If you press this button you instantly die

if you press this button you instantly die
no pain, you wont even feel anything, you'll just stop existing after pressing it
would you do it?

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Double tap just to be sure

Why is this even a choice? I'd punch the crap outta that button.

yep that what i thought. Many people here would kill themselves if it was as easy as pressing a button

hell yeah instant i saw that fucking button i slam it with my dick

what would happen with my body? would i just vanish from their memory too?

After almost dying and feeling the bliss of death overtaking me, I know I would. But it's moot anyway because I'll be there soon.

>After almost dying and feeling the bliss of death overtaking me
Please describe near death experience.

>2 people

>press button
>"that was easy"
oh i wish it were this simple

Give me that fucking button RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Don't bother, these are the same kind of people that make threads like, "Jow Forums has changed!!!" after browsing the board for 2 hours during their last summer break

I took a shitton of drugs over the course of 4 days, woke up blacked out on the fifth feeling dehydrated as fuck and not remembering anything from the past 4 days. My vision was fucked up, and my limbs had an odd sensation similar to numbness. At first I panicked and ate a package of lunch meat with salt and chugged water, but I kept feeling worse and worse. I could feel my heartbeat, the feeling in my limbs creeping up, and I started to feel very drowsy. I debated whether or not I should call and ambulance and eventually decided to just accept it. I lied down in bed and felt everything in my body start to shutdown. Eventually I felt my heart stop and closed my eyes. The entire time I was lying down I felt an uncontrollable euphoria, unlike nothing in my life. Unfortunately I woke up decent enough later that day.

Well i constantly see anons here saying that the only reason why they dont kys themselves is because theyre dont know quick painless way to do it

I think it was aftereffect of drugs, not near death experience otherwise you wouldnt have survived

Yeah most likely it was just the drugs or me being delusional. But I was absolutely certain that I was going to die, and it felt so good.

I would keep the button around for when I am ready to go.

Not sure how many years it will be but right now I am not ready yet.


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Everyone in this thread will say that they would press it like some female suicide attention whores

in reality if the button is in front of them, none would dare

wouldn't your family be sad suicidanon?

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>But I was absolutely certain that I was going to die, and it felt so good.
well looking scientifically dying shouldnt feel good, we are programmed to cling to living by any means possible

I would hold onto it always for when or if the time was right.

youre on a site full of social outcasts who achieved nothing in their lives

what drugs are you talking about here? how do you know your heart really stopped?

And I am one of them as well
Despite wanting to die constantly I've been in life threatening situations and I instinctively didn't die

If we wanted to disappear, we would do it
Anything else is just an excuse

Well if youre in a life threatening situation you wont want to die because of your programming but your brain wont sense any danger from you just pressing a button, it would be a decision entirely of your own, not your instincts

If it was that easy I would definitely do it. Maybe find a home for my cat first if I had time but I'd definitely press it.

Nah, I've got more miniatures to build and paint before I die.

I would smash that button so fucking fast I wouldn't even have the time to start to think to have second thoughts