Femanons, do you like having your asshole played with...

Femanons, do you like having your asshole played with? Would you enjoy it if a guy licked it while he was going down on you?

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No that's gross, I poop from there.
Imagine kissing someone who licked your butthole.

Also he's probably done it with other girls so your basically getting second hand shit AIDS

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Not op but I've never done it with other girls and I would only do it with a wife

Imagine kissing someone who sucked a guy's dick.
Same disgusting thing.

tfw did this to my first gf as a teenager so often to the point that she thought I was gay
Me only wanting to do anal made her even more suspicious. I just didn't want any kids and took no chances, as stupid as that is

Imagine kissing someone who ate pussy
Imagine kissing someone
Holy fuck its gotta been like 9 years now almost exactly

eating ass is fun when you're a teen but nah

This looks suspiciously like you know what.

>my first gf as a teenager

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And you sound suspiciously toasty. Drag your tattered meat flaps someplace else.

Dude, I have a 7" uncut penis. Much superior genitalia to any hole.

Kissing someone is fine if you're both the only people that each other have ever kissed.

>kissing someone who has never been kissed by their parents
sounds like suicide

>girl gives you blowjob
>can't kiss her anymore because that would mean youre sucking your own dick
Kinda hot honestly.

Your parents don't kiss you on the lips, user. They shouldn't. Maybe you should talk to someone.

>he never got a special sloppy kiss from mommy

You say that, but you wouldn't complain if it happened in the moment.

God, this is beautiful. Thanks for this pic.

I mean look at the asshole tho. Its like this person has never had a significant bowel movement. Reported.

I don't wanna be a normalfag user. She was basically a fembot and went on /co/, and she'd probably fuck you too

you said kissed, not kissed on the lips. you're an idiot. so you're fine kissing a girl who has been kissed all over except her lips by a thousand guys? lol!

I got one from your mom, but no my own, no.

What do you expect it to look like? A dark brown, stretched out balloon knot? Maybe throw on some hemorrhoids for good measure? Having aesthetically pleasing orifices doesn't mean underaged. Quit looking for things to get offended about, you soi guzzling cuck.

I wouldn't be able to look the guy in the eye afterwards.

at least one of those things, yes. You're blind if you can't tell this is cp.

I wouldn't mind if someone licked my asshole but like he needs to be prepared first for the fact that it's an asshole and not get grossed out by it. And I'm not doing it back.

Would you let him do anal as well?

You sound perfect you're my e-gf now

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Anal? I would but only on special occasions like his birthday or our anniversary or if he's really good or really sad. I have my reasons for not wanting it more often.

I'd love to lick a fembots cute, sweaty butthole.

Wow it worked? Wanna watch an anime every day until Valentine's Day?

I've never had my butt eaten before, and never really done anything that wasn't considered 'vanilla' sex.
But if a guy wanted to do eat my ass or anything else I wouldn't usually consider I'd let him because I wanna make my partner happy.
Even if it's degenerate
It probably feels quite nice too, I just see it as unusual for some reason.

No prob. I'm pre-op anyway :/

It's not cp, you unmitigated retard. If it was the jannies would've kicked down the door the instant your pudgy, cheeto-encrusted claw clicked the report button. The fuck is your problem, anyway? Don't you have better things to do? Are you really such a massive cuck that you can only get off to women with obvious mileage?

Are you a virgin or have you done anal before?

Heaven's no. These days I can't get off to anything without a penis, feminine or otherwise.

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I've never done anal but I have used a dildo and fingers. I don't mind it but it does have it's side effects if you do it too much. Checking your dubs.

>Wanna watch an anime every day until Valentine's Day?
That's what I do every year before Valentine's Day. What is your favorite type of anime?

>cute, sweaty butthole
How would you feel if you started to go for it but it wasn't a *cute* butthole? Asking for a friend.

>what is your favorite type of anime
Well,I like horror and psychological anime, but slice of life and romance are also top tier too depending on my mood. I'm not really into shonen but it's not the worst either. Tbh I just love anime and Manga I'm a massive fucking weeb. Do you have discord?

it's gross. the answer is yes.

Can someone describe the feeling of a girls butthole please

I second this. Fuck poop eaters jesus christ

>How would you feel if you started to go for it but it wasn't a *cute* butthole?
I'd love it because it's hers.

>Bend gf over
>Lick her sweet, sweet butthole
>Make her sit on my face

I wish she was more into it but at least I get to play with her cute lil' hole

has her hole changed since you've met her?

i wouldn't mind personally

Alright one of you be my girlfriend

Kind of gross but buttholes are nice looking and if she just showered it's not to bad

It is different than a pussy because it is a muscle she can actively control. Seeing her wink her anus at you, and feeling it twitch and spasm under your tongue is the main appeal for me desu.

It is confusing. I ran my pinky finger around the asshole of one girl while I was fingering her, she started moaning even more and arching her back. But when I put the tip of my pinky inside, she whimpered a bit and say that it hurt a little.
And then I proceeded to not fuck her because I was drunk and threw up

if she didn't say stop then you can be sure she likes it rough and painful

she wanted you to keep going bro

You can control the muscles in our vagina, too. Can basically milk a penis with those muscles if you want. Meanwhile inside an asshole can't be flexed or pumped at all.

