>your type
>the type you admire the most
>the type you hate the most

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infp and that is so accurate

>tfw ENTJ with some ENTP results sometimes.
>E always wins by 1-5% margin

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MMO classes ..

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the all time favorite coming thru

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types vs a locked door

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type pepes

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I hate everyone and everything. I just wish everyone would die (except me).

>I get along with infjs and enfps
>the normie ones

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I found out someone I know is an ISFJ and wonder how much of the shit that they spew is the same type of deception that INFJs do. But at the same time I'm wondering if it's my INFP insanity and depression getting to me. Anyway are ISFJ like INFJ in the being a cunt department?

i always get a "behind the scenes, not going to ever tell you what i think even though i have harsh opinions about you and constantly cautiously guarded" vibe from ISFJs as an INTP.

>be INTP
>can't get along with other INTPs because they're self-centered humorless fucks who type like they've just come out of a coma
why, brother?


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INTP-A but I belong in the uppermost section. Anyway, I hate ENTPs.

Apparently I'm an INTP now.

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Not bad I suppose.

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I hate mbti cause its actually accurate to a point, unlike most personallity test shit

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Curious, post phone home screen and type. Ill start

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Try and guess mine.

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This is more of a depressed robot than an INTP bingo
t.INTP depressed robot

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intp too

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Too much INTP in here.

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I do relate a lot with INTPs, but not as much as ISTPs.

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I can't think what to post here.

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I think ISFJs are tolerable cunts in the sense that you can just ignore them or something when their cuntiness starts maxing out. INFJs are more persistent, they want to make sure you heard them. They'll do things you didn't think a person was capable of doing.

Kind of annoying when the original screenshot is too large to post.

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Interesting, are ISFJ manipulative like INFJ though?

19/25, I'm INTP. I find that "low empathy" part odd, since I'm rather the opposite

Pic related

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Yeah but in the normie ways. Like, annoying wife sort of shit.

What do you mean?
I can't really tell any difference in the writing that most people here have except for a few grammatical differences and misspellings.
And maybe you were the one who was humourless all along? Ever thought of it that way?

I like your background, link it maybe?

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Almost forgot to answer qott, I'm INTP.
A type that I admire would probably be ExxJ types in general.
Don't know what type I hate the most, I don't meet that many people so it is hard for me to say.

ye sure here you go desu

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oh fuck off
too true

>tfw born INTJ
>tfw not born ENTJ
>Have the desire for world domination but lack the people skills to make it happen

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Heyyy~! That one INFJ-T here! Came to *sprinkle* some OwOwowo and UwUwuwu in this thread! :3

Infj here
Y was i born such a FILTHY nigger faggot

Thank you, it's pretty nice and quite a bit more eye-catching than mine.

>caring about your specific type when all that matters is wether you're -A or -T
Reminder that turbulent faggots pathetic betas

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Minimalism is best

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INTJ. I love customizing my phone.

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I agree, Assertivebro.

Oh god, it's him again...

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nice reddit icon have an upvote good sir

I find the entire Reddit community to be a bunch of insufferable retards, but there are a few good subreddits where I find nice music, books, and other stuff.

i have a lot of friends who browse reddit ironically or something. they also flooded chat with tiktok for the better part of a year. i figure it's good normalfag fodder for when you're in a pinch.

Always sad to see anons to dismiss reddit as trash, it's actually nice to browse aside everything else. Guess it's the common "popular=normie" - fallacy

yours is really cute

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Next thing you'll be saying is that 9gag and tumblr is decent.

Wow... Really? That's what everybody believes about Jow Forums hating Reddit, these days?? Not Reddit stealing Jow Forums's memes and claiming it as their own??? I know this site has gotten to the shittiest shit it has even gone to shit in its history, but god DAMN! It seems like it was only a couple years ago when everybody knew the reason why Jow Forums hates Reddit. I hate this place.

>I hate shit because I ponder to opinions of others, instead of exploring the thing myself and creating my own opinion about it

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I mean, just picture Jow Forums as a civilization, being built for a couple of years, becoming a lustrous society and then Reddit and Tumblr would come by and cause all of that to crumble and they keep causing Jow Forums to crumble to the point it's nothing more than ruins, but it keeps continuing to crumble because Redditfags and Tumblrqueers want to make Jow Forums their own, so they continue to destroy Jow Forums, even though they have destroyed everything that was created, so they decided to attack the ground Jow Forums was standing on, forming a crater, and for the last couple of years, the crater continues getting bigger.

As always, the alleged terribleness of INFJs leaves me completely baffled. I'm only manipulative in the most extreme of situations. The other 99.9 percent of the time I'm easygoing as heck. Be good to me and I'll be good to you, almost unfailingly.

With that said, ISFJs are sometimes accused of being martyrs. Dunno if that's true or not, but ISFJs are amazing and do deserve tons of respect.

Hello, fellow INFJ-T!

