How did you lose your virginity, robots?

If you have, that is. Share stories below

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Does not compute.

>Hey cripples, how many times have you done the river dance. If you have actually
Inb4 >muh boi pusssy!!!111!!!

>non-virgin robots

Had to do it for the originality. But I'm sure there are some, I'm writing a post rn

>17 at the time
>have gf for about 5 months
>we wanted to do the deed for a while, but since it's highschool we rarely found the a time window where I was home alone
>finally, the opportunity presents itself
>get to kissin, undressin
>she's sitting back, legs spread, resting on her hands
>awkwardly put on the condom
>poke and prod for a bit
>oh god it's in
>cum in about 2 minutes
>even though I was wearing condom, I was super scared of babby so I pulled out to cum
>go to take a shower
>end up having a round two, lasted a bit longer

We should have left this thread die with 0 posts. It would be the only way to answer the question posed.

OP here, I'll go

>be me
>pledge at fraternity at my uni
>during rush told them my body count was 9
>it was actually 0
>second weekend of pledgeship, older brother picks three guys to go for a weekend trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama(where the University of Alabama is)
>get in the car, start driving
>two hours in
>"Alright motherfuckers, you have no place to stay tonight. If you want to sleep in a bed you better scoop a girl from the bar tonight and stay at her place"
>oh fuck
>start silently freaking out
>scramble through contacts looking for girls I knew in high school that go to bama
>none of them respond
>get there at about 7pm
>Time to pregame
>Go to random apartment, apparently a brothers' friend
>absolute fucking sausage fest
>about an hour in, girls start showing up to the pre
>start talking to them, strike out with at least five
>ugly girl comes by
>perfect chance
>say some dumb shit
>she walks away
>about 10 pm now
>still no luck as usual
>get to bar
>continue boring girls to death one by one
>get tapped on the shoulder
>it's one of those girls from high school
>spend over an hour catching up over the last year
>11:30 head back to her dorm
>her roommate isn't there
>fumbled around with condom for about three minutes, finally got it on
>came in literally 3 minutes
>then got to just kind of lay there, fully nude, for about three hours talking
>tried to go for round two
>was kind of getting the hang of it
>was in the process of finishing - like that final buildup - when her roommate came back halfway through
>awkward as fuck
>lost erection
Did it the first time tho. I stayed the night too which was pretty cool.
pic isnt the girl

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was it on bed?

did the sex once and probably never doing it again.

>be me, virginius maximus
>at a small get together with some friends
>there's this girl that i think has a tiny crush on me
>party goes on
>drinks were had
>drunk but still kinda lucid
>girl comes to me
>"hey user, follow me upstairs, i wanna show you something cool"
>friend next to me gives me the "my nigga" look
>we go upstairs
>not lucid enough for condom
>do the diddly
>boutta blow.mp3
>about to test my pull out game
>she locks her legs around me
>can't pull out
>creampie her with all my might
>it was a fat one
>still trying to process
>bitch what the fuck
>i love you user and if this is what it takes for you to love me back, i will get pregnant
>i don't know what this bitch had to drink
>i start punching her stomach as hard as i can
>about 10 or so good hits
>grab my shit and go home
>her dad is a military vet, absolute unit of a man
>scared shitless
>she doesn't reply to my texts or calls
>worried as all fuck
>ghost her like my life depended on it after a while
>hasn't talked to me since
>it's been 4 years

safe to say this bad boi ain't getting in no meat sleeves anytime soon

to a fat /soc/ slut
was a terrible relationship, but taught me a ton about what to avoid in women and for that
I am eternally grateful

fat whore at a party i wasnt invited at the age of 20. Later virgins

It was on a bare futon lying on the floor.

>Be 26
>few weeks ago
>finally decide to call a hooker
>drink 2 beers before
>meet up with her, she is fatter irl than in her photos
>nice tits
>speaks bad english
>asks if I want a blowjob without condom
>We start with her on top
>she tires quickly and wants me to do the work
>missionary time
>dick goes limp after a few seconds
>she grabs a new condom, sucks me of again to make me semi hard
>it happens again
>She starts getting irritated, tells me it's the last time she sucks me of
>she really goes to town this time
>suddenly my dick starts to hurt really bad
>WTF is going on? did she fucking bite me?
>dick goes limp in pussy again
>I think she thinks im gay
>I say fuck it, let me try
>try to jerk off, dick wont get hard at all, feels numb
>times up, no more sexy time for me

Holy shit dude, how did you not get your shit kicked in? Did you at least lose friends over that?

