Would you rather have 1 million USD tax free deposited into your bank account...

Would you rather have 1 million USD tax free deposited into your bank account, and a free 1k USD per month tax free deposited in your bank account (keeps up with inflation) or a 10/10 18 year old loli KHV gf that will do anything you want, and will never leave you and loves you no matter what?

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I'll take the money desu. Having a pet human sounds like a lot of work

>and will never leave you and loves you no matter what?
You didn't include not cheating so I'll take the cash

The money, no question.

The gf please.

I can make enough money on my own to be happy. Money can't buy a gf unless you want a girl who only sees you as a walking ATM machine.


Too much shit to deal with an adult sized child.

What this guy said.

But also answer this question

this, you can also whore her out for money

also assuming she magically stays 18 forever (since you said the money keeps up with inflation)

a gf magically incapable of changing her mind about you isn't very good for personal growth. If you stagnate your whole life, you'll never know if she's loving you because you're worthy of love, or if she's loving you because she's enchanted to do so. It's better to have a gf who could leave you, but doesn't because you're worthy of her love.

The money isn't really that much, but it can really get you a headstart on developing yourself. The gf is another mouth to feed, and will only ever blindly agree with your potentially disastrous direction.

I don't understand why people like this bitch she isn't even cute like a real loli she looks like a monkey

I'll take the girl. Money is nice, but what you describe is a miracle that no amount of money can buy. Plus I need something to motivate me to improve myself.

>18 yo

>18 yo


This. Women aren't just meant to be submissive opinionless slaves like Judeo-Christian thinking tells you they should be. Though of course they shouldn't be SJW feminists either.

The absolute state of western men. Women are supposed to encourage you to do better, not make you fearful at the prospect of her leaving cause she thinks she can do better. God white women are nasty.

the gf but can I hold off on collecting it for about 5 years?

I would get bitches with it and I hate working.

where did i say any of that? Any real relationship (this magical familiar gf notwithstanding) comes with the option of leaving to seek an alternative partner. Only a neurotic constantly dwells on this fact. Implicit in your relationship is the understanding that despite the option to leave at any time, she chooses to stay with you because of your qualities.

Said nothing about women manipulating you with threats of dumping you, or about your woman not supporting you. You likewise have the option to dump bitches like that. Keeping a relationship together with a qt who could date anyone else is way better for the ego than keeping a relationship together with a qt who wouldn't leave you under any circumstances.

>Keeping a relationship together with a qt who could date anyone else is way better for the ego than keeping a relationship together with a qt who wouldn't leave you under any circumstances.

Bulshit a woman that loves you unconditionally no matter the circumstances is god tier and what you're describing is the reason divorce rates are so high

Someone that loves you no matter what it kills any reason for self improvement

Originally I thought about taking the money and then become a sugar daddy or something but the money isn't even that much and I already make more than 1k per month.
I'll take the loli and make her work out until she gets legs like pic related

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>a woman that loves you unconditionally no matter the circumstances
doesn't exist

>what you're describing is the reason divorce rates are so high
not really, it's way more complicated than that. Even before no fault divorce, it was pretty common to have married couples stuck together out of obligation to their vows, not out of love. The availability of alternative partners has always been a factor, and nothing about it has really changed except for the removal of social and legal pressures which kept couples together.

>implying a qt womans love wouldnt motivate you to do better in life.

Nigger are you even human?

>18 year old loli
Are you retarded user?

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the money duh

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Imagine having that qt sucking you off every night. I'd probably be a millionaire from that motivation alone

what's motivating about getting your dick sucked? If I could get that whenever I wanted with no conditions I'd never work.

normal relationship
>be good, work hard, effort and thoughtfulness
>dick sucked

magic unconditional love gf
>work hard
>get dick sucked
>or don't work hard, don't do anything at all, really
>get dick sucked

>not motivated to work hard after having a girl that dedicates herself unconditionally and gives you great sex whenever you want.