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INFP cunt here

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I get intj and intp whenever I take these tests
I never read about any of the other types
Anyone care to explain?

INFP. Hope its not cringey

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I think it's cute. What language is that?

>all normalfag ones

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>I admire the sheepies most because all i want is to be normal and be a part of everyone else's lives, and instead i'm just a side character, i wish i could be a normie
>type i hate the most is also the sheepie teirs because they all fucking ignore me

the most original and edgy INFP

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Dont bother with the normalfags, brother. Their lives would bring you no happiness

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INFP here
It's weird because I know that I definitely was the stereotypical INFP when I was a kid, bursting into tears in the middle of class for absolutely no reason sorta thing.
But now that I've gotten older, I actually feel really emotionally stable. Maybe it has to do with me being on the Assertive side of the bracket, but I just no longer feel as emotionally vulnerable as I once did. I actually feel pretty emotionally strong, which is nice.
Which is not to say I don't think about what other people think about me anymore, but I just find I'm able to...deal with it.
I haven't met other INFPs though so I'm not sure whether I'm just an outlier or some shit.
Maybe I'm just lying to myself...

whats the deal with INFP man come on

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could you post your background? thanks a lot :^)


I think ISTPs are cool, their lone wolf style is admirable. My favorite types to talk to are ENFPs, ENTPs, and INFPs (sometimes).

I don't like other INTJs, especially when they try to force the "epic manipulative mastermind" sterotype. INTPs are 50/50, they are either intelligent and interesting to talk to, or they are complete spergs with zero self awareness.

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IxTx, I'm guessing INTP.

I blurred it a shit ton for anonymity

I have 2000 images on my desktop it goes way beyond the screen

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forgot to say im INTP

and also i have no cellphone


I really think that ENTJ really have an edge with their planning capabilities and ability to succeed by rigorously keeping to schedule. So I do admire them somewhat

I have a general dislike for most types except xNTx. However I really dislike INFP because they get so easily offended over every little thing. And worst of all they are not afraid to tell me that they are offended. Honestly all INFP's should just die and the world would be better place.

Is there any type that benefits from being introvert over extrovert?

Intelligence is far more important than typing when it comes to rationals
A lot of rationals are quick to dismiss others (especially online) because in their environments they are men among apes

Not really. I guess an upside that applies to all introverts is that they are usually more independent.

Admire INTP, because im not that driven or focused

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Stop putting STEM degrees on a pedestal.

Don't really know about the E. I don't mind talking with people, can hold a conversation and don't feel too drained after gatherings, I just prefer to be alone.

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>"I hate emotions"
>has a sissy meltdown

i am infp and i can relate to this
so jealous, i'm still emotional weak ass

>calls that a sissy meltdown
>makes a sissy post

This one is more accurate

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there is any infp that become somehow emotionally stable, not a crybaby and not offended by everything? how u did it? please help my life is hell. meds and therapists can't help me anymore, also weed is illegal here.

Those fuckers wish.

I'm the guy who originally made the template and in the end swapped ESTJ and ESTP images

that was a mistake i shouldnt have swapped them

>tfw ENTP
>tfw will literally argue points I don't believe
>tfw they start agreeing with you and then you argue their previous side back to them

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INFP-T for years but recently got INTP-T
New S9 and haven't customized it yet. Probably not going to since I like to keep it basic

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Based pseudo-intellectual.

For me it was being forced into it in my first real workplace. Nobody feels sorry for you in a job, you either pull yourself up and get on with it like everyone else or fail.

>Passionate about grammar

This seems out of place in a list with "likes breaking rules", honestly fuck grammar, there's a bunch of rules about minimal things that make no difference since the end goal is the other person knowing what you're talking about, I don't need semi-colons.

On the other hand I've seen people text-speak and scottish people deliberately misspelling words, using too much punctuation and pretending they're speaking their own language by writing like retards, so it's nice to have standards but I wouldn't go as far as "passionate". Maths is more fun than English anyway.

Bulgarian. And thanks.

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There's no ISFP on this one... also am I an ISFP?

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I want an INFP gf, how do I get one?

Good that shit is awful, go running instead.

I unironically found mine at a mental hospital. First and only gf i'll ever have.

You're an ENTP
If you're an ENTJ you'll have zero doubt in your type

>meds and therapists
Is this an INFP thing to do? Perhaps this will help me find out if I'm INFP or ISFP. I have always rejected the idea of taking medications or seeking outside help. I might complain to a friend once in a while but not really, it's useless anyway - I keep my problems to myself and just smoke and drink instead

These typing tests are genuinely awful, I'm pretty sure I've known what I am for a while now and I took those top 3 in order and got different results for each trying to be as honest as is possible. Only one of the 3 got what I'm fairly sure I am at this point.

seriously you don't want a infp gf, i am one and you gonna have fucked life with one
i just started running last year and it is one of best things so far, now it's winter and ice everywhere so i stopped for now

Why do all my fellow INFPs act like babies?

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