What's the weirdest thing you find attractive about somebody? (Picture irrelevant)

What's the weirdest thing you find attractive about somebody? (Picture irrelevant)

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Being Finnish. I can be sexually aroused by anyone whose last name ends in inenenenenenen

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I had accidentally discovered that one of my roommates (female) was into beastiality and had on those horse masks with one of those giant hollowed out strap ons. I assumed that she got her boyfriend to wear both so she could pretend he was a horse with a big horse benis

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Their personallity

Oh i apologize for reading that sentence as something completely different. Im very tired

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Girls with androgynous or deepish voices
that and Tomboys with short hair

Girls with forearm hair, which is weird because I don't care for hair on armpits or the genital area and I can't tell you why I like it

Short hair on woman.

Wow thats soooo weird bro. Kys

Normalfag fetish

It's weird that I find it attractive:
>girls with acne
>girls with 'ugly' smiles

Things that are weird that I find attractive
>girls that like me
It's so weird it doesn't exist.

I always find interesting when someone is obsessed with something.

>gap teeth
> men/women who look like the opposite gender

Girls with hairy forearms are absolute goddesses in bed

If someone posts "virgin men" I'm gonna kms.

Girls with scarz

Same. Especially if they're the rough kind that you only get from accidental injures. Self harm scars are gross.

The nose, the shnozz, the sniffer.
Pretty strange in my opinion, people always take it as a weird statement when I complement them on this and girls tend to think I'm making fun of them when I say they have a cute nose. But the nose is the strangest looking part of your face and on some people if their nose was just slightly different they wouldn't be attractive, the nose in my opinion makes is a huge factor in determining weather you're a good looking bloke or not and it's always just ignored unless you got a really ugly one.

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A girl was interested in me once upon a time and I had no interest in her until she lost the tip of her finger. Apparently amputees is a fetish I never knew I had.

>quiet people, especially girls
>flippy hair/swept bangs on people of both genders
>nice hair in general
Nice-sounding voices
The last two aren't sexual at all, I just like people with nice hair and nice voice.

this but korean

Conversely, Fenno-Swedes are a HUGE turn off.

>girls with 'ugly' smiles
oh you'd love me then user, the braces make it bad but the shape of the smile and the way it makes my face look is even worse

Cute af.

Wide filipino/jungle asian noses

I like
in guys

>prolonged eye contact
>undereye bags or tired eyes
>use of drugs and/or cigarettes
>when they're good at reading out loud

>I fit all those categories
>Also Ottermode and a professional artist
You still wouldn't be interested in me. Nobody ever is.

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Yeah sorry I don't like depression or self deprecation. But being ottermode and a professional artist is very attractive, user. Good job at being what you are.

These aren't supposed to be sexual, just things that you like that are unusual and those aren't unusual you fucking idiot.

>These aren't supposed to be sexual,
Yeah, I know. That's why I specified that they weren't sexual. Really, none of them were. I'm just dumb.

I like prominent noses on girls. Not the flat niggers kind, but prominent noses give character. There's so many different kinds, they make a face unique

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I dont see how arm hair relates to being good in bed but thanks for letting me know normalfag

I'm really into girls with nice skin. No imperfections whatsoever: no spots, scars, acne, blackheads, freckles, or vains showing. Smooth, shiny and thight skin makes me diamonds, like I wanna just rub my hands all over them.

Like this, precious?

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Yeah, you know it man B-)
Although not necessarily pale skin...

Anything tanner than pic related is not white to me.

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I wonder how that isn't a repost. weird

I like it when girls are not afraid to burp

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People use normie instead of normalfag now

I eye down girls a lot, I have constant bags under my eyes, I haven't been sober in years and I have lab-tested 99th percentile verbal skills. Are you a cutie?

The savior we need

Extremely short girls. If midgets didn't have fucked up potato heads I would impale them with my Schlong.

I think I have a period fetish to some extent.

A female friend invited me over to her apartment one night I fed her, put her to bed,, and we slept together cuddling. I had my hands on her belly the whole time the whole night and just rubbed it for her. Sh'e's normally quite skinny but was obviously bloated quite a bit, but I found the whole thing sort of arousing I guess.

>I like prominent noses on girls

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