Sanpaku eyes considered attractive on women but hideous on men

>sanpaku eyes considered attractive on women but hideous on men
Why do women always get passes with their deformities?

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Because they have a wet hole btw their legs and you don't

I thought it was that you can see white above the iris

because it means they're looking up at you. the white under the eyes shows when you look up while keeping your head in a neutral position. of course when a man looks up at you that's not attractive, that's a friend.

That's yang sanpaku, it's ugly on everyone.

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>the eyes of a psychopathic killer

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its called having sanpaku eyes you retards

fuck now im the retard, i meant to say that is called lack of sleep

that's when the inner psycho killer is at its strongest

pic related: a sleepy boy

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remember not to stay out past your bedtime, kids!

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Shes lifting her eyebrows. You guys are stupid

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Does this count?
You can see the white under my iris if I tilt my head down a bit and look forward. It doesn't need a lot of tilt just a little, you can already almost see it normally

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She's squinting there

what kind of shitfuck lunatic gets mass shooter eyes when they're in a state of surprise?

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Women love this man with sanpaku eyes. Or they did.

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Rami Malek is sexy as hell, are you insane? Women love him.

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I looked at a mirror and to get the whites above the eyes like that I'd have to exert pressure to the my eyebrow muscles, because I am not a psychopath.

>women like attractive and famous men

Guys rate my sanpaku or whatever eyes

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lmao all of the women posted are famous too, do you ever think before you post? what a daft cunt

Here's another man who is considered a sex symbol with sanpaku eyes.

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According to the chart, those eyes are have "a lot of pressure", and he's a President, one of the highest-stress jobs there is a good chance Kennedy KNEW he pissed off some very dangerous, very powerful people that would want to see him dead.

That's what he gets for murdering Marilyn, a fellow sanpaku.

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