>be known on the forums and part of a small group of trolls (this was back in 2007)
>trolling people hard with this one guy
>get banned for a long time and some people defend me, he makes a comment I respond to in PM
>we start trading messages in PM and do this for a few months
>I realize it's a girl and we continue to chat but switch to IRC
>we spend a year just chatting up every day, never trade photos or call but decide to meet eventually for a date to see how this pans out
>I am turned back to her family house and hear steps of her coming out as I wait for her outside and talking with my best friend about being nervous as fuck
>she pokes me and says hi as I turn around and this 10/10 tall blue/green eyed goddess greets me
>my friend on the phone just asks me "tell me before you hang up is she beautiful?" and I respond "yes call you later"
>we hit it off right away and I lose my virginity two weeks later

oh so you're japanese?
at least you can say that you lost your virginity on a futon, which maybe in your country means nothing, but it can be a very original way for people from abroad

lmao no, I'm a poor white guy in the US

Went to a nightclub during "freshers week" and a girl took me to her place to fugg (she picked me up xD). yeah so i got chlamydia from my first time, was fun though

lemme green text this
> 1st week of uni is called "freshers week" here
> didn't plan on going out but flatmates convinced me to buy a pass for all activities
> first 3 nights didn't get lucky cus i was wearing nerdy glasses and being shy
> 4th night i say fuck it go out w/o glasses and act very confident (dancing like zyzz)
> get lots of girls coming to me and making out (helps that i work out and am tall)
> last one literally walks up to me and starts grinding
> 10 mins later we're in a taxi to her place making out (random drug dealer tried selling us stuff too near an atm)
> didn't wear a condom cause she was on birth control and said she had no std's
> she had chlamydia
> i get chlamydia and didn't realize for weeks despite having symptoms
> i ate her pussy and got a sore throat 2-3 days later and lost hearing in one ear for 2 days
> kept seeing her for a couple of months despite her being crazy and having an "ex" visit during this time

>Went to Australia on deployment
>went on leave for a week to Sydney
>went to brothel
>lost virginity at 22 to 9/10 Stacy slut

It was alright, nothing special.

I was 27 when I lost it to my e-gf I had been dating online for a year. Knew her for years when she joined my irc channel, but it took me a while you ask her out. We dated for 4 years total and she would fly in to live with me between semesters. Was the best time of my life. But she broke up with me after she decided she was too good for me. Told me she was never actually attracted to me, but still wanted me to remain her best friend. I had to cut off all contact cuz I knew I'd go nuts when she found a new bf. 31 now and finally trying to find a new relationship on dating apps. Nothing going yet, cuz I am a manlet and have a difficult time connecting with other girls.

then it is quite original, though i despise you for being such a weebo.

Some guy invited me over to fuck.
I was like
Okily dokily
Then I had a panic attack
And a wicked crush
And then I became a thot
And that's about the time I stopped posting so much on Jow Forums
I'm back tho lmaoo

> 17, early 2000's
> go to metal festival
> meet 9/10 big tiddy goth chick
> drunkenly make out, talk nonsense, screw around
> bring her to the room
> my 7 mates were sleeping on the 3 beds
> I'm not really keen on a gangbang, we just go to sleep on top of the pile
> walk her to the train the next day, exchange contacts
> chat over the internet for a while

> she's home alone one weekend, invites me over
> lives in a bumfuck village in the middle of nowhere (eastern europe, btw)
> buy condoms, get on shitty 2 hours train ride, chat with some soldiers
> arrive, she shows me around, meet the local alternative scene (all 4 of them)
> we drink and chat in a garden until night
> start making out, decide to do the deed in the cemetery because TRV KVLT GRIM NECRO
> we stumble around tripping on stuff
> lay down, it's cold and moist and bumpy
> there's some stinky dog shit next to us
> dogs barking at us like crazy from beyond the fence
> decide to go to her place like a bunch of conformists
> meanwhile I drank about 1.5 liters of wine and half a liter of vodka to drown my anxiety
> she carries me over to her place, puts some music, we get naked and fumble around, I pass out

> next day we hang out with her friends again
> I drink in moderation
> come night we head straight to her place
> she gets on top and rides me for over an hour
> goes to sleep, I don't cum, but
> doesn't matter, had sex

> we keep seeing eachother over the weekends for a couple of months
> I fall in love because clingy virgin retard
> find out she fucked another guy she met at a festival
> breakup
> pain
> years pass
> fond memories

