How do I figure out if I'm attractive, average or unattractive?

How do I figure out if I'm attractive, average or unattractive?

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Help me robots I wanna know

If you have to ask, you are not attractive, they world will tell you so.

You could try posting a selfie to a rate me thread on but if you're a girl people will rate you a couple points higher than you actually are. We all know that you're male, though. After all, we're on r9k.

send me a pic and i'll tell you.

>If you have to ask
I don't know man I'm pretty autistic and oblivious
I did a few years ago, iirc I got one 7/10 and two 5/10 but I don't trust rate threads

I don't see any reason not to trust them. Obviously some people rate others too high or too low, but but if you get enough ratings, you can sort of average them out in your head. If you do post a pic to soc, link it. I'm kind of curious as to what you look like now.

I dunno man. I've been told /soc/ is unreliable but the only other time I've been told how I look was when two femanons on Jow Forums said I was cute and "a 9/10" so I think they were both just some dude fucking with me.

/soc/ is mostly males and males pretending to be women rating other males and males pretending to be women. It's hardly trustworthy.

>I don't see any reason not to trust them
I think /soc/ is pretty notoriously unreliable. I don't really want to post another pic of me on the internet anyways.

Just because they're not girls doesn't mean they can't tell what an attractive man looks like. I've lurked there a couple times, and the ratings are mostly accurate, but usually just a bit too high for males, and waaaaay to high for women. I don't even have particularly high standards for women, either. I just don't think every girl online is a nine the way /soc/ fags do. Do they think women will suck their dicks through their monitors or something if they overrate them?
I really don't blame you. The whole point of Jow Forums is that it's anonymous, and posting a picture of yourself here defeats the purpose.

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Had the same issue and did what everybody here says you should do, I posted a thread on /soc and there was only one reply giving me a 7/10

It boosted my ego so much honestly

>women approach you
>women are indifferent to you
>women avoid you

I go from what people tell me.

It's easy user here how it is
Attractive (10 to 9/10 chad)= she will initiate shit possibly biting her lip and smiling like a dork, 100% success rate.
Average= she will not care deeply, that doesn't mean you don't have a chance you just need to test the waters and initiate shit, 50% success rate.

Unattractive= looks of disgust in here face, laughing behind your back, emasculation at every possible chance, 0% success rate.

>How do I figure out if I'm attractive, average or unattractive?
Rate yourself

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I want to know how anyone thinks females come here.

The what you guys fail to understand is that this requires you not to only be able to detect these signals, but also not second guess yourself.

>a bit too high for males
So two 5/10 and one 7/10 means I'm probably close to 4/10?
One reply on the internet isn't enough imo but it's good if it gave you an ego boost
A girl only approached me once. Other than that they seem pretty indifferent but I don't think they're disgusted (?).

So... I'm a 7?

Shid family

This is so wrong it's ridiculous.

I doubt there are girls on r9k specifically, but there are plenty of girls on /soc/. They come for the validation they get for posting softcore porn and having hundreds of thirsty men worship them. It's pretty sad to read those posts, to be honest. The thots posting nudes never even reply to them, yet they keep coming back and worshiping them.
You're probably 5 or 6. Remember, attractiveness is somewhat subjective, so maybe you're a 7 to some people and a 5 to others.

>tfw chinlet
never had a chance in the first place

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>You're probably 5 or 6
Feels mediocre man

this is a retarded and unhelpful list, definitely made by a straight guy trying to apply male ideas of what's attractive to men (being clean and healthy) when women are looking for signs of good genes. everything 3 and below is a 1, most of the 4/5s are 3s, the 8s are 5/6s, just retarded all around.

>t. also a straight male

>Feels mediocre man
Not really. 5 is average. Most people are fives, and they still have relationships and kids and get married. You certainly still have a shot. Just work on those social skills.

Yeah but I'll never have a shot with a qt, so it's kind of depressing.

