Do you ever want to get married, Jow Forums?

Do you ever want to get married, Jow Forums?
I got married three years ago and there's never any shortage of people telling me it's a bad idea.

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Yes, there are few things I want more. Normies think marriage is like a prison taking them from their degenerate lifestyle so they view differently than people who actually feel love. I assume your marriage is going well OP?

Marriage is the worst meme ever. No fucking way.

Statiatically speaking its a bad idea, but so is gambling in a casino but they still have a lot of customers, right?

I'm not gonna say it's a terrible idea but
Be careful man
Unless you married another guy in which case it is a terrible idea

That's because you get a certain amount of utility from the enjoyment of gambling, it's not about the actual odds of winning money but the experience. In marraige the gamble would be your experience being married making you happier than being single

Been married for 10 years. Haven't regretted a minute of it.

Yeah it's great. All you need is a serious, realistic outlook on what's going on (two people coming together to pool resources/support each other) and you can sustain the relationship for so much longer than buying into all of the Hollywood stuff.
See this is what I'm talking about. At work, online, friends, there's no shortage of people who were begging me not to get married or who continue to tell me it's a terrible idea.
We both understand what the relationship is and we both understand it's absolutely not in our best interest whatsoever to separate. The quality of our lives together will always outweigh our lives apart

I've been married 3 years myself and it's been pretty great, honestly. The practical benefits of splitting costs and budgeting together has made things more comfortable.

My biggest piece of advice is making sure you're on the same page about boundaries. Jealous is the biggest thing to damage relationships, so make sure that if you're going to be open, semi-open, closed, etc, that you've had a frank and honest discussion about what you'd like in that regard.

That sounds nice but it seems too risky. Women hold way too much power in marriage. Especially in my cucked country. If I ever was going to I'd have to go to another country.

if i didn't want to have kids, then i wouldn't want to get married. The marriage is just an arrangement to raise kids together and try to have a fulfilling relationship in the meantime.

why talk to those people? are you a poorfag or something?

ive been married 5 years. almost everyone at my work is married or in a committed relationship. i haven't heard that "marriage is a bad idea" from ANYONE in real life since high school (10 years ago).

Im the one that said "no fucking way". As a divorced man im fucking happy my ex wife didnt rape me in court and ask for monthly support. She just wanted to end everything because after the wedding, she got cold feet about everything. So i was lucky and i will never do it again. Glad its working out for you though, hopefully for a long time user

Marriage was invented to assure you a good position on the tribe, but nowadays it's pointless.

Nah marriage is for gaylords

You never beat the casino though lel

Not interested. I'm female but don't see the point. I don't want kids and I'm richer than my bf. What would I have to gain? Nothing.

i would love to have a wedding... but not get married

Tax breaks

I want to fall in love with and marry the person I lose my virginity to. I want to spend my life with that person. The only problem is it would lower my neetbux so I might choose to just live together forever. I hope we get buried together, too.

I got married three years ago next month. It's not really necessary. It's just paperwork.

Does it feel romantic? Do you feel more commitment than you did before you were married?

There's 2 parts to marriage: religion and government. Why would you want either to be involved in your relationship? If you find a woman who wants to be with you for life, why not just call each other husband and wife? What difference does it really make? Gays are stupid for pushing this shit so hard. Probably some kind of psyop to make people give a shit about marriage again.

I like being able to say my wife. That's probably the only difference.

Yeah, it was pretty based of Egyptions to bury their wives alive with them when they died.

She'lI always be mine.

People that gaf about what happens to their body after they die confuse me.

Marriage is great unless you are a faggot which I assume you are based on pic related

Too much risk. The way our taxes work right now even if we were married neither of us would be able to itemize and it wouldn't make a difference. Plus my property and savings are mine and my bf's savings/debt are his..... I want to keep it that way.

Marriage is my endgame. I want my whole life to be structured around raising five healthy children with some autistic, sweet, artsy waifu who I can write poems and stupid love songs for. If I hit wizardry and I'm still single, then I'll know that I have failed my life's mission and will use my newfound virginity powers to kill myself in the most dramatic way possible for internet points.

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I would marry if I got a woman pregnant.

Otherwise, no real advantage compared to a LTR.