Okay, what are Jow Forums's Valentine's Day plans? Come on. Share!

Okay, what are Jow Forums's Valentine's Day plans? Come on. Share!

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Play games procastinate laze around

Work on an art commission from a friend

take advantage of free premium on pornhub and others



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Gonna hit the slopes and hopefully hit a tree on my way down and kms

Find out if the ice on the nearby lake is thicc enough for my car

Browse Grindr film I find a submissive bottom sissy or twink and dominate them sexually also some light abuse

Going to a small party that my ex is invited to rip

i have a friend who i know is gonna want to swap nudes, but I'd rather drink alone after work tbbqh

I'm really into Fire Emblem at the moment.

watch TV with my parents.

spend today and tomorrow frantically finding a fembot e-girl nearby to spend time with IRL.

Then having failed, be slightly sullen on thursday while I go through my standard daily routine. I guess I'm making bone broth on wednesday, so at least I'm getting my bone wet.

I'm having dinner with mommy! She's making her famous Mom's Hometown Rump Roast!

Killing my neighbours autistic son who won't stop diarhheashitting into my mailbox

sushi with my friends :-)

Unironically suicide


Dinner with my fwb

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cmon bud dont do all that have a wank n be happey

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Thursday nights I hang out with a this group of people from a club at uni so if they aren't all out with girlfriends I guess hang with them

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Get that bone wet user, atleast somebody is getting action around here.

It's my second ever valentine's with my gf. We're just going for dinner after work. I think she might be a little disappointed since I went so overboard last year that I set her expectations too high and now I can't top it. I also haven't gotten her a present yet so there is that little problem too...

Probably gonna drink and get high alone until i passed out and break my nose falling down like dead weight again. Just like last weekend, good times.

location? I love homemade broth.

western MA. Pretty remote, so i doubt you're nearby

Fab 61 times

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whole other side of the country.

hope you find an egirl who likes tondo homey /ck/ things with you.

figured as much. hope you get to spend some nice times with someone this thursday

Well having a valentines date online with someone is at least better than having none at all, would you be okay with that?

this guy isn't broth user, I am, and I'm not going to be sending bullion packets over a network on valentines day.

I didnnot claim to be you nor do I understand why you felt the need to post that since you already made a post stating you gave up so that should have been obvious

Listen to loveless and maybe cry

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you didn't say you weren't me, and it could be interpreted that i came back to get *something* resembling female attention for my broth.

I have class, then probably go out to drink with a few work buddies. If I was Chad mind, I would probably talk to some girls in class and see what they are doing and maybe invite them out. But I'm a hopeless loser that's gonna die alone.

The same things I always do, play video games and browse the internet. Don't really care about valentines day, as it, just like pretty much all holidays, is nothing more than an excuse for rampant commercialism.
I mean, do you guys really feel bad about being alone and miserable, just because it's valentines day?

Drink alone, maybe play Russian Roulette with my S&W 5906.

Send aplications for jobs.
Its not like i had a gf. t. lvl 2 wizard

Get drunk off the booze I made and talk to my crush

Hang with all my other lonely friends and watch horror movies while gorging on valentines chocolates in someones dorm room, what else?

/seekay/ boys only.

Im just gonna sit around playing minecraft or something lmao

I can cook, you just won't be able to taste it

I'm just gonna look for a fembot e-gf to at least spend Valentine's Day with, maybe watch some classic dragon ball

Forget that it's Valentine's day is my plan for it. Y'all are not helping

crush is going to perform some concert so i dont even have a chance at seeing them there- probably going to go to a hardcore gig and try and forget that theyll probably end up fucking some chad after their concert

Nice trips.

I'm going to do nothing, like every other Valentine's Day I've had. I'd like to go on a date for once, just one fucking time!

Usually I spend it alone, which is nice because I like being alone and I like not spending money on women, but I may meet up with my frens for D&D

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Going to bake a pie and share it with family.

>Wake up
>Go to GED
>Probably be forced to watch a romance video of eat some heart shaped cookies
>Go home
>Sit on Jow Forums
>Learn some random shit about whatever comes across my mind or my YouTube recommendations
>Try not to think about how alone I am and hkw i missed my chances with any of my oneitises ir got turned down from the ones I did ask out
>My favorite twitch streamer starts streaming, as he does on all holidays
>Mid stream, at least one of the three couples living in this trailer start fucking
>After they stop being noisy and the stream ends, fall asleep

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