"Hi, I'm with the Incel Rehabilitation Program and under new federal law you have to fuck me. You ready?"

>"Hi, I'm with the Incel Rehabilitation Program and under new federal law you have to fuck me. You ready?"

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It took me 30 years to become a wizard, you think I'm going to just let that go? fuck off, roastie

I wouldn't be able to get it up. 3D women are so disgusting. Just thinking about a vagina or asshole of another person makes me cringe in disgust, imagining all the fluids and sounds it'd make, yuck.

I don't know why people want flesh and blood so much.

Fuck off with your axe wound and fat sacs you freak.

a) 90% chance that girl is underaged, so heck off.
b) No. I want a girl to fuck me, not the other way around.

Hello, fellow 30 year old wizard here. I have achieved disgust of the human body to the point of not even wanting anything sexual.

eww go away. I want to cuddle you whore

>The fuck do you want me to say?

sorry, i'm still waiting for marriage

But I requested a Latina model

>duty fucking
if i cant attract a girl on my own, id rather stay alone. getting a handout like that is emasculating.

>"Sorry about the mix up. Here she is."

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>try to put dick in
>cum instantly
t-thanks s-see you next week

haha it's exactly this. but no shame, they are here to cure that

>tfw government mandated gf
>went from involuntary celibate to involuntary incelibate

>implying normies wouldn't just have incels shot instead of trying to rehabilitate them
>implying this isn't a normie ploy
REEEEEEEEE fuck off! I'm not leaving my basement lair.

>throw her

good thing all the zoomers died in the war and I'm a 40 year old incel huehuehue so nice to meet you at the schoolshootermassacre memorial


Disgusting wench... such incredible virginal power would be wasted on a foolish thot.

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I want to fuck 2D high school girls for the rest of my life

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>have to
>literally getting raped by the state
And leftists call us bootlickers
Fuck off roastie my samurai sword belongs to my onetis, only she may wield it. Would literally pay whatever bullshit fine/jail time rather than fuck some random whore i don't love against my will.

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Yes let's get this over with

16 is legal here - not orginal post

Eat shit.
I'm not interested.

>complains about the state forcing you to do something
>with a fascist Pepe
Holy fuck the level of cognitive dissonance is insanity

Thissun looks like she'd snap under a stiff breeze. Isn't that right, TWIGGY? I need something more durable.

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Nope, you ugly slut

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pls kys faggot

Fascism is the only true libertarian ideology
Liberty without strength is dead, look at the USA. It was libertarian but because it gave rights to those who did not deserve it (female suffrage) it became a degenerate shithole where mob rule reigns. Fascism is the only means of protecting the individual.from degenerate leftists who despise what is good. Fascism is not about taking liberties away from the good, its about taking them away from the wicked. For example fascism is an anti abortion movement, it takes away the "right" to kill the baby while simultaneously protecting the right of the baby to life, taking away from the wicked and giving to the good. In my mind, there is no reason for a good person to oppose fascism, it does nothing but benefit them.
Nah i'm good haven't thought about suicide in a long time. Also i am not a homosexual.
If you would like a website in which people who cannot shitpost about the British union of fascists in an inherently political thread then may i suggest almost any other website in existence including but not limited to Reddit?

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Genuine question, what type of guys do girls like this have sex with? Only mega chad guys and black guys? If you're not black or a mega charismatic chad can you ever have sex with these girls?

Her insta is private and she blocked me when I attempted to follow her. But her vsco is better: vsco.co/alexisklu/images/1

Wow, can you tell us more about Mosley and his ideas?

Sure i'm bored anyway
Here is short version bud
Mosley was a conservative that swapped to a socialist and again to a fascist for the reasons listed below.
Fed up with the current political climate Oswald Mosley began studying fascism and started the "British union of Fascists."
I would highly recommend reading "100 questions asked and answered about fascism" by Oswald Mosley however i will bring up a few points he makes in the book that i feel are vital.

Why did you leave the Socialist Party ?

For the same reason that I left the Conservative Party, namely that it had broken every pledge it ever gave.

What about Freedom ?

At present the mass of the people have no freedom. Under Fascism for the first time they will
have freedom. What is the use of a vote if the people never get what they vote for ? How can
they get what they vote for when only two big Bills can be carried through Parliament in a whole
year on account of obstruction ? The beginning of freedom for the people is that the programme for which they vote shall be carried out.
Real freedom means good wages, short hours, security in employment, good houses, opportunity
for leisure and recreation with family and friends. Modern Science enables us to build such a
civilisation. It is not built, because Democracy prefers talk to action. We have to choose between
the freedom of a few professional politicians to talk and the freedom of the people to live. In
choosing the latter, Fascism makes freedom possible and releases the people from the economic slavery rivetted upon them by the Democracy of talk.

