With whomst've will you spend Valentine's day...

With whomst've will you spend Valentine's day, and to the Anons who don't have a special someone search one NOW! You have only 2 more days

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A few years ago I would've been sad if I had seen that picture. Now that I realized that that VD is simply a capitalist move to capitalize on men's desire to provide for the vaginal jew.
>inb4 commie

I'll be working, so that's an excuse.

Its my birthday, im gonna talk with my friends and eat cake

I might've had a stroke when I typed that second sentence. My point still stands tho

what are they trying to say with this?

With my beloved waifu of course. I love her.

I will be alone as usual.
But it isn't much of a problem for me, since i hate social interactions.

All my single friends and I are going out for a group meal

Trying to be positive, I think about the presents I'll buy for myself.

I'm gonna buy a Nintendo Switch.
I'll go buy it exactly on Feb' 14.

Alone with my coffee and watching Laura (CUTE) in Twin Peaks. All I really need.

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Probably with pain and despair.

you need to buy yourself some nice present

I'm going through season 2 now. Such a comfy show especially on these cold dreary months.

I always fall flat when it comes to series 2. I stop after 12 or so episodes because it gets too long

Imagine spending so much time thinking about animals yikes

It's my first time going through it so I'm interested to see how it all ties together. I just finished the 14th episode I like the occult/supernatural themes that are appearing but I admit that the romance subplots are getting a little old.

Got some good weed and i haven't smoked since new years, can't wait to spend valentines high asf.

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>tfw working on Valentines
>tfw gonna have to serve all the happy couples coming into the shop
probably gonna drink twice as much in my room alone that night

Im too busy working. Ill just watch Scott pilgrim vs the world as I do every Valentines Day.

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Looking out for a Capital Region NY femanomaly for qt date this Thursday

I already bought a box of dark choc,

With my swell palls playing DnD as we do on every Thursday