Why dont you just get a penis extension condom?

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That is so fucking humiliating lmao
Might as well tuck your dick in and buy a strap on

Femanon here. Yeah that's not going to cut it.

If you're not going to feel anything why even bother having sex?

Damn , guys are willing to sacrifice all of their pleasure to make you happy and you're still a cunt about it.

Women are not supposed to have sexual desires or preferences. A womans purpose is to ve a useful tool for a man.
Now kys

It's a band-aid, not a cure. It would be like if I was wearing a stuffed bra

but you are wearing a stuffed bra


A guy wanting a woman with a big real bust is no different than a woman wanting a man with a big real unit

Hes probably already accepted you're a chestlet. But you sound like a gross single mom who craves nigger cock


wtf get the fuck off my board

So if I have a big unit can I get a big titty STEM gf?

Big chests are a meme. Flat/small chest is best with a big booty and waist.

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I'll never get this. Just use her hole until you cum and if you do care about her pleasure just make her cum afterwards.

what if I buy like 3 in different sizes and wear them all at the same time

But a stuffed bra is different. Your tits are only visually exciting and maybe fun to play with. The extendo-dick can actually fill you up more and increase vaginal pleasure. Plus, men aren't as picky about tits.

except guys literally don't even have a big bust as a requirement.

you fucking shallow whores turn anyone without a big dick right out the door.

Jesus. Real dicks are better than fake ones. If I wanted a fake dick I'd just use a dildo

You're a savage. Face and stomach gang where you at

I'm 7 inches and the only time I've made a girl cum was by cunnilingus or fingering, even with a decent size dick you cum wayyy before she does. So what I would suggest for my dicklets is to learn foreplay and master that tongue because it's your only hope.

fair enough, but i'm talking about having a real person who loves you and wants to improve your pleasure during sex. I forgot that women are selfish.

Stomachs are good too, feet and pits if u really want to go there as well...

Some hope for you dicklets, focus on foreplay, tongue and stimulation before penetration then even with a 4 incher you can make her cum. I believe in you niggas.

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Sorry to break it to you, but you can't satisfy 100% of people. If you can't satisfy one woman, just accept it and move on to one you can

I'm 8 inches and I've never made a girl cum because I've never had sex.
Honestly if you're in a position to worry about the size of your dick you have right to complain.

I'm aware of that, thanks. Such a sad state of affairs. Everyone is out for themselves and every last thing becomes a deal breaker.

>length and penetration has nothing to do with making a woman cum
I wouldn't say it has NOTHING to do with making them cum but it's not EVERYTHING to do with making them cum

Yeah. I'm not a feet person but she better not have shrek feet, that's for sure. But honestly the main things for me are first and foremost a good personality, then a good face, a fit stomach, a shapely ass (not necessarily large) and tits that aren't saggy.

You genuinely believe this, don't you lad?

I'm sorry....

Having a bigger dick is nice but I agree foreplay, tongue and stimulation is ultimately what makes girls cum.

convince me otherwise faggot

THANK YOU, I try to tell guys this but they don't understand. The attractive thing about a big dick is the way it looks, HOWEVER what truly makes you cum is the tongue on the clit and other places. Foreplay and stimulation before penetration is key.

yeah but you'd still choose a guy with a big dick over a smaller one

So not only do you need a huge dick but you also have to master foreplay to make a girl cum.

If you have both you win in life if you have one with out the other it's still possible to make a girl cum, and it most cases I wouldn't see your dick until after I've got attracted to your face. So work on your appearance, go gym, get a haircut and don't have a micropenis and you'll be fine.

whats the smallest dick size you would go then

>if you have one with out the other
>don't have a micropenis
Pick one you dumb hole

>guy larping as female

Trannies were a mistake

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micropenis means 2 inches or lower, you wouldn't date a disabled girl would you? Shut the fuck up

I would date a disabled girl yeah

so men with 2 inch dicks are the equivalent of disabled people now?

I would date a blind and deaf and paralyzed girl she would be more interesting ans enjoyable to be around then you

>lots of dudes into average/small chests, usually prolonged debates about it spanning multiple threads on any given day

>maybe 0.5% of the female population specifically into dudes with small dicks

I know this is a bait post but why the fuck dont you just fuck off already?

can you not lump us together with ordinary trolls and fetishists? thank you also you are being very insensitive

if you ask anyone with a micropenis if it's a disability, i'm sure they would agree

This. Why does r9k of all places have to attract the most shallow vapid whores

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>a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

A small penis does not limit any of things.