I'm probably just weird, but I find the vast majority of women my age attractive, as well as a lot of men my age. I'd be happy to date any girl that was a 3/10 or higher, as long as she was loyal, we got along well, and we shared at least a couple interests. If you found someone that you connected with, would you reject them if they were a 4 or 5? I know I sure wouldn't.

I don't think I could make a relationship work with someone I didn't find attractive (regardless of personality) so that worries me
And yeah there are lots of girls in my university that I think are cute, but I'm not sure if that's because attractive women are overrepresented in that university/area, or because I have reasonable standards (probably the former to be honest)
>as long as she was loyal, we got along well, and we shared at least a couple interests
Obviously that's a prereq for any relationship to work, I'm just saying the physical part is important too

>I'm just saying the physical part is important too
Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. Being 5/10 doesn't mean you don't have a shot with attractive girls, though. You just might not be able to go after every single Stacy, and that's fine. Do you really think you'd be happy with some 10/10 Stacy if you had nothing in common with her, had to go to social events, parties, and clubs with her, and had to worry about every chad and orbiter in the world going after her? I wouldn't be happy with that at all.

Walk down the street and when you see a beautiful woman, smile at her. If she smiles back, you're attractive. If you're average, she'll just ignore you. If you're unattractive, she'll call the police.

>there are lots of girls in my university that I think are cute, but I'm not sure if that's because attractive women are overrepresented in that university/area, or because I have reasonable standards (probably the former to be honest)
I feel the exact same. Seems like 90% of women at my uni are too good looking to not have a bf, so I never bother.

Yeah I don't want a 10/10, just a girl who's attractive and who I can get along with.
I'm not really that selective when it comes to body shape, it's pretty much just the girl's face that's important to me as long as she isn't obese or a skelly.
Does lifting improve really improve your facial aesthetics by the way?

Attractive: Women smile when you walk by. Stare, show interest in the dumbest shit you say or do. Men compliments your looks, notice you hang with good looking dudes as well and girls mention to your friends and theirs they want you. Can go in any place really and obtain a number. You genuinely look into a mirror and think "damn, I am good looking"

Average: Able to acquire a girlfriend that's not the hottest but no one really seems to care unless Chad suddenly decides he wants an easy fuck and hits on your girlfriend. Nothing exceptional happens to you on a daily or shit even a monthly basis. You seldom receive compliments and can't remember the last one you've received. You feel invisible most days but get something like "hey cool shirt man!" or something trivial along those lines every now and then to not be completely invisible. Basically being average is just like being an extra on a movie set. No one is really paying attention unless they're examining details.

Unattractive: You've been called ugly and just been laughed at your whole life based off your looks. Stacies won't even look you in the face or give you time of the day. Dudes constantly pick on you and were bullied back in HS. No friends and if you have friends they're ugly as well and some form of hanging out with them avoids all outside human contact. You've never touched a girl and if you have she is more than likely ugly as well.

Isn't it weird to smile at random people on the street? Especially in a big city where everyone minds their business. Why would someone smile at you for no reason?
It's really weird, the last time I went to the uni library I was baffled, literally every single girl there was pretty.

>Isn't it weird to smile at random people on the street?
Not if you're attractive. That's the whole point of the test.

Somewhere between average and unattractive. There were couple of girls interested in me but i wasnt into them.

>tfw 4/10
damn. that's the last thing i needed. or maybe the thing i needed the most. well, at least i have an excuse for still being single

How longs the ban for posting yourself here i dont wana fuck with /soc/

I really can't say, but I highly doubt it. Maybe if you're really fat it'll get rid of fat around your face, but that's about it. Lifting is supposed to be a really satisfying hobby, though, so maybe you should get into it even if your face is already fine.
>You genuinely look into a mirror and think "damn, I am good looking"
I do this even though I'm most likely a 5 or 6. It feels good to say nice things about myself, because up until recently, I used to be too hard on myself. I've had girls start conversations with me, and I've actually gotten a phone number once, but I couldn't think of much to say, and she barely said much and made me carry the conversation a lot.
Probably. I never smile unless I feel like laughing or I'm in an awkward situation and panic smile.

how fast can you reset your ip?

