Women left as single mothers with black babies, still happy!

These women are insanely happy. they post on facebook everyday about how much they are loving life, how much they are looking forward to their next holiday, new purchases, always look healthy and always smiling

On their dating site profiles they seem happier with their life than the childless roasties are

The way people on here and Jow Forums talk you'd think these women would be miserable wrecks who resent themselves for their decision to get black bred. Nothing could be further from the truth. It seems they are completely content with being single mothers and loving every minute of it.

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Yeah that's a thing people do, stay in Facebook all day talking about how much they enjoy life and how happy they are

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>Implying that posts on Facebook and Instagram actually reflect their lives

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My mom showed this to me. She found it on Facebook, then proceeded to stay on Facebook for two hours then go to bed

>they post on facebook everyday about how much they are loving life
The more you post on social media, the less likelly that is.
They are trying to fake it, also a relly happy person wouldn't have social media in the first place.

Everybody posts like this on facebook. Insanely happy

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Well we can all agree that she did the right thing.

This, and besides that who gives a fuck about her happiness? Her child/children will ultimately uffer in life for her irresponsibility and poor decisions.

Nonsense. So every person on social media is unhappy? Chads and Stacies all have every app there is.

i don't think you understand how seriously women take Facebook. They can never be seen to be a fake person because it means death in the normie world to be seen as fake or not a "real nigga" or whichever way you want to term it. Majority of what they post is how they really are.

Why do you come to this board to bully mentally ill losers? Go away please

>implying Chad and Stacy are happy
Yeah this is why they use drugs, constantly have to buy stuff to inflate their ego and post on social media to attention whore.
Trully fulfilled and happy people.

You are claiming that single mothers of mixed children are not happy because they are single mothers. I am telling you that you are wrong. Many still continue to date exactly the same type of black man that left them in the first place and have a happy life without a long term man around.

You can't just sweep it all away by saying "social media isn't real life" when these women literally put every ounce of their private business on social media therefore it's clear they treat it as a serious outlet and reflection of their real life.

>moms love their children
in other news, water is wet

i honestly feel sorry for you guys who had terrible mothers
that must be really hard

These single mothers do the same thing they all do. They dump the kids on their mother and go out for more dick. Of course they're happy.

Yeah them constantly showing of their half chimp children on social media really proves that they are doing well and not struggling in any way
>pic related

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I've seen people posting on social media all day about their perfect life, only to suddenly kill themselves. You're an idiot if you think that positive social media = happy and normal life.

At the end of the day, they will remain single until the kid moves out or they become an hero.

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Why did she do that? Her kids look healthy.
Stop pretending tonbe rascist, if those two kids were yours most of you here would be happy and work their ass off t provide for them

I don't care if she's happy. She's still a drain to society and the kid will grow up to be in prison

wonder how many single moms will be made two days from now, it's a shame the kind of influence nigger culture has on some women now days,
ArtHoe gfs seem to be the robots best bet now days.

>You are claiming that single mothers of mixed children are not happy because they are single mothers.
That's the moral pretext you are hiding behind to mask your real objectives in preparing and making these threads: you are a cruel person. You are goading these diseased freaks with race bait, and you deserve to burn in hell for it.

and here is the reality

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Wow. One or two examples out of the literally millions of white women who have mulatto kids. Meanwhile the rest of them have big smiles on their faces and happy lives for YEARS after being blacked.

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that's fucking hot. all white women should be blacked.

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Wowzerz user ur hurt. Who hurt u user

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Low quality bait

try again tomorrow

They'd be much happier if they had their baby daddy around. Why can't niggers ever take care of their children?


fuck man, the blacks can have her

Not him or taking your pic into consideration but
I literally cannot tell anymore. Near-daily browsing of this website plus all the statistics and studies and word of mouth and first-hand experiences of these things have left me genuinely disassociated. I don't know if it's all lie's anymore or all truth. I hate the meme, but the bluepill can only be appreciated after you've taken the redpill. I think I would have been a forveralone regardless but now I'm even more miserable, just not confused. I crave this suffering because it's all I can feel anymore. And now it's switched in my brain. If I ever get someone who cares about me I'll never be able to trust a word out of their mouth. I'll never feel intimacy in my life. No one will ever love me.
I'm so lonely. I just want a hug.

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Oh, but they do regret it. I have a few among my family and though they look like a beacon of happiness in their online profiles it couldn't't be further from the truth.

Thank God she did the right thing. Unironically.


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clean up your mess before you go that's the way to do it

>implying she is actually happy and not just lying to herself
either bait a big norime

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It's because you always assume these women are single mothers because some black guy abandoned them when it's more likely that their relationship just didn't work out or maybe it was never their intention for it to work out. This happens ALL the time with same-race couples, you just don't notice because Stacy's kid is white, so you assume she's still with the dad.

That kid isn't half black
Exactly. People need to stop pretending single mothers are anything other than two people not having protected sex. The vast majority of the times they're not in a real relationship, and the men don't really like them; they're just easy pussy. Hell I've had to get a woman an abortion cause there was no way in hell I wanted to have a family with her.

You know what? I just realized something. It might be a good thing that these white women are fucking black guys and getting left being a single mother. It's possible this might phase out the nigger mentality by being raised by a white person. Whether the mother is stupid or not, at least they wouldn't be growing up into gangs and have the nigger mentality to steal/rape/murder. Or I could be wrong and that it is nature rather than nurture, where a nigger, no matter born in any circumstances, will always be a nigger.

Do you honestly think the women are never the issue? I've found that, with black men, more often than not, the women are the reason the father isn't around. Just going to see your kid becomes a hassle. I recently saw a video of a woman cussing out her father's child because he bought their son school supplies rather than giving her money.

at the cost of less White people. not worth it, blacks should be able to improve themselves without needing to race mix ffs

ya it just so happens that its always black men, pure coincidence

Yes user ghetto black women tend to have toxic fucking behavior and use their children as a way to punish men. This is known in the black community. These hoodrats will take your child away from you and not allow you to see him just because you're with a new woman. After fighting to see your kid for a few years, you just give up and move on. It even happens to white guys.

The toll has been paid in full now

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really. thats why they leave White women single mothers too? pure coincidence, dindu nuthin' da Wimmin keepin the brothas down.

Could possibly be. Could also be that they had s relationship and it didn't work out. Could also be that they never intended to have a relationship in the first place. You see way more white single mothers with white children, you just don't notice because the children are also white and a black child stands out more to you. How many times have you been out and seen a white woman with a white child? Why do you assume she's still with the father? Go on dating sites and look for white single mothers, I bet you most of them have white children.

I'll hug you borther.