Girls at work complaining about how they constantly keep catching guys staring at their cleavage/ass

>girls at work complaining about how they constantly keep catching guys staring at their cleavage/ass
>meanwhile too flatchested and Hank Hill ass to get any male attention

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They don't like you because you have a penis, senpai.

Let me see, I'll stare at you

Nobody likes you tranny

>Stare at girls, they are unhappy.
>Don't stare at girls, they are unhappy.
A strange game. The only winning move seems to be gay. How about a nice game of chess?

You already know that many men believe "flat is justice". Dont attention whore right before valentines day either

You're mad because you're not getting enough attention. You decide to show up here to get the attention you're entitled to. I hate women.

>hear girls complaining about how they constantly keep catching guys staring at their cleavage/ass
>hear girls complaining about how guys are always creeping on them
>hear girls complaining about how guys objectify them
>make a conscious effort to not do those things
>now they keep asking me if I'm gay
Can someone please explain why girls are so fucking mean? I don't get it.

Everyone knows that the heart is what matters the most.

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That's why flat girls are better, because when you hug them, you're closer to her heart.

I'm sorry, user. I'd be happy if you looked at me.

sorry honey this is what real women look like

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Human bodies are really truly repulsive if you honestly examine them. They are filled with feces and urine.

Maybe it's a humble brag and they actually like it?

That's nice I guess.

It's probably 50% that, but they also seem legitimately upset by it.

Well its probably robots staring, chad would just point to the bath room and say lets go

smaller butts are better desu only niggers like huge assets

I don't think normalfags actually fuck each other in bathrooms, except maybe when they're at clubs and drunk and high out of their minds. But then again, I really don't know much about norman society.

I was joking, i think. Im like you so i wouldnt know, based on my tinder experience though shit like that seems to sadly work though

because they want the attention of good looking men but complain when they get it from ugly men.

It's because you're between average to attractive and you're not giving them attention. They think that any guy will give them attention no matter what, and when they're complaining, it's a form of humble bragging.

I think they joke about stuff like fucking in bathrooms on tinder so they can look """edgy""" or whatever. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened once in a while, really rarely, but I've never seen anything lewd go down in a public bathroom.

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Like i said, my experience also confirms. Ill usually ghost the hoes that shit works on fuck that nasty pussy

I'm like 80% sure that it's not a matter of being chad, it's just whether or not she finds the dude attractive enough.

Cry me a river toasty, no one has ever looked at me and wanted any of this.

manboobs are not attractive to men, not even gay males you fucking piece of shit, kill yourself you fat fuck cunt.

Good decision. Based user not falling for thots.
I don't think it's just being good-looking. One probably needs a certain level of charisma to be able to pull that kind of stuff off.

Then why don't they just leave me alone?

I dont wana thread hijack but i know im funny, i have no idea if im attractive but i mean i fucking post here. If i say some funny witty shit to a girl who looks cool and has common interest i get fuck all but the nasty shit works 80% of the time

Its rather demoralizing

I think we've already hijacked op's thread completely, if it wasn't bait from the start.

Sorry op.

There's no end to it

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