Oh I see.
If I rarely catch girls looking at me on public transport that should already indicate I'm pretty bland right?

>literally every single girl there was pretty.
I feel like ugly girls on campus must stay home and skip lectures all the time or something.

Yeah that's a pretty solid indicator. If you were like a 7/10 or above you would notice random girl looking at you, smiling at you, or even initiating small talk.

Persecution complex. Ugly people are just ignored. No one wants to interact with them enough to bully them.

Idk on my phone rn
At home 30 seconds

Ah man I wish I was born attractive
At least I'm not an uggo though, that must be fucking painful
I'm still haunted by the memory of an absolutely stunning girl who started talking to me right before a class one year ago, just making smalltalk and all because she thought we had the same country of origin. She probably wasn't hitting on me though

Did you find your purpose in life / a job you love?
Are you confident in yourself?
Do you have a lot of disposable income?
Do you have muscles?
Are you over 6'2 tall?

The basic five: Teeth, cardio, haircut, clothes, hygiene.

yep being born attractive is basically playing life on easy mode. most of them truly have no idea how good they've got it.

This just isn't true though.

>Did you find your purpose
No but I'm 20 and still in college
>Are you confident
No, trying to fix that but idk how
No to the rest.
How do I figure out a good haircut and decent clothes to wear? /fa/ is garbage

>This just isn't true though.
yeah it's not true if you're average/ugly
if the idea of women going out of their way to engage with you is foreign then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you're like not that attractive

Are incels really so delusional that they think they know what it's like to be attractive?

dude you don't have to actually be attractive to notice the differences. have you ever had an attractive male friend? the differences in the way the opposite sex engages with them are plain to see.

Girls go out of their way to talk to a 7/10. They'll stare, glance, and smile at you if you''re attractive. You've noticed a girl you found pretty, look at a good looking guy hoping she talks to him. This is what exactly it is. It's biological. Girls do not stare an extremely average guy or ugly person and then smile in hopes they talk to them. They know this leads to false hope in the male they're looking at and will lead to confrontation. I always say, if a girl looks at you more than 3 times directly, she wants you to go talk to her. If more than multiple girls do this, congratulations, you're an attractive man.

You guys are always convinced girls try to pretend unattractive guys don't exist but will just sit next to good looking guys on the bus so they can flirt with them. Neither actually happens.

Simple slim fit shirt and jeans will do. Look at trends of haircuts and find one you like or ask your barber to do something that will compliment your face. If your barber is on your gaydar he will probably do a good job.

There is no simple solution to confidence. Do daily meditation and never skip a day. Sam Harris has an app for it that should cover the basics for free and he even offers it for free for people who can't afford it. Exercise and don't forget cardio, also proper sleep and healthy diet are very important regardless of your aim. Confidence also comes from abundance, especially if you love your occupation and are financially independent. Other than that only an exposure gives you experience to work with people the way you want.

You can also have a near death experience in a controlled environment that helps you truly realize the fact that you are going to die. It's not just intellectual realization but acceptance. The only way to safely do this is with the use of psychedelics but this is not my recommendation. You should be at least 25 years old, read the literature all the way and backwards and be sure no schizophrenia is in the family should you take this route yourself.

what the fuck are you talking about? that's exactly how courtship works. You see an attractive person of the opposite sex, you engage with them. It's not that they're pretending unattractive guys don't exist, they're just not going to waste any time on engaging with them in anything other than a platonic manner. What do you think happens when women see a guy they're interested?

>What do you think happens when women see a guy they're interested?
99% of the time they're too timid to do anything about it. Have you ever actually spoken to a girl?

Yeah dude I actually have a girlfriend so I imagine I have a decent handle on how courtship works. you seriously need to get out of your house more if you think every woman is just some shy wallflower that lacks the confidence to approach a guy they're attracted in.

