Tried talking to my therapist about the morality of having children

>tried talking to my therapist about the morality of having children
>visibly confused
>basically says huh I never thought about it

Are normies really like this?

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Because they are programmed to say the same shit

If you think it's immoral to have kids, you should live up to your ideology and kill yourself

the kids aren't the immoral part. dragging people into suffering against their will is the immoral part.

>person didn't contemplate the same thing I contemplated
>doesn't agree with my cucked meme philosophy
>therefore all normalfags are literally NPCs incapable of independent thought
Better post this on the Jow Forums with that funny new wojak I found last week

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Create al life and forcing it in this world is the most selfish act someone could ever do.

My theory bears repeating.

80% of people are hedonistic cattle. They pursue only pleasure; eat, drink, fuck, sleep. They work only to get those things.
15% of people are hungry for money or power. They give the hedonistic cattle what they want, and get money and power in return.
5% of people actually think about things. Most of them are badly depressed. They used to have a high culture of their own until half a century ago, but now they don't, so they're left to the wolves.

The thing is, this is a pretty basic question of morality. Even if you disagree with him, you should have thought of it independently if you are an independent thinker. If you're a professional who makes a living talking about these things with people, you have no excuse to not at least understand what he's talking about in advance.

This is a perfect example of the reality we are living today.
I couldn't agree more.

double dumbass

Hold the fucking phone, you're telling me there are incompetent therapists out there? What annoys the fuck out of me is this dumb ass notion of grouping everyone under the vague definition of "normalfag" together and calling them all NPCs based on your very limited life experiences and what anonymous idiots on an albanian alabaster mining forum say

No phrase defines the normie mindset better than "I never thought about it".

Interesting theory. Tbh Ive been thinking about something similar for the last few weeks. About how you cant know if the majority of people are NPCs/soulless/not real, but it doesn't matter at that point, because if they're only living to chase a dopamine high, like rats in a laboratory constantly pressing the dopamine button, then there is nothing that separates them from genetically programmed robots. Soulless, devoid of free will, therefore unreal...

Please do share your contributions to philosophy than.

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>be you
>4th grade insult
>think to talk to grown up
Go back to play with children in your local kindergarten, special kid

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Therefore people prefer talking about weather and pass through unducation system freely.

>Can't connect with anyone at all for years
>Finally go back to therapy
>Therapist tells me 3 weeks in, "Maybe you're too desperate"
>After 5 years of social isolation
>Back to isolation

That's not what I'm doing. I'm just saying that someone in that particular job, who deals with just the type of people who'd bring up a quandary like that, shouldn't be dumbfounded on hearing that quandary. It leads you to distrust his professional judgment.

It's like a philosopher not understanding the correct context of "God is dead", or an archaeologist incapable of explaining why "in situ" finds are better than just any old finds, or an engineer who has to Google "the laws of gravity" while designing a bridge across a deep gorge. I'm not saying the guy's 'just a normie', but I am saying that from what OP is saying the guy sounds like a professional who's not (yet) ready to deal with the kind of questions OP needs him to deal with for their patient/professional relationship to work.

If you've read my post, you'd understand that any contribution I could make to philosophy is hindered by the vanishing of high culture. To put it bluntly: I do not know the lyrics to any of the current top 40 songs, I do not like alcohol or drugs or loud parties and I do not watch any of Netflix's top 5 shows, so I have fallen outside of conventional society without the safety net of high culture that used to exist up until the 1950s-1960s.

This is good advice. If you want to get ahead in life, if you want to be in the proverbial 15% of money/power hungry people (or even if you just want to get along with the total of 95% of people who don't think about complex issues of philosophy or morality), you just need to do what everyone else is doing, repeat the same tired old bullshit narratives people tell each other all day, and learn to hide who you really are, forever.


>he backs out like a little bitch, desperately moves the goalpost

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Out of curiosity, what branch of philosophy you focus on?

Therapists are a waste of money. They don't give a real fuck about people.

>I do not know the lyrics to any of the current top 40 songs, I do not like alcohol or drugs or loud parties and I do not watch any of Netflix's top 5 shows
>so clearly I would have been a philosopher if I had been born in the right age
>ugghh, what could have been....

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im glad you are talking to someone user. get the help you need

I try not to focus on any particular branch or movement, and to let my own mind do its own work in isolated circumstances. If there happens to be a philosopher or a movement that I can relate to on some level, that's always nice, but I'm not too bothered if there isn't.

The problem is that when I think about the most fundamental questions of all, they terrify me. The ultimate question is probably 'why', not with regards to any particular thing but with regards to existence itself, and I can't crack that one for the life of me. I have yet to find a convincing reason, either in philosophy or in religion, why anything should exist and then cease to exist instead of not existing at all. To me, that means there's something we're not seeing, something we're not getting that we'd have to get for anything at all to make any sense. A dimension outside of place, outside of time, outside of anything the human mind can grasp by itself.

Would I have been a great philosopher in a different age? Truth be told, probably not. But the 5% of the population that I mention are not all great philosophers. They are simply people who can think for themselves, who value truth as a thing in itself, who can think of ideas without being fed those ideas through media or education first, and who can understand and apply ideas on some level when first hearing them. So, maybe I'm a babbling fool with no particularly interesting ideas of my own, but statistically, 95% of mankind are worse than that, less capable of understanding and applying new ideas and multi-stage logic to concrete situations, more dependent on rote learning and societal narratives about various things, and that realization makes for a lonely life.

Wait why does the fact that I work to afford food and drink and a comfortable place to sleep and the occasional prostitute make me a hedonistic cattle?

How the fuck else am I supposed to survive? Am I supposed to work to NOT buy food?

The other day I tried talking to my therapist about how I constantly want to die but don't want to kill myself. About how my constant but manageable medical problems since birth have made me begin to feel like I shouldn't be alive.

And she just shrugged it off. She was like, "my recommendation is that you spend 15 minutes per day meditating"

Fucking REEEEEEE normies kill me

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>morality of having children

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>paying to talk to someone
Just get a prostitute.