>arranged marriage at 25
>get 9/10 submissive olive-skinned wife
>no cringeworthy dating and approaching girls involved
Being a Muslim has its perks

>17 at the time
>orbited cutie girl in my class for months while she was in a relationship
>we become good friends; same interests (murderers) and hobbies (drug abuse) and shit
>start spending a lot of time together
>we both get increasingly flirty
>she doesn't seem happy in the relationship
>I tell her I'm a virgin and that I want to get pussy
>she told me before they broke up "i would fuck you if i were single"
>they break up
>we hangout two weeks later
>i have my first kiss and then we makeout all night
>the next day we hangout and fuck
>we fucked for about an hour, she came but i didn't nut (fuck porn/edging so much)
>she tells me I fuck and kiss very well
>I now have actual self esteem
it felt good

>be 23
>meet chinese qt from my city online
>she is into vidya and anime
>we talk online for 2 weeks
>the day after our first date she invites me over

>she made dinner for us, some kind of roast
>gives me wine, plays vidya with me
>then says she wants to cuddle in bed
>when we're there she undresses me then her
>starts stroking my dick while I'm laying flat
>she puts it in but I can't stay hard
>she gets off and kisses me, says we'll try later

quite something

>meet a chick on an EverQuest IRC channel
>get along pretty well, become buddies
>somehow start flirting
>get into an LDR, exchange a couple of lewd photos
>fly across the country to stay at her place for a week
>first morning there, shower together, then fuck on her bed
was nice, but it didn't work out; our chemistry online didn't translate to in person and we didn't stay together - but it paved the way for my first real relationship a few months later

>cute shy girl I knew from public college emailed me one day and started chatting me up.
>after a couple days she straight up just asks me if we can "just get to it."
>She explains that she's frustrated she's still a virgin and just wants to have sex with someone she knows and trusts.
I try and play it cool and sort of explain that it probably might hurt because despite being a virgin even I knew I had a big fat italian cock.
>We set a date to do it, but we both still live at home (age 22 at this point) so she plans to meet me at my basement backdoor around 1:30-2:00 am.
>Never bought condoms before, so I went to CVS and was trying to figure out which ones to buy.
>found some and walked up expecting to self checkout
ALL of the fucking machines were out of order.
>start hyperventilating and think of a new plan
>grab a bunch of other random shit to try and disguise the fact that I'm buying condoms.
>walk up to Indian cashier and he starts checking me out.
>gets stuck on the fucking condoms and needs his boss to come over and check them.
>suitably embarrassed I leave the store, go home, and wait for the time to arrive.

>She shows up and looked pretty cute, wearing a dress that stops at her thighs.
>She laughs and just says she wasn't sure what to even wear.
>We awkwardly sit together and just talk while Blue Planet plays in the background.
>Awkwardly start kissing while she sits on my lap
>I get brave and just pull down my pants revealing my already swollen erect penis
>Her eyes IMMEDIATELY lock onto it and never stop looking.
I felt pretty fucking good at this point.
>She cutely asks me if she can touch it and I say yep.
>She starts playing with it and feeling it all over, says, "woah it's a lot warmer than I thought."
>She puts her mouth close to it so I start feeling her breath on my cock head.
>Just looks at me, smiles, and fucking licks my cock head.


I'll let you know when it happens OP, drop your MSN.

>be me
>16 at the time
>Playing vidya with thicc girl from college
>I start losing
>"If you beat me I swear to god I'm gonna yoink your virginity" I said
>"Haha if you want" she says
>Next week we meet up to do the deed
>Absolutely suck at it
>Decides to lie on top in a + shape
>Looks retarded but functional
>After that we fucked a few more times but I wasn't as attracted to her as at the start.
>Ffw a few months
>Other college friend broke up with bf and very sad
>Try to comfort her, she expresses feelings for me and I have feelings for her too.
>Spend best month together, great sex and happy times.
>She abruptly breaks up with me
>I'm left heartbroken, especially when she gets back with ex.
>Now tempted out of loneliness to go back to the first despite only liking her as friend.
I'm 17 now and I know I haven't been at it for very long but I've already realised that it's a brutal game.

This. The normalfaggot OP would fuck off and it'd bring lulz to onlookers to boot.
I lost my virginity when you raped my eyes with your gay shitpost, OP.

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How do you join?
Is the dick cutting necessary to become a member?

Based and Islampilled

This is how it used to be in the West too, and really any "civilized" people will have that sort of arranged marriage.

