Assume everyone hates me

>assume everyone hates me
>assume everyone finds me profoundly ugly
>assume I'm hated by God
>assume my family doesn't love me
What causes me to think like this?

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Being in touch with reality

Paranoia and anxiety

Damn it. Two polar opposites that are equally likely. I don't know what to think.

Nah bro, nobody cares, if there's a god he doesn't care, your family probably lives you as much as anyone elses

You might be right though. Just saying. Some people are born to be hated. The gene pool needs the data of what is to be considered anathema.

Fucking loser realized he was risking his life all for the betterment of Israel

That pic is Toronto isn't it? And
>assume I'm hated by God
is a thought I've been having a lot lately as well. I guess that's what happens when nothing really ever turns out right for a long time, and when they do occasionally turn out right it quickly goes sour. Feels like you're god's jester, only there to give him sadistic entertainment.
This is a big reason why I'd be very reluctant to fight in the military. It's not "defending your country", it's just being a pawn for Jews and oligarchs. At least if I felt a personal connection to the fight then it'd be a bit more appealing.

victim complex
extreme levels of narcissism
lack of introspection

its because you smell bad and need to take a shower

It's a psychological problem go to the doctor you retard, it might be that your brain is not producing the things it needs to produce.

God doesn't hate you user, he's there with you user. God knows the pain you're going through.

normally most people don't deserve to be demonized because we're all thinking essentially about the same things one after another, we each have some sort of anxiety

>What causes me to think like this?
Reality. I do the same thing because it's FACT.

if the second answer is true they're all true

I've noticed that the mistakes you focus on, the other people who saw them either don't care or don't judge you for it. So don't worry about that, OP.

Let me give you the more likely option: nobody gives a fuck about you. The worst case possible is that a few people you see regularly find you annoying a little bit sometimes. Nobody wants you dead, nobody has a hate-shrine dedicated to you, and if you believe in God you believe you are his child and he loves you. Have you read the book of Job? Do you have it anywhere near as bad as that poor fucker? Even after all of that he still praised God. That is a real man.

Get over yourself, OP. You have profoundly less impact on those around you than you're telling yourself. Keep in mind that you absolutely have an impact on them, but you aren't worth all of this. Chill out.

Here's what you do, spend less time telling people things, spend less time correcting people, spend less time thinking of how hurt you are. Start asking other people questions that sound like you care about them. Start caring about those people. Start seeing how beautiful being someone's friend is. Be there for someone having a rough time and encourage them to do things that will make their lives better. Try giving someone an "attaboy!" tomorrow for some usually ignored "pay it forward" type of deal. Start treasuring the PEOPLE around you, and not just their opinions of you. The less you care what others think of you the more you should care about hurting them, and that will make you an emotionally intelligent, well-liked person. You will be much better than you are now.

Hey, I'm like you, and these are the things I've been doing to fix it. It works. The more I do to help others the better I feel, and not just about myself. Forget yourself, because for you to get to that point you have to accept that your life is not about you, it is about the people who count on you. That can either be nobody, or everybody depending on the daily choices you make.

Remember that God helps those that help themselves, so get out there and help yourself help other people.

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Lol sounds awesome.

because it's true, nobody likes self-deprecating losers, and that loop will continue until you learn to not care

I think this armed forces bro is simply resting.

I think of it as being a mercenary but with less pay and more benefits
I want to join so badly but I'm too comfortable where I am

That's true. If you have nothing aim for in life and aren't very idealistic there's not much dishonor in serving a bad cause. You're just being hired to do a job by those who have the ability to pay. But it's still much easier to sign up when you genuinely believe in the cause, for most people.