Hey r9k, how are you, my crows and i would like to converse with you

hey r9k, how are you, my crows and i would like to converse with you

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What do you and your crows like to do?

recently just hang around and about, i think the "avatarfag" or av-man as I called him finally got banned, so im kinda sad i lost a friend. coming down with a cold too so trying to relax more

Oh, the one that posted the girl designed with Picrew? He actually made a number of pretty good threads.

A cold, huh. I never get those these days. It must suck for you, though.

No, I'm still here, based crowposter. It's not exactly possible for me to get banned.

Yes, he did, but never when I'm on. And yeah it does suck
Can it be? av-man? How are you, fren?

I'm felt pretty good today, albeit a bit more delirious than usual. Not sure how long I can keep this up. Hope you get well soon.

I don't know hehe. Perhaps the jannies can't resist the cute?

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awh av-man, dont worry about me, i see a lot more things in my peripheral because of the cold and had a nightmare, but im pretty ok. Im more worried about you.. are you safe where you are, comfy?

Glad to hear that. Yeah I'm fine. I have enough savings to survive for awhile without issue. The snow is starting to melt though, so there's mud everywhere. Pretty annoying for my walks.

thats good thats good. im happy you do, where do you walk, forests? hills? maybe climb a mountain?

The fields and forests near my home. There are no mountains within a 1000 mile radius from me. I've posted quite a few pictures before.

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and originally CAW!

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oooh, ominous and gloomy, looks like one of my dreams. be on the lookout for animals, they will try to talk to you, let them do so. how often do you walk?

There are animal footprints everywhere. Occasionally I see deer and foxes. There should also be wolves and moose in the area, but they're pretty elusive. I usually walk almost daily. A bit less often in the past week.

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see, lots of friends, i bet a lot of birds too. i see, thats nice, stay in shape and get lots of great sights, whats the farthest touve walked from home?

No, I just use my esoteric magic to influence reality. You can too if you free your mind.

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Whoops. Looks like they got him. That means they'll probably get me too in a moment.

Are those city lights in the distance?

I'm not sure. Doesn't seem all that light to me. The city is actually further to the right in that picture.

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Just took a picture for you.

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I appreciate it, Eye-senpai.

crows don't actually enjoy human companionship, please free them so they can be happy