"dating" helped destroy western civilization.

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on a park bench

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threesome behind the (now closed) saar's market, Port Orchard, WA. 2013ish. was in the middle of summer. my friend was a year ahead of me in school and was driving his family's old hatchback. we went and walked deep into the Himalayan blackberry bushes. Layed down a towel, she got down and got naked. We donned our condoms and took turns on her. We were both fat and autistic back then. We all got cut up in the bushes, left bleeding, she was also on her period.

Was a pretty cool experience. The dude and I are both in the military now. Haven't been back home in almost 2 years. She kinda hit the wall and is now a fat lesbian in Florida last I checked.

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Usual way. Freshman year of college with some random girl in the dorms. Dated for awhile after but it didn't work out.

It's interesting how the Ex I lost my virginity to is the one I miss the least, if at all.

I've had sex twice in my life. Both were spur of the moment hookups with pretty hot looking girls. I've never been in a relationship.

have had way more gay experiences though.

o m g
UK during freshers is absolutely fucking wild, I was so lucky that I've skipped it due to visa issues. I remember , my first year, all my female flatmates were laughing and asking if I have religious issues as a virgin at 18 ( femanon)
Cultural shock cultural shock

Don't let those limey slags pervert you. Stay the course and find yourself a good husband. You'll probably need to GTFO of the UK to find him though.

>two hours in
>"Alright motherfuckers, you have no place to stay tonight. If you want to sleep in a bed you better scoop a girl from the bar tonight and stay at her place"

Good fucking lord. If they did that and somehow negated my ability to grab an Uber I'd be shitting myself.

No , ofc no. I will not seatch for a husband( why would I need anyone why would anyone need me ?) but it was very weird that you someone is hsaming you just for not having sex. I think it's a personal choice, lno one should care about it..


Nah but good on you for sticking to your guns.

Mom offered and took it when she found out I was at that age still. Pretty much on the fly she just asked if I wanted to lose it and if that would help, wasn't sure what other chance I'd get so said yes. Took a shower together to get used to one another then moved to bed and awkwardly did it.

Deep down they feel bad about what they're doing and encouraging other people to make the same mistakes makes them feel better.
>misery loves company
They are jealous of what you had and that they cheaply gave what they had away.

>20 (I'm almost 29 now so this was awhile ago)
>went to grocery store
>saw old lady struggling to load lots of bottled water cases and soda boxes into her car
>stop and help her, she's very thankful
>no you sick fuck I didn't sleep with her
>a really pretty woman (pale skin, long black hair, short, slim, big tits and fat ass) in her 30s walked up to me afterwards and said she saw me help the old lady, told me the old lady reminded her of her grandma and it was very sweet of me to help her
>"th-thanks you t-too"
>as we get to the entrance of the store she pulls out a piece of paper, writes her name and number on it, sticks it in my pocket and whispers in my ear "call me sometime, sweetheart" then walks off to do her shopping
>have to hide my boner whole time I'm at the store
>next day I call her
>we talk for awhile and she's pretty cool
>don't spaghetti too much
>she was recently divorced and invited me over to her place for dinner that Friday
>go to her house
>holy shit it's in the super rich part of town (I was a poorfag back then)
>greets me and her house is immaculate
>she made salad and lasagna it was delicious, also had wine
>afterwards we go sit on a bench in her giant garden and drink more wine, it was full of trees and flowers and bushes trimmed to look like animals
>we talk for awhile
>eventually she puts a hand on my thigh and starts slowly moving towards my rock hard dick
>she giggles when she grabs it and says it's cute how excited I am
>make out for a bit while she is stroking my dick over my jeans
>gets on her knees, pulls down my jeans and starts sucking my dick
>felt really, really good
>after about five minutes tell her I'm going to cum soon
>expect her to stop sucking, instead she starts going harder and faster
>bust the biggest nut of my life down her throat
>she keeps going after I'm done cumming until I pull her off my dick when it's getting to be too much stimulation

