Worshipping white women, because bitch white guys don't want them

Worshipping white women, because bitch white guys don't want them.


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i used to. but lately my yellow fever has been all consuming.

t. your favorite AWWM postin asian

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This is you Paco Omar guiterrez IV

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i think i went from worshipping White women, to worshipping White men fucking my women, quite frankly.

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Any of you white anons have single moms? I want to date them.

>liz vicious
Based taste, my man.

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no -I- want to date them. youre broke, taco. u need to go back

this lady left her throne

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cute Lizzy being cute

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You know your own race is shit when all you want to do is fuck white women.

This bitch boy, I'll make a better father than your father. Just hook me up with your mom user.

She's very rarely cute. She actually looks cuter now, when she's over 30 and fat.

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buzz off taco, you need to go back. no greencard for u bud

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liz v is the era before all this bbc crap. thanks obama

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when White girls liked their bf's avg pp

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>Green card

This pendejo, I'm a U.S citizen with a lot of land.

now its bbc this bbc that.

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talk is cheap bud. im the heir to a Triad faction in the eastern US. ill call ice on you and your family.

>Average male Hispanic height: 5'6"


black metal poster will appreciate this one

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Congrats on the citizenship. Now you're going to have to stop speaking that guttural monkey "language".

cute! this era was the cutest

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Still not into it. I don't like any dicks in my porn. It is good that she did it all with her bf, though. Better than those generic porn stars who ride hundreds of assorted dicks.

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gotcha. so cute

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Why do you guys hate on Hispanics soo much? Why do you assume we're all Mexican.

I can't even remember what this thread was about. But I'll tell you what I do remember: her regular scenes with Raven Riley. Gotta love crossover episodes.

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read the op and ask this again retard. talk shit then you whine? bitch u need to go back

i need to see liz or her clone do a scene with a sexy asian woman. White women and asian women need to bond, sexily.

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Too late, now. The thoughts of what could have been will always haunt us, my brother.

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i, for one, wont give up. just need to lock sexy White and asian women in a room together, and only let them out once they kiss and make up.

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Is this the mental illness general?