Thank you
My issue with confidence doesn't come from poor lifestyle, it's more deeply rooted, I'm an anxious wreck especially around people I don't know and generally have low self esteem. I don't really hate myself but I'm very negative, insecure and self-sabotaging
>psychedelics but this is not my recommendation

rightmost 4 is more like a 6
leftmost 6 is a lot closer to an 8
all of the 7's are actually 9's

i don't think this chart was made by a female

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This. If a girl likes you, she'll let it be known and if she doesn't let it be known by approaching, her friends will damn sure let you know

ok so if girls stare at you and stuff if you're attractive, how do you tell when that's actually happening and you're not just imagining it?
I need glasses vision but my optometrist told me only to wear them during lectures. So when I'm walking around sometimes I think catch girls looking at me out of the corner of my eye but I can't tell.

>if you're really fat it'll get rid of fat around your face
>tfw I'm thin but still have baby cheeks

I doubt it's that bad, user. Don't beat yourself up over it.

>ever making charts

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Because I don't know you, your medical background and how responsible you are. Psychedelics are not for everyone. They saved my life and are rated among the safest drugs (with very specific exceptions) but I would still urge caution. Why are you asking? Do you feel the calling?

My mom and my sister sometimes make remarks on it. I have soft cheeks, clear skin and my jaw/chin aren't very chiseled, but at the same time I have strong eyebrows, a deep voice and greek people nose, so it's like I'm a weird mix between manly and babyface.

If she looks at you more than 3 times, go talk to her. She wants you to approach. Would you look at cute dog 3 times and decide not to pet it?

That's a bit odd, but not necessarily bad. Maybe your mom and sister are just messing with you.

>medical background
As far as I know, there's no schizophrenia in the family. Some of my more distant family members are not mentally sound, but nothing on the level of schizo
>how responsible
I've always used everything in moderation, never smoked, always drank responsibly and made sure to never reach my limit. I'd say I'm pretty responsible and aware of the potential risks that come with doing acid or shrooms if you're in an uncomfortable or otherwise unadapted environment/state of mind
>They saved my life
Do you mind telling how?
>Do you feel the calling?
I've always been interested in trying them, but I never had the balls to go through with it

the 6/10s are ugly.

Do women look at you and check you out? If the answer is yes, you are attractive.

Do people look at your with disgust on their face and seem annoyed by your presence? You are ugly.

Do people ignore you and never give you any notice? You are average.

"looking at someone" means more than a passing glance right? I often catch looks in public transport but no girl ever looks at me for a long time

But how do you tell if she's actually looking at you and you're not just imagining it?
How do you know if it's because you're attractive and not because you're weird looking?

>go talk to her.
Isn't that really creepy though? I thought most people want to be left alone.

Glances, looks for about two seconds, etc. Girls don't necessarily stare at your face unless they're having a conversation with you.

Dunno. I always get contradictory signals from different girls, it's fucking weird. Like, in high school an ugly girl and her friend told me I was nothing special, but during the whole year the hottest girl in the class kept making sexual jokes to me, telling other girls she thought I was big and shit like that.
Or how several women (like in their fourties) reportedly said I was hot, but at the same time, I never catch girls looking at me or paying any attention to me whatsoever.
I just don't understand, this shit is complicated.

hello kevin

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I glance at ugly people sometimes just because I have nothing better to look at when I'm bored though

Yeah, normans are weird man, especially women. I don't understand them. Maybe girls just don't stare at dudes much.

Lmao dude, she's literally guiding you to talk to her if she looks at you more than 3 times and god forbid, she smiles in those times she looks at you. Get out of your head. Just go approach her mate. This will also help with approach anxiety. Just shoot the shit. Trust me, I use to be an autistic fuck back when I was in middle school to early uni then realized how women worked, got fit and learned style. They'll let their eyes do the talking, you just need to do the action.