>go inside and cuddle in our underwear for a bit, then fuck
>no issues getting or staying hard, she was so hot and I felt pretty comfortable around her
>kinda awkward at first but gets better, also don't cum too fast thanks to blowjob earlier
>no condom so pull out, ask where she wants me to cum and she finishes me off on her tits
>she has a huge circular bath tub, fills a bubble bath when we're done and we bathe together
>go to living room and watch TV for awhile
>fall asleep together on couch with her head on my lap, I woke up after a couple hours and carried her to bed and went back to sleep there with her
>wake up in the morning to her stroking my dick and whispering she needs to be fucked soon
>have sex again, balls are almost totally empty at this point so when I finally cum barely a few drops dribble out but still feelsgoodman
>go out to a nice restaurant for lunch, she tells me she likes me and has plans with her sister for the rest of the weekend but she really hopes she gets to see me again soon
>head back home after breakfast wondering if this actually happened or if it was a very realistic dream
>see her again a few days later and again she pounces on my dick like she's in heat
>dated for a couple years, wasn't ever that serious because we both knew we were at different points in our life and it was mostly just for fun
>still had a lot of awesome sex and some very good times, we went on dates and traveled to places (she always paid when we did stuff) and I got to experience what life was like for richfags which was awesome as somebody who had always been a poorfag

Was this picture taken in Australia?

girl moves in kitty corner from my place as a kid....she fucks me with her dirty starter jacket on....staring at the clock the whole time. says she has to leave before i finish.
excited as fuck I go the next day to the cool highschool kid who I idolize and knock on his door
he opens it standing there eating some food or something
me: "Guess what man I just got fucking laid!!!"
him: "with who!?!?"
me: "amber"
him: "that fucking disgusting"
he slams the door in my face I walk 5 blocks back home

Like what? I am kinda curious since I don't really know.

>become really good friends with a qt3.14 in 8th grade
>we both like acting and join the after school play
>get cast as a married couple by the teacher who knows how close we are
>cuddle all the time, hug for a lot longer than normal at the end of each school day
>she had a very emotionally abusive family and ends up spending a lot of time at my place
>parents don't like because my grades aren't very good despite my tests scores being high
>summer rolls around and we spend every day together
>parents send her to a different high school
>we spent as much time together as we could, but it was hard with how much school work she had
>3 days before our spring break, we get a snow storm
>8 inches of hard packed white snow and ice cover everything, most of the city loses power
>text her to ask if she wants to do something today
>says her mom is home and wouldn't let her come over to my place or let me come over to hers
>friend left town early for spring break and gave gf her key to care for her cat
>we went over to our friends house, about 2 miles away through snow and Ice
>got out of our wet clothes and cuddled up under a blanket almost naked
>we started kissing and groping each other and eventually had sex with her on top of me at first, then me on top of her
>I came on her tummy and she licked a bit of it off to taste, gave me a wink, and emphasized her swallow
>we did it again a few minutes later and then spent the rest of the evening cuddled up, slipping in and out of sleep in each other's arms
a few years later we broke up, and she took it really hard and accused me of raping her. thankfully no-one believed it because had been dating for about 2.5 years at that point

I was very lonely, a guy showed some affection toward me, I told him that I might be falling for him and we started e-dating. After a while we met and he fucked me in the ass.

>be me
>21 yo virgin
>pretty active social life despite it
>lot of friends/girl friends/parties
>never muster up courage to make a move
>have people over for drinks one night
>friend asks if they can invite a new girl
>sure why not
>qt comes in, we hit it off
>playing drinking games and she's by my side all night
>black out
>wake up next morning, still drunk
>qt in my bed
>eventually she wakes up and tells me she thought i was hot when she saw me working at a retail store a few years back
>start kissing after a bit more convo
>play with her breasts
>holy shit theyre soft
>drunken courage has me slide hand down to her pussy
>wet as fuck
>rub it a little bit, probably too high up looking back
>tells me she wants to fuck
>no condoms since i never thought id need them
>go in anyways
>get hard but unable to cum because drunk
>slip out multiple times as idk how far i can go out before slipping out
>last 20 mins
>we both give up
>neither of us came
still count it as losing my virginity though since it helped me move on from being so insecure about it

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I can't even specify the appropriate time, desu. Here's the candidates.
1) Things get amorous on a third date, and we try to put it in. Due to mutual inexperience and fumbling, we can't figure out how. So I get a BJ (nice, but no happy ending), and go down on her (apparently *very* nice, she said), but no more than half an inch of insertion. Of course, we break up shortly thereafter due to me being a moron.
2) After getting a new GF, we get to the sexual parts of the relationship, and again, we try to get it in. I'd read up on how best to do it, but I wasn't banking on her being so damn tight - apparently she was really anxious and clamping down too much for me to get in (without using way more force than would be sane). We have several of these encounters, with progressively more penetration, but for the first half-dozen or more, we're talking an inch or two tops.
3) Finally, after eight months of dating, we get it fully in. Actual proper sex ensues, and she gets off a couple times. But I can't figure out how the hell to get off, and pull out frustrated and jerk off. This also happens about half a dozen times. (And given it was a LDR, we could only really attempt it once or twice a month)
4) About six months after #3 starts, we finally have good enough sex(or I'm used to it enough) that I can get off. Finally, we both get orgasms from penetrative sex.

