Is tinder designed to make ugly people feel worthless?

Is tinder designed to make ugly people feel worthless?

Seriously the only way for me to feel ok about myself is to ignore women and all of this crap.

I fucking hate everything

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Why is having a woman sonething you think is a good thing? It sucks much more than you think

it probably does but at least i'd know somebody other than my mom likes me

Your mom doesnt like you she just feels like a failure unless you turn out right and so she delusionally isn't accepting the reality that its just not going to happen so you need to set her free

No, but if you’re a 3 and male irl, you are a -10 on Tinder due to the sexual dynamic

Just stay off tinder and do day game

getting girls irl is 10x easier. tinder isn’t for guys average and below. we gotta work for it, sadly, but it’s worth it.

My day game is going to work and going home and sometimes going to a sandwich shop on Sunday where I imagine the girl at the counter likes me

Yeah I feel way better about myself irl but I'm still too much of a beta at 29yo to ask a girl out

Ugly people are statistically dumber and prone to criminality

I'm not either of those things though

>hAvInG a GiRlFrIeNd Is A bAd ThInG

i got over my fear of girls by just talking to them like they’re just a guy friend. the more girls you talk to, the more your confidence grows. although i worked at a restaurant with a bunch of cute server chicks so it was easier for me to talk to them on a day to day basis. idk about your situation.

im usually ok with talking to girls like this but it gets you nowhere

at least, it gets me nowhere

I think the funniest thing about tinder is it actually lowers the success rate for average or worse looking guys. It's fairly true that women care less about appearance and more about the connection, but that can't apply in a situation where they are forced to decide yes or no based solely on a few pictures and a couple of lines of bio.

Stop using Tinder. Women only use it to make themselves feel better by making you feel bad

you gotta let them know your intentions. don’t make it blatantly obvious tho. i like to ask if they have a boyfriend and go from there. one chick i asked said “boyfriends are dumb”. then i asked if she was the type to have fun and she gave me fuck eyes and started nodding. got her snap on the spot. we were friends first tho.

bud u gotta go for the weird girls irl, probably someone with your sense of humor, and simply try to dress better. if ur gonna stay on tinder then make ur photos more interesting rather than a front facing pic of urself. also include photos of pets

So I'm so unlucky with tinder that I swipe right on litteraly every girl.
Then match with. A real uggo and feel better about my looks. Then feel really bad when I ignore them. I need to stop doing this.

> you gotta let them know your intentions. don’t make it blatantly obvious tho

> you gotta tell them something by not really saying it

that sounds fucking retarded why the fuck would i want to bother with that level of retarded bullshit

you obviously know more then me 29 yo beta. good luck

Not in a good mood right now

Suck it up bitch boy.

>Is tinder designed to make ugly people feel worthless?
on the contrary ugly girls have probably never felt so pretty

Tinder is for chads or rich guys
Every guy in there will fuck whatever chick above 2 so roasties choose the better looking one or a rich one that can gold digger later, simple as that

Because I'm a man and I've seen women with bigger dicks than mine. It's not fair.

>Every guy in there will fuck whatever chick above 2 so
>above 2

No im ugly and get matches.

>Is tinder designed to make ugly people feel worthless?

definitely yes.

also, pic related.

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Grindr is the best way to boost your ego and have a 100% chance and getting laid its literally designed for robots

>tfw slightly attractive
Tinder made me feel unatractive

>be me in a nightclub
>get approached and my ass squeezed
Feel slightly attractive

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It's not a bad thing, but it sucks much more than you people think.

It's designed to be cheap hits of dopamine for normies. You're taking it too seriously.

pretty racist of you to think blacks are ugly