Deano's stag do edition

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one titcow redhead gf for every britfeel lad

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Maybe we wont bicker about blowjob techniques and who is a chad and who isn't in this thread

>Doing what makes me happy and fobbing everyone else off
Pleb tier opinion

Might buy a van tbqh

Really fancy a wank tbqh.

No, you'll get a Moni gf and be happy about

good choice lad, red hair and massive tits=wife material

i went to an elite private school i know rich beta faggots and the most alpha people i know are all poorfags.

I'd fuck your arsehole hard you little bitch. You'd lose control and shit all over my dick as I filled you up with my certified blood white seed.

t. James Bolan

ah a fellow lad of taste

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>elite private school
>can't use commas or capital letters
Yeah, sure.

can hav smol titi redhead gf pls?

any relation to marc?

what wouldn't i give for one sniff of her hair

You can get a broken skull when the nonce hunters reach your door.

Happy belated birthday you beautiful lad, so glad we get your antics for another year

best i can offer

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just started a vodafone contract.

James Bolan, Marc Bolan, and Cilla. The true genetic lineage to Alfred the Great


Whats wrong with being happy tbqh

Tfw no gf, tfw no friends, tfw no job, tfw dont leave the house at all, tfw mum and dad hate you, tfw no money.

Suicide when lads?

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Any of you lads got a single incident that turned you into a loser?

Mine was when I got a girlfriend aged 18, she was my first kiss, hand holding, everything. Then some of the local hard lads found out I had a girlfriend and forced me to drug her so they could fuck her. They took turns nutting in her when she was passed out.

When she woke up she knew something was very wrong, luckily she didn't know exactly what was going on, but it was enough for me to never see her again.

I'm crying even writing this out.


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believe me or not it doesn't matter. i know plenty of people who work in finance or whatever. some actually are chads and some are beta but all get masc mogged by any random nigger drug dealer.

>smol titi
You just trying to confirm your gayness?

I'm not a salesman and don't have to be alpha.

>not giff gaff master race

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Saw an escort for the first time today. Was pretty good. Set me back 150 though, which I'm starting to regret.

Britnormie are you ok hon?

what can i say? i love their call centres, they say all the right things

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There's a fine line between LARPing and fantasising BritNormie

Britnormie this is another crap attempt

>Work in finance
>Random nigger drug dealers

All betas. You don't have a clue do you?

>tfw you open the LARP jar and find it's almost full to the brim with 50 Euro cent coins from Germany

ee-r it's not even my birthday but thanks I guess
how can a man with a gaywatch osifer be gay?

>Tfw no gf,
I could be your gf

>tfw no friends
Awe are your friends and I would love to turn you into an IRL friend

>tfw no job
I got a job just today, took over 2 months

>tfw dont leave the house at all,
Same, apart from meetups but those are dead now
Maybe we could meet each other?

>tfw mum and dad hate you,
I don't hate you though

>tfw no money.
I have money, I'll spend some on you if you want to meetup

Just spent two minutes blinking at my cat while she blinked back at me. I'm so lucky to have a cat that loves me and we can spend Valentine's day together watching telly and eating pasta

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you don't actually have any experience amongst rich people do you?

they aren't special at all.

>not anymore prison gay

feels good, now i can leave this general, i'm not even brit i just was there because someone i knew lurked there

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You wouldn't need a gaywatch osifer if you were straight mate

How's it feel to be literal bottom of the fucking barrel, cunt? I'll set your family on fire.

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i'm all of them too except my mummy and daddy love me

I never said all rich people are alpha.

post a picture of your cat lad

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what are yer tits like love

That slow blink? Means she loves you

absolutely based, I need one of my own

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had to take a longer path home because some football fans blocked the whole street. Fuck me I hope Man United lose for this inconvenience

My sleeping pattern had been fucked since the night I couldn't sleep after finding out my dad died, I'm depressed in general and whilst I have tried to apply for jobs within my capabilities most times I have been sat in my room doing nothing.
All my foster parents have been doing is criticise this depressed cunt not knowing it doesn't help to feed negativity. Feel like going for a walk to mull over shit but feel if someone heckles me whilst I'm out I'll lose my shit.

tl;dr. The people around me are cunts, want to go for a walk but afraid I'll murder some chav

Jesus. She looks so fucking repulsive like a burn victim that had a shitload of surgery.

well done lad, fly away to the happy place

i dont agree. masculinity is pretty much a perspective and if we being realistic the rich are the most alpha because they dominate others through economics. The social status of a rich people is miles above a deano.

who is an alpha to you?

i bet it's some beta fag like elon musk

You'll be back, and I'll gently fuck you in the arse when you are.