It's pretty nice once you get the hang of it. But holy shit, getting there is not nearly as easy or pleasant as Hollywood would have you believe.

Underrated, made me kek was to hard.

I'll tell you when I loose it.

>be me
> was 16 yr old user
> working at mc dicks
>train new female employee
> learn her interest through out the shift
>she likes me
> get coerced by brothers to date her
> 6/10 big titty girl becomes gf
>lose virginity on my moms birthday
This is how I lost my virginity to an 18 year old girl. She liked me cuz I was Nice and she was a foster kid whose parents abused her and I was the only genuinely nice person she had around

holy shit this fucking thread!! Make it stop please fuck fuck fuck it hurts so much I fucking hate all of you!!!!!!

18 years old after I graduated high school in the backseat of a Taurus SHO parked in the high school parking lot. Just barely poked it in, didn't cum. But it still counts right? Didn't actually cum with a girl until 7 years later.

t. refugee who came here after r/incels was shut down
I'm a virgin but I see robots as more of a state of being detached from society and unable to make friends, I'm sure there are people here who have lost their virginity while ticking all the other boxes that make up a robot

It's not an interesting story. Was seeing a girl for a few days and she kept saying we should wait every time I made a move (turned out she was on the rag) and then one morning we were fooling around and went all the way. Nothing about it was awkward and I performed as if I had done it a million times before. After that first time, it was like the ice was broken and we screwed like bunnies after that.

I havn't.

I probably would have found no one and would have had to sleep in my car.

I payed a prostitute and cried like a bitch after 3 thrusts.

>Be 17 and GF 16
>Alone at her parents house
>We had already fooled around every night at our summer camp job (giving eachother head, fingering her, grinding, light biting and choking, some butt stuff etc etc)
>Parents go out
>Start making out, then grinding, strip down a bit, start grinding against her, go down and give her head a bit
>She pulls me up and we make out more because she likes taste of her own pussy
>Slowly push tip in with no condom, shes struggling but going crazy (panting, eyes rolling into head, moving quite a bit)
>Im dying as well, we were deeply in love so it felt like heaven just being a bit in
>She grabs my hips and puts her legs up to lock me in and push me in
>I last about 5 minutes and she has a convulsing orgasm
>Finish on her stomach and tits, she cleans it up with fingers and eats it
>We fuck every day we are together at least 2 or 3 times a day for the next 8 months
>Break up
>Slept with 10 different peopke since

Comfy robot life for me, I figured out how to market my social autism to be cute and endearing

Are you a Marine?

3 hookers in one night. Was about to start my national service, and there were rumours of upcoming war. No.1 was meh, No.2 was nice, No.3 was creepy.

i am going to the grocery store for now on!

Being trans doesn't make you a woman.

Why did you go to some random guy to tell him that? ha ha btfod

Do you remember what forum it was?

>how did you not get your shit kicked in?
she probably was more sscared of what her dad would've done to her if he found out

>did you at least lose friends over that?
only the "my nigga" guy knows, but he said he would've done the same thing and that she was fucked up

>30th Birthday comes and goes
>Acknowledge I've achieved Wizard status
>About 2 months afterwards
>After getting takeout at the deli, realize waitress wrote her number on the sandwitch wrapper
>We text some, finally meet up
>22 year old stoner chick, we have zero in common, I somewhat find her disgusting because I hate drugs
>Decide I've waited this long, so I'll do something I've never done before
>I'll try game on her to see if it works
>Say everything I think she wants to hear
>Act the way I think she'd want
>Lie and manipulate, everything about the act is calculated to display that I'm some cool Chad
>2nd date, she's blowing me back at my place
>Swallows my cum
>She wants to straight up fuck
>Stop her with something like, "we can save that for next time."
>On the drive home, act normally, talk normally, just being myself
>By the time I've dropped her off, we're never seeing each other again
>We literally never make contact again, I stop going to that deli because I can't bear to see the person I effectively lied to for a week in order to fuck

And that's why I never ran Game before. Because I kind of knew what would happen if I ever dropped the facade, and I wanted to be honest with people. However from then on, I have been totally convinced of its effectiveness. If you're willing to manipulate and lie to a person, act the part, speak the part - Game is just getting them to believe the lie. And really it's not that hard - you just have to be devoid enough of empathy to do it long term.

