sweet prince.

I tried cutting caffeine out of my diet and holy fuuuck does it suck the ever loving life right out of you. Then, I went one day off and one day on and there is a HUGE, noticeable difference. Fuck the health benefits. I'm drinking at least a little caffeine a day for the rest of my life.

I've had a few 750ml liquor nights, I don't remember them though
worst I do remember was Christmas 2017, drank a shitload of bourbon, wine, beer, etc. ended up threatening my mum with a knife, breaking several glasses, etc. after that, she's been trying to get me to stop drinking, but so far hasn't succeeded even slightly

yo samson good to see you back hope you can post a box wine selfie sometime soon love you man

Forgot to mention that antidepressants did absolutely nothing for me compared to caffeine or the occasional high. Didn't benefit at all from them. Was a whole new person once I got off them.

Same happened to me user, i took anti-depressants for like one and a half years and it didnt do shit, now i got off of them and i feel kinda smarter, might be placebo but idk and also everything seems more real.

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>>do not post pictures of yourself on Jow Forums

Lightweight and a psychopath. You make the rest of us look bad. I'm a somber drunkard and my parents still fuck with me. You haven't lived until being yelled at while going through withdrawal, kiddo.

This is my fridge right now.

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>name calls half the human population evil simply for existing
>calls anyone else a psychopath
likely they fuck with you because you're a goddamn commie leech who hasn't worked a day in your life. you deserve to get yelled at. mix some bleach into your next drink

Obvious unifag with mini fridge fuck off

It's because of Murikan ethics. Chirstfaggotry.

>all those drink threads sammy made and he blacks out from every twenty four ounces of liquor he ever had

I am laugh at you.

says the virgin communist faggot
like I said, go drink some fucking bleach you piece of shit

>being this angry
Is today your day off wagie? Shouldn't you be doing laundry or something rather than virgin shaming on a virgin board?

this is not a virgin board, you cunts are the invaders
go drink bleach you commie waste of oxygen

>boohoo I can't post my face anymore
Why do you even stay here if you hate the place Sammy? I bet you hate getting drunk too but can't admit it.

Please rinse that coke glass out and put it in the sink.

you will always be a virgin as long as you are an entitled communist piece of shit, and you will always be that because you are a fucking brainlet of brainlets. bleach will set you free, drink it faggot

Yeah sure you retarded tripfag, the fact that you are breathing and saying shit when you have a trip code even if it is baiting should just give you a sign that youre the most pathetic human being on this earth and also universe, please stop wasting oxigen and die already you autistic retard

>drink bleach drink bleach drink bleach
Calm down idiot. I didn't want to resort to this, but if you search my name plus cyborg you'll see me admitting that I had gf in the past.

Not that it matters. Losing a v-card doesn't turn you into a normalfaggot.

I'm only a communist when exposed to bullshitery of right wingers, such as yourself.

you never had a gf, you always make the gayest posts

yeah sure you have
I only tell someone to drink bleach when they've proven to be a moron impervious to logic, like you
go drink some fucking bleach faggot

>never gf
I wish that were true. I'd belong here even more if it were.
>*angry drunkard noises*

the only place you belong is in the grave
bleach will get you there

You can probably only see half of them

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Try drinking tea made of Hypericum perforatum.
It is as effective.

Do not forget friends

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seriously? i have this at home