>needs a nagging wife that constantly pressures you to make more money

Never gonna make it lads

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see, you're almost there. The piece I think you're missing is that motivation through positive feedback requires a link between the behavior and the feedback. If you get rewarded no matter what, you're not being rewarded for positive changes, and you're not having those behaviors reinforced in your mind. It's pretty well-documented psychology.

>needs a nagging wife
women look for men who motivate themselves. If you need someone to train you to be a good man, date a horse girl.

Bottom line in a fantasy scenario like OP. Having a beautiful gf that loves you no matter what is a dream come true. You dont have to worry about splitting up and all that drama bullshit so you can actually focus on improving yourself to a greater degree, having a family with no issues of breaking up and creating a broken home.

>loves you no matter what
that's what i'm hung up on. Human's have free will, and this automaton does not. There is no stimulus that would change her evaluation of the situation she's in. It's not even like dating a human. It seems like a good thing but it's really a curse, as you expect a partner to do things that she cannot do, like tell you when you're being an asshole, or advise you against a frivolous scheme that might put your financial security at risk. Sure, she might be able to disagree on a surface level, but there will always be that line which her magical programming will not allow her to cross, and that is the weakness you now have.


Fine for the sickos out there, how about the rule is she loves you unconditionally but responds negatively to abuse or neglect. I mean it should he a given but there. Now its perfect, no?

>normalfags on Jow Forums are so new they think loli is an age and not a body type

>loves you unconditionally
still not having it user, sorry. I want a girl who loves me because of the person I've chosen to be, not for no reason at all. It'd probably make no difference, since I'm self-motivated to becoming the best version of myself, and I'm not leaning on a girl to motivate me, but still, I'll take love the hard way so I know when I've found it that I deserved it. Give me the prize money, it won't get me very far if I never deserved it.

The money, I could drop out of college and have my only chance at becoming a NEET

>not realizing that only 14s and under can be loli

>18 y.o.
Good so far...
Aaand im taking the money thank you very much

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You don't deserve the money either though.

if i deserve the money, then i will see my wealth grow beyond what was allotted to me. If I don't deserve the money, then it will go down a hole of consumption until the million is all spent, and the thousand monthly merely keeps me afloat.

cash obviously

It doesnt matter what you do with it. In this scenario you're being handed a loving wife or a million dollars for nothing in return.

The difference is that if you are an undeserving fool, your money will leave you, and if you are worthy, your money will grow to match you. The wife will be the automaton she is forever, and will respond the same regardless of your worth.

Bullshit. Its the same thing. You can either take advantage of the fact that you have a loving wife that supports whatever you do and make something of yourself. Or you can squander it and settle for mediocrity jusr because you're already happy with what your wife offers you.

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I wonder just how massive her pussy is. That girl THICC.

I'd take gf, i can make my own money
Finding a loyal gf seems much harder


That bitch ugly, big no from me and who needs women? You're a fucking complete loser if you can't get women with all that additional money.

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I'm gay gimme the money

Cash before gash

>That WILL do ANYTHING I want
Hmmmm. There is no restriction on that.
The gf easy
>WILL produce both 1 million USD tax free, 1k a month, etc
>WILL also grant me unlimited powers allowing me to become a god, teleport, do basically anything I want

why did you post an ugly girl? i'd take the money

Money >>>>>>> Gf

>18 year old loli
first of all, what? secondly, I don't generally like girls younger than my sister.
this is still a hard choice especially since I'm feeling like dogshit about valentine's day but I think I choose the money.

loli is an age. if you are talking about the body type after specifying the age then say legal-loli.

>not liking 18 yr olds

god there are a lot of faggots on here

will the loli stay 18?

>take the waifu
>force her into prostitution
>also use her as a personal sex slave
>you get the money AND the waifu
Alright guys, thread's closed no more discussion needed.

Give me that money, i don't give a damn about girls, im going to buy a sweet ass House in the mountains and live life

That sounds like a lot of happiness. I'd the take girl!!!

my sister is super annoying and she's only 2 years younger than me. I may be misattributing a gender difference to a generational difference, but I can't stand girls younger than my sister or her friends. at the same time I don't like girls older than me. my ideal gf is 22 at the moment.