Wife wont give sex, how am i supposed to remain faithful?

3 times a month is simply not enough, it's horrible. i am sitting here on the computer day after day after day constantly horny and she is always in fucking bed sleeping and getting fatter and fatter! every now and then she'll get up and i'll eat her until she climaxes and then cum myself but it's rarer and rarer. we are on welfare so how the fuck is she so tired and drained all the time? is it her meds making it like this?

i have even made a dating profile trying to get women for sex and i have had a couple who i am talking to now but i havent pulled the trigger on it yet yet these women are messaging me even now saying "hey xx". will i ever get more sex from wife or should i go elsewhere now?

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Divorce her she sounds like scum

i don't care normie kys and your wife too

if you aren't happy you should leave

Divorce then have sex, dont cheat. Or ask her if shes open to polygamy.

have you told her clearly that you are not pleased with her weight gain and inactivity, and you are not sexually satisfied in your marriage? There's no beating around the bush on these things, you're married, so be upfront with her.

Take the lead role in your relationship. You're sitting on your fat ass all day and so is she. Start working out and stick to a diet, and be sexually cold to her until she starts getting her shit together too. Talk a little shit about looking hot for the ladies (without actually committing any adultery). This gives her the impression that you're working to trade up, and she'll either get the hint and start working on herself too, or you can actually trade up later, having given her warning that you're unhappy with her sloth.

I'm sure though, that you'll be able to manipulate your wife into taking better care of her figure for you.

Why the fuck are you on welfare? Parasitic scum, kill your wife and yourself.

Stop being sexist user! Women are just as horny as men. If she doesn't want sex, it's your fault!

"a happy man is a happy relationship, a happy woman is a miserable man." -Patrice O'Neal

If she's not getting it from you she's probably getting it from someone else. Either way, she doesn't find you sexually appealing anymore.

fucking pin her to the bed and have your way with her
is she your wife or are you hers?

Idk if the being sexually cold part works. If you don't please a woman they don't wait for you like a man they just cheat, and everyone around you will blame you and justify it.

Just fuck her you faggot lmao wtf do you mean "wife won't..." Tell her to shut the fuck up and take your chode

so catch her cheating and divorce her. What's the difference? You told her that her marriage is contingent on her getting in good shape to please you sexually, and if her play is to cheat on you rather than get into shape, then the marriage is over. If she sits in bed talking to guys on tinder while you're leading the household into better fitness, then she's not really on board with the household, is she?

>everyone around you
fuck those people, are you the head of your house or are they?

Sounds like you need to sit down and have a serious chat with her. If nothing comes of it then you divorce her

just rape her Iol

divorce her or kys faggot

If your wife isn't having sex with you for months at a time, she IS cheating on you. It's also possible that after she popped out a kid, she lost all interest in sex and you will basically never have regular sex ever again. Both are relationship enders so enjoy your dead marriage and/or imminent divorce.

>We are on welfare.
Stop leaching. Start providing. Maybe she will respect you and gives sex.

Your wife is fantacizing about a real man that doesn't need fucking welfare and isn't a pussy-munching little faggot. Grow some balls and tell her she needs to lose weight and that you aren't going to accept all of this junk food in the house. Tell her if you find a bag of chips you're throwing it out. Tell her if you find some cookies you're lighting the fuckers on fire. Dump out all of your sugar. No more sticks of butter. If she wants to live like a slob then go live with someone else.

But before all that you need to get a real job, loser.

My bitch is fat as fuck. I don't want to have sex with her. The last time was in the New Year. Now she is complaining with me. I don't want to fuck that whale. What do?

Kill self. Is only way.

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Outta question friendo.

She's just in anestrus, OP. Give it time..

You're not entitled to sex you incel.

>i am sitting here on the computer day after day after day
i think i see the problem lol
if you want to have sex with your wife more frequently, you have to be the kind of man she actually wants to have sex with

it means she's getting sex from someplace else