What's stopping you from getting a girlfriend robots?

what's stopping you from getting a girlfriend robots?

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my fucking height
im 5'6

Childhood parental abuse and facial disfigurement throughout my adolescence have retarded my social development and left me with emotional issues that make it difficult to change my condition through new experiences.

that's not that bad user, i knew a guy my senior year of high school who was less than 5'.

>Hey cripples, whats stopping you from functioning normally?

My inability to respect any other person in my life. I treat furniture with much more care than anyone I meet.

wanting a bf

i dont know. 85% of people outside are taller than me. i feel like a dwarf

If your face isn't up to scratch 5'6" is hard. You've gotta be a special kind of guy to pull that off.

5'6" (+.75" at night and +1.25 in the morning T.T) here, too. Godspeed little bro. Don't let it keep you down. Still lots that can be done with life

>85% of people outside are taller than me. i feel like a dwarf

Statistically impossible.

>unironically thinking you stand on the same ground as a cripple

i'm 5'4 and got a gf user, not impossible but I do have good face/hair

sorry for my curiosity but is she taller than you? is she skinny/fat?

she's 4'10, skinny

I don't know.

I seriously don't know.

I probably have an aura around my dick protecting my virginity. I had some weeb kids, goth bitches admitting they have a crush on me, so i seriously don't know, i am seriously starting to consider some kind of fatalism.

>I'm literally 16
This website is for 18+ only. And it would be very healthy for you to leave and not come back ever

I'm nineteen.
Fuck off. Guys like you make this site worse than it already is.


because girls keep rejecting/friendzoning/ignoring me.

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I feel too comfortable at home. I grow up sheltered. I don't do drugs. I have hyperactivity issues which makes me weird to people.

this is a most honest answer.
Do you give it also to people who ask you personally ?
I mostly hide that answer.

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