How do you become blue pilled again?

How do you become blue pilled again?
I recently got close to a girl, and every time we watch a movie or something & I see either a black person, a homosexual, a negative thing about the right, I can never stop commenting on it...
It's really fucking me over...
Do you just drinks ton of estrogen and watch blacked porn all day or how do you become more "accepting"

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Are you autistic? Just because something offends you doesnt mean you have to react to it.

You are just at your edgy phase. I used to be like you and rage at everything, now I'm just indifferent, you have no control over this shit so just enjoy and ride the tiger.
I've spent so much tule raging over things I couldn't change.
There is one thing you can change and it's you.
Become a better version of yourself. Improve your knowledge. Seek peace of mind. Train your body.
Once you are beyond the red pill, degenerate things and propaganda will only give you a good laugh and you will move on doing your things.
The pendulum always swings back, look at how the left is already eating itself. It's a source of hilarity for us. This is obly fun actually.
Find peace

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>you have no control over this shit
but he does, he's just autistic

Watch BLACKED porn, it cured me of my racism and turned me into an interracial fetish cuckold. Now I managed to find a job and my relationships with my GF, family and friends is 100x better than when I was an angsty far-right wing loser.

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>Jow Forums shit
>embracing the death of western """civilization""", so that the Chinese can clean up the world and whites can start a new

Hide your power level come on lad

no now you have become a faggy loser

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Stop the grouping and generalizing. Forget pills, forget right VS left. These things are poorly defined at the best of times. Realize the world and the people in it are far more complex than any red or blue pill will tell you. Give people a chance to prove themselves as individuals, regardless of their skin color, their genitals, or the genitals they like on other people. And realize people being different to you does not automatically make them bad. Even behaving differently to you is not automatically bad. Different actions are fine, inherently harmful actions are not.
This is probably not what you or a great many on this board want to read. Good luck with it anyway.

>I am so terrified of different skin tones, gays, and beliefs slightly different from my own extreme right wing beliefs that I am unable to consume any form of media
Maybe you should try adopting a new political philosophy that isn't based on memes designed to make you feel like a special snowflake.

Ho look up where the idea of a "white race" came from. Remember that just 100 years ago the Irish and Italians were non-whites.

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look up black iq levels

Unless you really are autistic and have asperger's or some shit.

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Yes but Blacks have larger penises than whites so it evens out. Checkmate whitey boy.

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What does that have to do with the so called "white race" not existing?

what about them?


Maybe you are just overreacting, what kind of things have you seen?

Yesterday we watched Snowpiercer together (which is a terrible movie), but regardless. At some point they came across a sushi place, where the sushi chef was black. I commented on this, since there was plenty of Japanese people in the movie.
Further more spoilers of the movie below:
The movie ends with almost everyone dying except a little black kid & a Korean girl.
She jokingly said that the only logical thing for them to do was re-produce together since they where the only people left.
I got filled with disgust from that

Else we have just watched basic movies like Fight club, Snowden, kimi no na wa & such

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So I'd just have to keep quiet all the time?
that sounds frustrating as hell

You are not even angry because of the movie it was the joke that triggered you.

yea I guess so. But how the fuck can I avoid being such a faggot about it all?

user just pretend. Pretending to be a normie is the easiest thing in the world. Just go home and shoot heroin and cry yourself to sleep when you're done

exactly why I drop Netflix shitty SJW service.

look up worlds largest penis.

having other guys dicks on your computer won't change that faggot nigger

Going blue is probably the worst decision you can make in your life. Things like

Going vegan
Watching CNN
Reading Huffpost/BuzzFeed etc.

Are good to weaken and demasculinize you.

On the other hand I think that you are conflicting your racism with your immaturity and stupidity in general. You are just being an idiot, and you should stop acting like one. Nationalism in 21st century has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia.

I'd say grow up big.

But I want to be true to her.
She has opened up a lot to me about her depression & suicidal thoughts...

She talks to me about it, because I've been through the same..

I don't want to loose the trust I've gotten just because I can't stand homosexuals & such...

Stop being inmature, is not even about that pills shit is time to grow user not everything can be as you want it to be.