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>be me
>friend and his girl broke up
>I start texting her
>eventually get some nudes
>we talk for a few weeks
>one day meet up with her after work
>we watch a movie at her apartment office
>start making out
>pull down her bra
>suck on her tits
>random guy walks in
>doesn't say anything
>guy fucking sits down and starts watching the movie
>go out to my car
>park in secluded spot
>talk for a little
>make out
>whip out my dick
>she starts giving me head from the passenger seat
>I take her clothes off
>she's completely naked (my windows aren't tinted, if someone walks near the car we're fucked)
>put my seat back
>she straddles me
>suck on her tits some more
>feel her getting wet
>pull my sweatpants down
>little trouble finding hole
>she puts my dick in her
>feels surreal
>she is dripping all over me and my seat
>I keep pulling her hips down as hard as I can
>she seems to be in pain but is enjoying it
>after 10 minutes or so of physical and visual stimulation I knew I was about to cum
>don't want her to think I'm a one pump chump
>cum inside her
>she keeps going
>asks if I'm close
>frantically ask if she is on birth control
>she freaked out and asks if I came in her
>I said maybe pre cum
>tells me not to cum in her
>keeps riding for a few minutes even though she is sweating and can barely talk
>I tell her she can stop if she wants
>she puts her clothes on
>kiss her goodbye

> be 18
>Just graduated highschool a month or two before
>go to a concert with my buddy and some other friends
>while waiting for the main performance to start make eye contact with girl
>continue making eye contact during the performance
>say "fuck it" and approach her
>eventually she starts grinding on me
>after the concert ends we exchange contact info and start talking regularly
>find out she lives right next to my work and that she wants to hang again
>We end up making out for like an hour first time we see eachother again
>for a couple weeks we go to an empty parking lot and hop in the back of my car
>her dad buys shit tons of weed and she smokes me out everytime we chill
>at this point we've done everything but sex
>one day she tells me her dad is out of town and we can go to her house
>start making out in her bed and I get her shirt and bra off
>shes sitting in my lap at the end of the bed
>she loads a bowl in her bong and I take a fat rip before sucking the titties
>flip her over as we strip down while I put on the condom
>Put it in her and start going
>make the rookie mistake of trying to replicate porn and go to hard and fast
>dick flys out and hits her inner thigh
>shit hurt so fucking bad I'm shocked I didn't snap my dick in half
>this happens a couple more times and she asks me to stop and that she would rather give a bj
>whatever atleast I get a good nut out of this
>we get dressed back up and she walks me out of her house
>mfw that was the last time I ever talked to her

bonus story with same girl before all this happened:

>be in the back of my car fingering her
>the sun is setting so visibility is very low
>she asks me to use three fingers so I comply
>start licking her clit when I notice a metallic taste
>pull away and can just barely make out red on my fingers
>remove my fingers from vag and take a closer look
>she is still unaware and grabs my wrist to suck on my fingers
>too shocked to say anything as I watch the reaction on her face when she realizes what is happening
honestly not sure why she didn't quit talking to me then. despite all that still probably the best summer of my life


The number of normies on this board is frightening, they're taking over the one place I thought people like me had.

I do, why?

40 year old asian woman in a rub and tug down the street from the police station

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>Finally hard after 5 minutes of a lot of trying
>Cum in 5 thrusts
>Know the trick to get hard with a condom (just making out/licking her nipple)
>fuck awkwardly for 5 minutes worrying about the condom
>She tells me to forget about worrying
>I go ok for another 4 minutes
>Starts feeling really good but don't know why
>cum DEEP
>Condom fell off
>She needs to get plan B

I lost my virginity but it was worse than any teen prom movie imaginable
I was 26 btw

I was just curious is all.

Real shit did her name start with an M?

Nope. Do you know somebody with a similar story?

