What are your thoughts on race-mixing?

What are your thoughts on race-mixing?

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Something that always happened and always will, like trannies, homos, autists. I find it silly how people want to completely remove those but then again I want nothing to do with these things either.

The quite obvious result of a subtle class war being staged against us dumb peasants


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Race mixing between humans is fine. Mingling with beasts of the field is an abomination.

Ok so what do you about the mainstream media promoting this stuff to young impressionable kids?

You realize it denigrates 100,000 years of natural evolution and represents the end of human racial diversity?

You realize race mixing is a part of evolution, yes?

Hybridization of any form is rarely beneficial genetically, inbreeding only occurs in extremely isolated cases, and in no way applies to humanity at the racial level. The concept is a two way street.


Mainstream media is becoming irrelevant anyway, all the cool kids watch pewdiepie nowadays and he's a nazi.

White people weren't exactly sent upon the earth by god, they're themselves a result of mixing multple very different populations.
What destroys diversity is really mass immigration to be fair.

That would be DEvolution, by definition. Clearly randomized mixing will not produce genetic fitness of the same quality as millennia of intensive natural selection. It is even clear in the glamorized (and very white-washed) images being heralded in mainstream media. Anybody can look at these faces from Time magazine's depiction of the future, and see that genetic degradation has taken place

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This is true btw, but the thing is, no one likes abominations really. Male creaturas won't get laid as much in the long run and female creaturas will just go for the prettiest Chad they see, so in the long run it evens out.
Hybrids that turned out well though, those will be succesful in this regard.

>White people weren't exactly sent upon the earth by god, they're themselves a result of mixing multple very different populations
Equating the gradual intermixing of closely related native European populations over millennia to the hybridization between subspecies is silly.

But even then, I would assume that the mixtures that occurred between, for example, the Anglos and the Saxons probably resulted in genetic degradation, not to mention a loss of racial diversity. Once a bloodline is lost, its gone forever. How strange that mainstream outlets extol us to charge headlong into this eugenic destruction as the means of achieving world peace. So absurd. Dystopian, really

>you will live to see Europe become predominately muslim
>you will live to see chinese make up the majority of Australia and NZ
Yeah I fucking hate immigration man, shits way worse.

You can bet that the elite families of the world have managed and groomed their own bloodlines with extreme care and caution. Such things are not for stupid peasant goyim like us

>before anyone posts that one african/rothschild couple
Likely a propaganda ploy.
>See, cattle? We're doing it too!
Please. Same game as Marrying the prince of England off to a mulatto with her whitewashed surgically hacked up nose

We goyim need to get our asses moving in preparation to be a disliked, stateless minority. Luckily for us, a certain ethnicity slash religion has already written the book on how to thrive in such situations.

>Equating the gradual intermixing of closely related native European populations over millennia to the hybridization between subspecies is silly.
Dude I'm not talking about one millenia but like 30-40k years ago. Groups like ANE contributed to European genepool and perhaps even brought blondism here as well.
It's not like European genepool never changed ever since natives settled here.

>Maybe Europeans exhibit phenotypes from a 0.01% Siberian genetic admixture

Well I guess there's no such thing as race, after all! It's all an illusion fueled by the hate and bigotry of white men!

THat's not what I said you low IQ imbecile. Hopefully you never reproduce because that'd be devolution for whoevers bloodline you manage to sully.
Racemixing isn't bad or good in itself.

>Jimmy kimmel
>talking to children

Gotta keep those bloodlines healthy. No shortage of WHITE TRASH floating around the genepools of humanity. But then again, white trash is still a rarity compared to the prevalence of trash with darker hues!

Absolutely haram. Especially when you consider how covertly its being thrust upon us.

>race mixing is not bad

This is pretty good to hear. I'm a
minority dude and I'm working really hard to improve myself in all aspects of life so that I may have the privilege of dating a white woman one day.

Considering you're on r9k you probably won't but good luck bro.

I would never have a child with a non-white woman. White genes don't mix very well and I want my children to resemble me at least. Don't really care if other people make beige babies but don't expect me to play along too.

You could've just said I prefer white girls. No need for the my kids resembling me part. That's the inner Nazi in you talking.

>White genes don't mix very well
There's no genes that mix well with random foreign populations from across the globe

I'm going to say that you're not a biologist. In fact I doubt you even passed grade-school biology

>t. A biologist

Wanting your kids to share a lot with you doesn't indicate a nazi sympathy. If I wrote "I want my children to resemble me at least and also we will gas the jews together" sure, label away Neville Chamberlain.

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We are white because we lived in places with less sunlight not because we race mixed you fucking brainlet. White people didn't even exist 30k years ago we are only 3-4 thousand years old

>don't care if others do it but
>i want my kids to look like me and background
>don't want my kid to look like a washed out mixture of beige blurry features
>the kid ends up looking like not one parent or the other specifically, but a mix ala every goblina cartoon on Jow Forums
>i'm white, university educated, upperclass, tall and orthodox christian and want my partner to be as well
>that eliminates non whites instantly