My wife didn't want me to at first, but every time I do it she likes it more. She doesn't want me to do it because she cares about me, but I can't resist. She smells and tastes good.

I don't see why anyone would want to do anal, though. That causes permanent damage to the point of incontinence. I just want to lick my wife's butthole and nothing else.

This. The ass is only tight at the beginning then it isn't even close to a vagina. Like the entrance to the asshole is the tightest thing you could imagine but after that it's not as tight as a vagina. Also if you aren't careful you can destroy the ring and then you're using a bag the rest of your life and the asshole isn't as good at stretching out and constricting as a vagina. A vagina is literally purpose built to accommodate a dick and my gf doesn't even have to move, she just milks it with her vagina walls.

Im only talking about oral sex. A pussy feels leagues better than an anus, but an anus is more fun to eat (not counting a girls reactions to a well-eaten pussy. That is the hottest part about oral.)

Oh yeah, licking a butthole and getting that wink every time you run your tongue over it is pretty godly.

homer simpsons mouth?

this is literally you
original posting of course

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>tfw never experience this

Don't worry it's not all to great my gf doesn't really like assplay. She's pretty accommodating of every one of my fetishes but treats ass stuff like an eye for an eye (eg. I finger her she gets to finger me).

Does it smell when it winks?

Damn, thats a nice ass and pussy... almost too nice....

If she's clean there isn't really a smell at all

I shove stuff up there myself all the time. I haven't been with anyone that I want to let do that though. Of the few partners I've had I guess.

you havent had me as a partner yet then

Imagine the smell origidiggy

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>hook up with tinder girl
>says she doesnt want me to lick her butthole and doesn't want to suck my dick
I ghosted her afterwards
why do girls do this? she was my type too.

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Lmao, I can't unsee it. Thanks, user. This is going to stay with me forever.
>finally get GF
>about to do the peepee friction
>she lays on her stomach and slowly takes her panties off
>look down at the body of the person I love more than anything else, but can only see Homer Simpson's fucking mouth
>"A-user.. Why are you laughing?"
>"I-It's nothing, I just-"
>can't even keep it up, laughing not only at the fact that her vagina looks like a middle age cartoon man's face, but also at how absurd the situation is, and how I took one of the most intimate acts one could do with another person and turned it into a farce.
>"You know what? I don't want to do this anymore, user. I don't know if I even want to be with you anymore."
>ruined a relationship because of a post I saw on a Filipino claymation forums years ago
I hope you're proud of yourself, user.

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I know but I blew my chance by being too drunk. actually remembered that because her bday was recently, and I saw that now she is married with 2 kids and I am still posting on this shithole like I was back then

What is the criteria for sharing that sort of thing with someone?

Good point. Maybe it would be better to avoid all physical interaction with any other human.



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now taking requests

>Femanons, do you like having your asshole played with?
Not really
>Would you enjoy it if a guy licked it while he was going down on you?

Based and shitAIDSpilled

What if he goes back and forth between pussy, ass and cheeks?

>going back and forth between pussy ass and (ass?) cheeks
I don't want to get a pussy infection.

This is a weird thread to ask in but do you have a valentine user?

Absolutely not, it's kinda gross.

Yeah but it feeIs good.

Not at the same time he is "going down" that's asking for an infection.

Are you that dirty?

If you bring the bacteria from the butt hole to the vagina, you are at large risk for a yeast infection. It's not a matter of clean or dirty.

Man, female body bits are so weird

Is that a hint of stockings I see? Please tell me there is a zoomed out version.

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Based and purity pilled gf
Disgusting things are disgusting. I want a gf who isn't a hedonistic pig, we will have sex for procreation, good sex, but only for that


But I have bigger orgasms if my bf fingers my asshole during sex

>implying she wouldn't embrace her inner degenerate with Chad

>Also he's probably done it with other girls
what if he's a turbo virgin?

>if my bf fingers my asshole during sex

It started like that for my ex too, after a while she came from anal sex and had multiple orgasms from getting her pussy waren while I also fingerfucked her asshole with 3 or 4 fingers

Brace yourself user

>pussy waren

*pussy eaten dammit

My nigga. My wife made the sexiest noise the first time I ran my tongue over her butthole. Before that she never wanted anything to do with anal. It's become the best turn on for her now when were in the shower. I tell her she has a cute lil butthole and she giggles.

as i guy i do not want to eat ass or have my ass eaten

>as i guy i do not want to eat ass or have my ass eaten


Awwww look, they're gay

>all these femcels saying no

Must be fat and have disgusting unclean assholes or something

haha yeah that must be it

Not just a yeast infection but a urinary tract infection which can be dangerous and very painful.

Yeah it must be. The only reason you wouldn't want it is if you're insecure/scared of the person being grossed out. Having a chick milk your dick while burying her face and tongue in your ass is godly bro

Jesus that sounds disgusting. I don't know how anyone could ever date a man that wants his asshole licked.