Will there be freedom of the Press under Fascism and will newspapers be free to
criticise the Government ?

The Press will not be free to tell lies. That is not freedom for the people but a tyranny over their minds and souls.

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Based and redpilled


Keep dreaming fatty

but that is rape and also jesus does not approve of this kind of heretic sodomy

I'm not interested in you get them to send someone else.

What about Dictatorship ?

The Fascist Movement represents Leadership, not Tyranny. It offers to the people a Leadership
in national revival which they will accept of their own free will. The Dictatorship is a
Dictatorship of the will of the people expressed through a Leadership and Government of their
own choice. The only way in which the will of the people can be carried out is through a
Leadership which they choose for the purpose and give the power to act.

How will you gain power ?

By legal and constitutional means. We seek power by the winning of a Parliamentary majority.
Directly we have completed our election machinery we shall contest Parliamentary elections.

What is your attitude to Science ?

Science must be the basis of the technical State of Fascism. In the modern world the function of
the State is largely to keep the ring clear for the technician. The money spent on both scientific
and technical research is absurdly inadequate With a more far-sighted policy, not only could
industrial discovery one hundred-fold replace the money expended, but many of the ravages of
disease might be conquered. Democracy is always penny- wise and pound-foolish. Fascism, not
only by money but by honour, will repose its faith in the scientist.

What will be the position of women in the Home ?

Women will not be driven from industry, but also they will not be driven from the home as they
are at present, viz., many women who want to stay at home to marry and to have children, are
driven into industry because husbands or fathers are unemployed or paid low wages. This is a
grave threat to the race which Fascist economic policy will check by its high wage system, which
will pay the man enough to maintain the home.

Do you believe in interfering in foreign quarrels?

Our motto is "Britons fight for Britons only." Never again shall conscript armies leave these
shores in foreign quarrel. We fight only in defense of the British Empire.

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blah blah blah it will degenerate like every system ascend beyond petty definitions

Highly unlikely, although it is true that aging and therefore degeneracy and attrition of systems is inevitable the British Fascist way allows for major reform and will not be muddied down by the weights of democratic filibustering. This will allow the government to keep the system fresh and new when need be while also conserving the aspects that work, as there would be no more need for compromise. Surely British Fascism will age like a regular socialist or democratic system, however it will age into something new and improved, like a fine wine.
Besides if we are basing our ideas off of the statement that "its wrong if it suffers from attrition" then i believe we would all be hardpressed to find a single good idea throughout all of history.

>Fascism is the only true libertarian ideology
>Fascism is the only way to protect the individual
>taking away liberties from certain people but not others

Oh boy if I didn't know any better I'd say this was bait

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Taking away liberties from the wicked is not inherently authoritarian. When was the last time you saw a libertarian fight against murderer imprisonment?
Just because you were taught that certain ideologies represent liberty and others oppose it doesn't make it true. I stand by those words, fascism in its nature is a libertarian ideology that protects the good and allows them a greater freedom than any other ideology.
In other words yikes oh sweetie no...

Whether or not an authority is being used on someone "good" or "bad" is irrelevant to the idea of liberty. Imposing one's authority on another person is literally the opposite of libertarian you fucking retard.

Incorrect, libertarianism has always and will always support the use of force and authority to protect liberty.
Saying that "imposing one's authority on another person is literally the opposite of libertarian" shows a lack of understanding of what libertarianism is. Simply put libertarianism at its core, is the execution and upholding of essential liberties. These essential liberties include but are not limited to, the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, right to bare arms etc. None of which is attacked under British fascism. There are more democracies than fascist institutions that believe in restricting these rights. Also historically libertarians have used force and authority to protect liberty when it comes under attack. Your lack of knowledge on the topic leads me to believe you are a communist masquerading as a libertarian to garner support for the ideology you view as less dangerous.

Fascism is a step in the right direction but the ideal state is a traditionalist monarchy with a caste based society. The -isms of the last centuries are rooted in corruption even nationalism originates from the liberal republican revolutions of the 18th centuries. A return of classical style empires is best.

>Fuck her
Stop being an incel
>Don't fuck her
Stop being an incel and become a volcel


much betterid be okay with being shot, better than being an incel

30 years? You still have much to learn, apprentice.

Grow the fuck up you autistic weeb

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>fucking a whore

G'day! You misunderstand the law. But yes.

all of you incels face be like

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