If girls go out of their way to talk tobyou out of the blue you're probably attractive. If tgey actively try to avoid you you're unattractive. Everything else is average

>if she looks at you more than 3 times
You know that thing where you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger and then try to avoid looking at them because you don't want to be a weirdo? Well, that.

>she smiles in those times she looks at you.
Ok, that doesn't really happen to me as far as I can tell.
Most of the time it looks like they're annoyed or otherwise uncomfortable, so I avoid taking a second glance.

>Just go approach her mate. This will also help with approach anxiety. Just shoot the shit.
Given what I just said above, I feel like this is a really bad idea. Especially since they all probably have a boyfriend.

I was working in a pediatric operating room at the time. I didn't want to kill myself but I was in a very dark place due to multiple reasons, one of them was being lost in life with no particular aim. Back then one of most close people to me has died to a terrible disease after years of struggle, my childhood friend who was like a brother to me who I knew for 18 years has betrayed me and stole a lot of my money from our business and an amazing woman broke up with me after putting with me for a few years. I was a literal robot who just wakes up, goes to work, comes home to cook something and sleep. I used to indulge myself in cannabis a lot. I read up about psychedelics and I felt something in me telling me to go forward. And so I obtained psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and remember chewing them down as I was driving home one week. As I stepped out of the car it hit me and changed everything. I could get to my room before the effects fully set in. If you think you have an idea of what it is, you don't. It cannot be explained, I can try to tell you some bullshit words that mean nothing in that place.

In my case the best way to do them was to do them alone. I ate 3 dry grams, turned my phone off and found myself in the most important day of my life. If you want to try them out, the best way is to grow them yourself (and don't tell anyone about your little production) so that you can trust your source. Surrender and let go and never fight anything. Don't be in an uknown place or around somebody you don't trust completely but have access to a long walk in the city or even better, countryside or some natural park. This is not a solution to everything, you still have to work on yourself even after such experiences but I think you get the idea yourself. In your case I would wait a few more years before embarking on your psychedelic journey just to give your prefrontal cortex time to develop properly.

had* My grammar is complete shit.

>You know that thing where you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger and then try to avoid looking at them because you don't want to be a weirdo?
Holy fuck, this.

Get on Tinder. You will learn pretty quickly. If women pursue you, you are attractive. If they don't, you are ugly.

PS: Average to a woman is ugly.

Are you a nurse?
And man, that's a terrible situation, you managed to actually get back from all that?
>it hit me
As indescribable as the experience may be, what were the base physical effects you experienced?
Were you still in control of yourself completely, or were you in a different state of consciousness?
Doing psychs alone seems a bit risky.
>grow them yourself
I was thinking about acid but why not shrooms, yeah. Spores seem easy enough to buy but how do you know you're actually getting the good stuff?
>have access to a long walk
So you didn't stay in your room the entire trip, you went outside and did stuff?
>wait a few more years
Yeah, I'm not independent enough right now anyways. 23-25 seems like a good age to try.

>Average to a woman is ugly.
this needs to be emphasized more. Average and ugly men might as well be the same thing to women. they are orders of magnitude more picky than men are

The difference is that average men can get a gf is they have sufficient status and take care of themselves. Uglies have basically no chance, even if they succeed in other areas of their life (which even then is harder to do when you have an anti-halo effect)

>Ryan Gosling is a 7
Bad think

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if people mostly treat you like shit, you're ugly. if people mostly treat you like you don't exist, you're average. if people treat you very well, you're attractive.

user face the facts

the fact is that 99% of women find him attractive.

How can a 7 be a Hollywood male lead actor? There are sevens all over the place according to /soc/

He is an 8, at least

very originaoil bump, because I'm very concerned now.

Sure, ugly men can get gfs, if they are happy with trading their resources for starfish sex from the woman while she cheats on him with every Chad who glances her way.

But she will NEVER be attracted to you.

Women approach good-looking, attractive men. If they are not actively approaching you, you are not attractive.