This guy is based beyond all comprehension

This guy is based beyond all comprehension

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>tfw me and OP have the same video recommendations on youtube
>tfw just watched the video 15 minutes ago while taking a shower
y-you got a bf or something, n-not like i'm interested or so haha

The fuck. I also got this as a recommended video.

Got this recommended a few days ago, for some reason it usually recommends me the 2mil and not 16mil view one

No he's a malicious prick.
Yes, he was cheated on which was unforgivable, but wronging someone just because they wronged you isn't a good attitude.

Cheating thot located

What the fuck I just watched this too

>got cheated on

Nope, I would never cheat myself, but I've been cheated on and didn't act like a bitch about it because I just don't see the point of trying to get back at someone.

How did he wrong her though? She was having an affair. All he did was let her know that he knows about it during a fake proposal.

She hardly showed any reaction, she knew she was busted

By filming it and posting it online
To clarify I don't think he was unjustified doing this, he did have a right to I guess, but its just a bit dickish.
Maybe its just me who doesn't like taking an eye for an eye.
Was based though ngl.

>Maybe its just me who doesn't like taking an eye for an eye.
he didn't take an eye for an eye. eye for an eye is he cheats and tells her about it.
This is just cornering cognitive dissociation, she can't be mad at him, what he did is difficult to become cruel because if she had any morals she would have told him the wrongs she did long when it happen. Instead we see she is at first taking joy at this man (that she thinks she has outsmarted) giving his life to her, no sense of guilt, no refusal of the gift, just a greedy lapping up of all he is giving her. And then when the cat's out of the bag? She shows disgust, not at herself, at him, why? Because she feels entitled to being a selfish asshole and him calling her out ruins any chance of feeding both meal tickets. This isn't eye for an eye, this is justice.

they're both in the wrong, not much else to say

Exactly, it is by definition an eye for an eye.
Its literally means someone wrongs you and you wrong them back
Sure put a lot of effort into that huh buddy

No, he's not in the wrong. He's not obligated to do these things for ANYONE, least of all for the woman who cheats on him. By creating the impression that he's going to take her to the Northern Lights, he's just setting her up for disappointment but she's pretty entitled if she doesn't understand he shouldn't even do that for her cheating ass.

but he did nothing wrong. break down why it's wrong.

Those two things aren't even close to being equal.

We're all missing the point.

How did it get to this point?

What point? The girl is a whore. She would be out on dates with her would-be fiancee then excuse herself to go to the restroom where she would snap lewd photos of herself to send to the dude she was having an affair with. She's just one of those girls who loves to cheat.

I watched this yesterday from reccomendations

love how she has those stupid reindeer antlers on when she reads it

the girl was planning on wedding that man and having a trip out of it while being unfaithful. that guy stands 100% in his right to do this, nothing dickish about it. cant even be classified as an eye for an eye, just taking whats his and that is the satisfaction of leaving the woman

Yeah, it's like a fingernail clipping for an eye, he was just having a bit of fun with it