Yeah pretty much the exact same thing only iirc it was more like '09

>14 y/o
>drunk dad says he wants to give me a hooker for my 15 birthday
>yeah sure whatever you say
>thought he was drunk and will not remember what he said
>1 month before my 15 birthday
>fast forward
>dad actually pay a hooker
>didn't want to do it but at this point I couldn't say no
>next thing I am with a horrible 4/10 brown pregnant hooker in the same room
>both start to take off our clothes
>she start to fuck in cowboy
>I really didn't want to do it
>I was there being fucked like a meat toy
>"touch me user"
>my hands were so could so I didn't do it
>she changes position to doggy
>I start to move like a zombie
>losing boner
>she suck it to try revive it
>it's fucking dead
>"uh things like this happens user"
>last around 10 minutes
>there is still some time and didn't want dad to know I last 10 minute so she give some advice about how to make a woman feel good to pass time
>she was telling me all of these things while both of us naked
>30 minutes
>get dress and go out of the room
>"How was that champion"
>he g-good

I didn't feel I was raped but more like I feel was forced to do it. I discover that sex without love it's absolutely bullshit and from that day I don't see woman the same way, when I see a woman I don't think about having sex with her at all, just kisses, hugs and holding hands.
That was the first and the last time. I haven't talk with dad about this and I really want to beat the shit out of him for paying and making me fuck that horrible whore, all because his taste are so shit. Now I think I am asexual or someshit because I don't feel horny when I see a real woman.
I feel dirty remembering my first time, I really really want back my virginity ;_;

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That's interesting because I changed the year a little as well. The name is obviously not the same but out of curiosity what location is your story?

w the fuck did i just read. This whole thing sounds so surreal i feel like you like in africa or some shit

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honestly dont remember what state she or he lived in. i was just friends with them online.

> she had a vagina
> I had a penis
> I did put my peanus in her vagene
> feelstrange.jpg
> Shake my snake
> Cum
> Ok

Was this in the US?

yeah, if you live elsewhere it definitely isnt you im thinking of. weirdly similar nonetheless.

Yeah I am from the EU. It's cool to know that somebody else over the pond had similar experience around the same year.

you guys don't even know I have you all beat lmfao.

>2017 December i was 18 at the time
>Literally find the big tiddy goth girl meme to be
one of the funniest things ever
>Think ay fuck it. Why not fuck around on instagram and dm goth girls some big tiddy goth girl memes
>Dm like 7 girls like 4 respond
>I just keep talking to this one
>Literally fucking around with my friends. When i get snapchats of her I show them to my friends being like ay look at my big tiddy goth gf.
>We all laugh
>fast forward like 2 months we actually Facetime and I actually start to fall for this girl
Yeah i fell in love with a girl over the internet :/
>We make plans to see eachother
>Fly across the country
>she has cut pentagrams into her skin and she told me she prayed to satan that I would stay with her.
>Blinded by love but i knew this was fucked from the start.
>Smash 23 times in a week
>fly back home
> break up over skype
>Still not over it
I'm like a white collar white kid. IDK how tf this happened but life is weird like that.

you sound like you're from CA or TX and she's from OH or IN

>overcome my anxieties and get a full time job
>soon enough become friends with a 50yo coworker, kinda below average face due to aging, but still slim and I look like shit too, so whatever
>talk about marrying comes up
>say no one will ever want someone like me
>she says I'm wrong
>I push it into direction that I need to get laid to gain confidence
>ask if she has a willing friend
>then if she could do it
>she agrees
>next day she gives me a handjob, I couldn't cum for 30 minutes because I was so anxious, this is in part because we were at work
We haven't got the time for penetrion and stuff yet, hopefully one day
And this was my first vaginal
>Meet a 22yo out of town skank at work, just as fat as me(not much), average(or maybe slightly above, seeing how she had no make up whatsoever), but just total skank appearance wise(which is something I liked for whatever reason)
>She stays at work with me until the shift is over, then we go to my place
>Can't put it in, because anxious and she is suffering from hangover(or rather just alcohol withdrawal because she is legit alcoholic)
>just finger her and masturbate
>do it again next morning
>finally in the evening she helps me to put it in
>can't feel shit(she had 2 kids) and can barely maintain erection(deathgrips conditioning)
>can't come, decide to stop after 15 or so minutes
>we talk and it turns out she had 2 orgasms
>could be true, because she was in a really good mood afterwards and I could feel her heart racing at one point
>she teaches me how to kiss properly as a thanks
>feel massive dopamine rush because I did good and managed to get sex without having to essentially beg
I've broke with her afterwards, I think she was being dishonest and still had a bf out of town and was just using me(even though I didn't spend that much on her), sure I essentially cucked him, but it felt like I was the one being cheated the whole time, I really couldn't trust her.
>4/10 brown pregnant hooker

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How'd you know I'm from CA lol. And she was east coast. I don't wanna say where cuz i know somehow yall niggas would find out who I am lol.