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1 week here. We're gonna make it.

i can't last 2 days. i admire your strength friend

Day 2 here. I keep absentmindedly playing with my penis. What do?

Day 6 here, feeling like a champ

I do this too. Just distract yourself

Started nofap because I couldn't get my dick up at my first chance to have a 3way. Felt so embarrassed and ashamed in myself.
Now I'm on day 5.

My question to you robots is what your end goal is. Do you intend to never fap again? I'm personally just trying to get on a schedule that won't give me ED. Maybe once a week with no porn

going for the 90 day reset, then depending on how I feel after I might do once a month fap(no porn) to fend off possible prostate cancer

I'm on day 2, and playing absently with my penis all the time. This is torture.
I need to last another day so I can drown my gf in cum on Valentine's :(

>Day 4
might be moderate, I wouldn't expect buckets of cum until you've gotten to at least day 6

I disagree. Just a couple days can easily double my load.

Especially if you edge the entire time.

I'm on day 5 too. i wasn't even trying to go nofap, but i have a massive crush on this girl and it's just killed my will to masturbate. has that ever happened to you guys? it happened to me when i was like 12 years old, i didn't fap for months because i was crushing on this girl from school. im 29 now, and it hasn't happened since then.

Happened to me after I played Katawa Shoujo

Day 36, going well

Damn I admire the dedication

why are you guys doing this
you know this sounds awfully similar to bdsm orgasm control/denial is it like a sex game for you?

I just want to fix my ED

Day 4
Is it really healthy though? Does it really have any positive impacts?
I'm trying to stop being a useless piece of shit so I thought I'd stop jacking off but I don't know if it's really useful.

oh wow
hang in there

I just went almost 2 weeks about without masturbating. I thought it would be so great when I finally did masturbate, but it was absolutely disgusting. It wasn't worth getting dirty over. So now I'm going back to not masturbating. I hope I never do it again, it's just nasty. Also women and men are nasty, they have shit inside their bodies and bodies are just fucking disgusting.

Energy levels go up as well as test. I fapped once after a 7 day streak, came buckets but afterwards I felt like death the next 2-3 days, was not worth