My small penis didn't limit my ability to fuck your mom last night either, nigger.

I tried dating a guy with a 5 incher. The sex was meh so I left. Unless you want a gf that lies to you and cheats on you, you just have to find a girl that's legit okay with smaller penises

im guessing you didnt do sports because group showering is an activity

ok how's 6

>you are being insensitive

Guys pretending to be girls online don't get to be treated sensitively. Just fucking stop man. There are no actual women on this website. What do you gain from except for a few (You)s. You don't know how women think so stop speaking for them as if you were one

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Shitty bait. Stop larping faggot.

I have an 8 incher and my ex still cheated on me

What do you gain from this*

I'm too tired to argue with trannies

Femanon here.

I don't mind your small dick, your ugly looks, your frumpy body, your lack of personality, your hateful views, your weird mannerisms, your lack of friends, your dead end job, or your lack of motivation. I love you for who you are even if you have nothing of worth and are nothing but a miserable shell of a human being.

Is this what you assholes want to hear?

Femanon ur being a prick

Go home


Wouldn't "lack of personality" and "hateful views, weird mannerisms" be self-contradictory

Like, a shit personality is still a personality, no?

nah, you already accept all of of those things if the guy is 6ft +, big dick, and good looking

Faces are completely overrated. She just has to look vaguely feminine, asses are what makes the woman.

Nice LARP, idiot.

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Hating everything isn't a personality

>femanon here

See pic in an original way

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Ironically, I have a 5 incher and fucked a girl with a bf with 8 inches.

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Lol. Yeah it doesn't matter what their bf has women are such mental creatures that if you tick enough boxes in their mind they'll cheat

Foreplay is real easy my guy.

You just kiss on her face/neck/body whilst massaging her clit and mix it up to keep her guessing. It's intuitive.

But that shallow vapid whore was sticking up for average penors..

Many women do that. They also wear makeup.

I'm so nervous about sex and crippled by fears of screwing up that nothing about it is intuitive.

>my guy
>that spacing
>implying ill get the chance to kiss a women

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I love women like you, you drive frustrated and lonely guys to me and help me convert them to the big gay, I love it, it's like population control. The end result? Less people, and by proxy less people like you. Thanks for helping out skank xoxo

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>that spacing
I Dunno Is It Better If I Type Like This All The Cool Kids And Black People I Used To Know Would Do This

>sigh why does telling someone a solution to a problem is bad when they should know it already like me, isn't it obvious?
I hope you get sick and die, you are so stupid it's making me angry.

That isn't spacing that's just capitalizing every word. There's no need to write 6 words then start a new paragraph.

Is there something like this that is a fleshlight inside?

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ok heres some actual advice because both women and men seem to buy into this big dick=better sex myth:

the g spot and the clit are very much tied, if you can get her to have a clitoral orgasim before you go on with penetration it will make penetration feel good, guys with dicks in the ~4inch range are at an advantage here because thats around where the g spot is- get the angle right there and it will make her go fucking crazy regardless.

if she turns you down automatically based on dick size she aint worth shit- but most women will not do so, they're socially conditioned to be alot more polite than that and would be too scared of the implication if they were to leave at that point.

You're a patrician. Probably one of the most refined men currently browsing this board. People don't want to hear this truth, they'll ignore you or maybe even lash out at you for it. But it IS the truth, and the fact that someone besides myself knows it on this shit website makes me happy

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There is nothing humiliating about making your partner cum.

Big chests are comical. Dont really add to the appearance much. Boomer-tier shit.

I always got your back, buddy.

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Raw dog cum inside? Ain't your girl on the pill?

>thots be talking like they bring something to the table other than their cunts

i hate being a dickIet

>mfw this guy is kidding
>mfw he might not be

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Why do women lie about dick size isn't important?
You'll get shit like or but we all know that it's just bullshit

Agreed. Until I can have a dick the size of my fist I'm not really interested in a man unless he is rich and I don't have to work.

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I have a 6.5x5 dick so bigger than average for sure.

Girls will get off with me from penetration but it really depends on the girl. Some don't and I gotta finish them with my fingers or oral.

My main problem is I have deathgrip so I honestly don't feel much and I go limp a lot. It's kinda gotten worse.

Way too close to home lol. What about my great jokes that you no longer find funny?