>siding with the frogs

Elon Musk is too mentally deranged to be an alpha.

I think you will reconsider, i'm from Liverpool

K. Posted her before a few times, but she's a superstar diva so here you go.
Yeah that's why I do it back, so she knows we're best mates/family.
I love the earnest expression on this little pal's face.

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yeah bill gates such a masculine beast of a man

Only rich people are alpha. Not all rich people are alpha.

Pablo Escobar is a good example. But very few alphas are famous, fame is a beta trait because it means you're being used.

>poor lad cope
The rich are by virtue the most alpha because they have the resources to dominate all other classes. Poor people often copy them. "but poor people give off more masculine energy" they dont, some toilet cleaner deano pays more respect to a rich person than to another peasant. being enthusiastic does not automatically give someone more social status

considering poor fags clean his toilet and people lick his ass for attention, then yes, he is a beast of a man. you only think deano down at the pub is a true alpha because of your own weird attachments. poor lad cope from you tbqh

Very cute kitty. The cat I used to live with would climb up on my wardrobe just like that, and then meow until I helped him get down because he was scared to do it himself. miss that fucker so much

>I think you will reconsider, i'm from Liverpool
close enough

I'm not going to lose my virginity.

>siding with Memechester Ushited

Why where are you from?

Muted for unoriginal comment.

its trying to buy friends

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Going to watch a film. Should I watch Fellowship of the Ring or Badlands?

>Why where are you from?

So we're both in the North West, I'll travel heaven and hell for a friend

Kek cats are so funny, especially indoor ones. They just don't know how to handle things as well as outdoor or feral. Why don't you adopt a new fren lad?

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Watch Mama Mia 2 lad

You should watch Release the Spyce.

Would you like to exchange discords? I could use a friend.

Would you accept a meek sissy boi friend or do you just want a dominant male? I'd love to rub our sissy clitties together until we make sissy squirties desu

That's what I used to think until we had our A level results party and I ended up getting a blowie in the lavs off a girl from my media studies class. Ended up going out for a while, nice jugs.

i'm not poor. and rich and middle class people copy poor people, why do you think nigger ghetto culture is so emulated?

he isn't though. having money has nothing to do with being alpha. some tyrone gangster who shoots people masc mogs him into oblivion.

Get off my board get off my board get off my board

these superhumans you're alluding to barely exist.

i keep wanting to ask what these screenshots are from but i'm scared the answer will be a wallace and gromit porn parody

>for a friend
>literally never replies to my discord messages

>gf trying to lose weight
>hasn't been to gym today
>currently eating her second dinner

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They exist, behind the scenes. Obviously they are fairly rare.

Na. Havnt seem Mama Mia 1 and I dont like modern musicals.

I dont like anime.

a lenny henry sketch actually


No you get off my board you cunt


>second dinner
you dating a hobbit, lad?

Discord was cancer and full of bullies, I had to leave


I don't do Discord

is alan partridge /ourguy/

You should accept the way she is prick

now i'm both releived and disappointed

does end with wallace getting head

Money has everything with being alpha because it reflects your social status in society. An alpha is someone who dominates, a poorfag gangsta might have status among his group of mates or on his estate, but the likes of bill gates has high self esteem from a global perspective. Only people who care about being "hard" are poor fags because they have no other outlet to express their domination. in the real world your social status comes from your job role and rich people have the highest job role with the ability to dominate others with their resources alone. a rich person generates more respect and envy than a poor person. by all accounts a rich person is more dominant in our world than a poor person

fuck off you normie git.

I've never seen her do this before. She literally finished eating a baked potato with cheese on then said what shall I have for dinner.
She's supposedly losing weight for herself, not for me.

It was the smart choice lad, you did keep humiliating yourself on there.
>pls respond to my posts on /britfeel/

The idea of the character is to take the piss out of his personality, so to like him unironically is a bit yikes

Wow mate those normies problems must be hard to deal with.

Is she doing slimming world la? They encourage people to eat like fuck and fill up on potatoes and pasta and shit, dunno how it works really, but they say fill up on that shit.