What was the most "we live in a society" moment of your life

what was the most "we live in a society" moment of your life

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seeing my first meryll

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what the hell is a meryll

>go out to a bar with friends to watch a football game
>sitting at a table
>go up to the bar to get a drink
>get my drink
>turn around and head back to my table
>accidentally run into a girl who was walking behind me
>she gets up in my face
>panic and toss my drink at her
>she starts screaming
>everyone is looking at me
>what the fuck bro?
>big bouncer grabs me and violently takes me outside
>go home

Fucking bullshit

Forced meme #10,731

At least it's better than clown pepe

this is meryll

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fuck user that reminds me of the time I almost got thrown out of a venue for trying to buy a drink for someone else though I was 20

we really do live in one big fucking society, don't we?
I like clown apu better.

>instead of apologizing and walking away, you literally assault a woman
>hurr durr y r u kicking me out?

You really are a sperg. You should be thankful you didn't get your ass kicked

>You really are a sperg
user all he did was sperg, he didn't mean any of it this is literally the same logic behind the people who defend the gamestop tranny

How are you so unaware of your surroundings?

Wtf is a gamestop tranny? I don't follow bitter virgin memes.

When I was on a camping trip with the Scouts as a kid and I tried to lecture the other kids about how Ulysses S. Grant was a bad president (we went to his hometown) and how leaders like Hitler and Pol Pot had a point.

>I don't follow bitter virgin memes
You literally live under a rock, this shit was all over the news.

It is MAAM

How sad is your life that this is what you care about? Typical entitled americans.

If it's so popular why did you have to post the video on a cringeworthy channel with no followers?

The idea that men can be women and women can be men is probably the biggest social construct of them all.
I personally don't give a fuck but it triggered all sorts of people on both sides.

Both sides of what

You know, cuckservatives and liberlols.

>brought it up with an opinion on it
>when told how retarded it is "I don't care about it lol"

I don't think you're fooling anyone

The way you tried defending the retardation of some Stacey freaking out on a poor robot reminds me of the retards defending the 6"+ tranny that was built like a tank when it was clearly aggro and in the wrong. That's all.

Girlfriend of nine months,who said she loved me very dearly,and had sexual intercourse many many times,cheated on me. I suppose it's my fault for thinking I can tame a wild ho but still,fucking damn did i like her.

>he fell for the Captain Savahoe meme.

The time I said "nigger" in a conversation, thinking nothing of it, but got weird looks and "dude you can't say that", despite living in a south-east eurooean country that doesn't even have any niggers and the fact that our 'pc' word for 'em is an unpronouncable mess with a single vowel amidst a shitton of consonants

omg u can't say that, it's super insensitive
people got stolen from africa and forced to work
imagine if someone stole you from your NEEThole and made you pick cotton

Being made to paint graffiti on walls in school. I did not make said graffiti but the entire class was made to since 4 disgustingly stupid and vapid roasties wanted to write "Happy birthday X" to whoever had a birthday the same day and plaster a fucking cake topping near it like animals. Mind you it was not compulsory for me to take part in that but they really made me feel like I murdered fucking babies while their heartwarming charming collective wiped the ass of 4 disgusting thots that should have done the whole thing alone. Teachers told me that it was seen as provocative on my part to show disinterest and shit like that.

This fucking guy does not know what the fuck is going on.

So a balkanfag on r9k. Who are you emberrasing dimitri?

>r*ssian name
Please take down this post immediately

btw not the poster you replied to

shut up boban

Dimitri is an ancient greek name you fucking mongoloid. St. Demetrius is who the ruski khanate name their kids after.

Only my parents, mate.
Also, yeah, what
said, Balkanslavs have different names from east-slavs.

yeah that's definitely what the poster had in mind

I am that poster

>at monthly Marines drill
>inb4 pussy reservist
>SSgt hates me for some fucking reason
>do more work than 90% of people in my platoon
>decent amount of friends there, everyone knows I work hard
>go back to the squadbay once all the work is done, pull out notes and start studying for finals
>SSgt walks in and starts screaming at me saying I never do shit
>despite the fact that literally the entire platoon isn't doing shit and most of them haven't done shit all day
>all of them saw me working
>not a single person vouches for me

you know its his job ever seen full metal jacket

Which do you anons think will be the more spectacular trainwreck

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker


Jim Carrey as Dr.Robotnik

I get that but my point is he singles me out for no reason even though I do more work than anyone else. A few guys and even my Sgt came up to me and told me it was fucked up but even then no one is still standing up for me.

Congrats you just confessed to it. Police are on their way to your house right now. Have fun in a cell

>See idling Police car parked beside the road.
>Walk up closer to it to investigate.
>No police officers in sight.
>For some reason light a cigarette and drop it into the fuel tank.
>Realize what i just did.
>Run like crazy.
>Enter my shitty little home out in the middle of nowhere.
>See black smoke rising up in the distance.
>About 45 minutes later i see 2 more policecars and a firetruck racing to the scene.
>Later on in the evening I get visited by 2 police officers.
>They ask if I have seen anything suspisious that day.
>"no sir"
>Never got caught.
>Giggle like a deranged faggot when thinking back to it.
>Giggling right now.

A lit cigarette will not ignite a fuel tank.

just let him pretend user

So, you broke into the car to flip the fuel cover or did you rip it off with a crowbar on the outide? I don't think tge giggles are about your badassery.

it's probably EXACTLY because you do the most work.

Who would play batman/sonic?

The Virgin Cis-man Vs The CHAD "Woman"

Smelly, dumb, Reddit, Scum

take it as a compliment, you've shown you have potential so they're bullying you to unleash your final form

Maybe man but I don't fuck with these kinda mind games. I just want them to fucking leave me alone and let me do my job I don't care if it goes underappreciated just don't berate me

That moment when i diarieashitted all over and into my neighbours mailbox and he just sat inside looking at me, crying during the early late afternoon

Don't be such a fucking sugar cookie jesus christ
I think this user is right. Nobody is standing up for you but that's because they don't think anybody needs to.
Besides, ff they stand up for you Sgt will absolutely call them out on being even more worthless.

Just keep doing your duty regardless of external pressures.
That's part of what being a soldier is about eh.

Yea, cuz burning tax money is fun, are you a nigger?

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You sure care about this an awful lot

society is collapsing within our lifetimes anyways
may as well have fun

>being this mad about someone diarheashitting into his mailbox

mind games is literally what the military is
you probably shouldn't have joined if you dont want that

when i became a NEET just to spite said society

it's fucking hillarious dude, get back to wagecucking to give mr. taxman that new police car money

What is funny is that you are the one living off of social programs and i ain't paying 1 dime in taxes(on income) thanks to certain loops related to self-employment in my country. The only taxes i am paying are on the products that i buy, i'm not the one suffering bc of that, poor people like you are.

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>kid at my school gets bullied constantly by everyone
>very visibly depressed
>kid an heros
>suddenly everyone in the school acts like they were best friends with him
>even his worst bullies act like they loved him
>everyone says it was a surprise and he seemed like such a happy guy
>two weeks later everyone forgets about it