Why are robots not talking about this? This man is innocent, and is being brought down by disgusting pig sjw women...

Why are robots not talking about this? This man is innocent, and is being brought down by disgusting pig sjw women. Monica Rial is a liar who has started a conspiracy against an innocent man to take his jobs. We can't keep letting women get away with this constant slander against men.

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Girls have been posting about his creepy behavior at conventions for years now.

So him hugging and kissing fans on the cheek is rape and assault? He should not lose his livelyhood from being friendly. The man is innocent, and I am tired of seeing people like you SLANDER him for no fucking reason. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? You're nothing but a fucking sheep

He took underage girls back to his hotel rooms.

>So him hugging and kissing fans on the cheek is rape and assault?
technically yes

No, underage girls who have been photoshopping pictures and lying HAVE CLAIMED he took underage girls to hotel rooms.

Gonna need the quick rundown robotiiobilios

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Guilty or not. Bring this up in the public eye and try to defend him and youll be crucified too.

Monica Rial and other English VA have been slandering and ruining this mans career. They have stolen his jobs, they have started a conspiracy against him, and I will not allow people to just blindly watch this and let this happen. These people are sick in the fucking head. He is an innocent man, there are no facts showing that he is what they say they are.
I don't care, these fucking npc sheep are going to ruin this mans life for no reason, and I won't sit down and let this happen

If people let this keep happening this will just be the beginning of women being able to get away with anything just because of their gender.

Vic is a pedo. He should have controlled himself a little more if he didn't want his life ruined.

>J was approximately 14 years old when she attended New York Comic-Con in 2014 and met Mignogna. She described the encounter as "really, really uncomfortable." She discussed how the voice actor put his hand underneath her zip-up sweatshirt and on her waist for the initial photo. Then, thinking that the photo-taking portion was done, she was surprised when he asked her to look toward the camera again. That's when he put his face close to hers and then kissed her.

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Vic Mignogna is not a pedophile, and you are just falling for more and more SJW lies. I have met the man personally and despite being a spazzy autistic robot NEET he was kind and friendly just as he is to every single one of his fans. These girls are lying for social media clout.

>Vic Mignogna is not a pedophile
Vic pls
it's okay to be a pedo but you can't be overt as you are

Honestly, I think you're getting a little worked up.

I thought you guys hated normies. This guy is fucking normie personified.

Pol is for news watching normalfaggots. I don't know who that is.

While I love English dubs, I may just have to stop supporting them over this. Clearly a hit job on him because he wouldn't bend to the gay agenda.
Stop injecting SJW cancer into anime you fucks.

looks like you were brainwashed by the pedo

You're disgusting.
No i'll tell you what a real robot hates. Lying fucking women. Lying sjw whores who defame and SLANDER men just for their own personal gain.
Thank you, and I agree. They're trying to bring this man down for their own gain, Monica Rial is a lying ugly piece of shit who is ruining a sweet mans life. You Rial=Liar.

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>a real robot defends normie pedophiles because umm....?

>Monica Rial is a qt

Yup. Anybody that's been involved in the con scene for the past few years wasn't surprsied by any of this. The accusation that kickstarted it all might have been false but the dude has had a reputation as a creep for years.

Didn't they also try to throw Todd Haberkorn under the bus too?

I know nothing about this man personally or the accusations and I also don't care about him because I don't watch dubs. the only show I've heard his voice in was RWBY.

It wouldn't surprise me anyone who isn't an sjw soicuck male gets thrown under the bus and replaced with some servile beta.
Lying sjw whores

Let's just all remember this only happened after he refused to sign Yaoi non canon fan art. They are attacking him out of spite.

I am not sure if he is guilty or not, I am waiting to see more evidence come forward. It wouldn't be suprising if he is guilty, as he has a lack of boundaries. I also think that him saying "I am not guilty!" in Discord doesn't count as evidence. That said, if he is guilty it is likely that more evidence will come forward so we should wait and see before passing harsh judgement.

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Exactly, he didn't do anything wrong and if he did? There's no fucking proof.
Thank you for being reasonable, if everyone just stopped for a fucking second and waited until facts came out then this would all have gone a lot smoother, instead we have slander and accusations that have no legs to stand on.

facts are that he raped a ton of innocent girls

There's years of proof backing up the claims of his inappropriate behavior. It's no secret in the anime world.

Proof? Do you have the police records? No you don't because it hasn't happened. If it has this controversy wouldn't last as long as it has

Him being touchy feely with fans is not proof he is a predator. It shows that he doesn't always understand social conventions. He acknowledged that himself.

He exchanges numbers with underage girls and brings them to his hotel room when they are willing. Dude is a creep.

Do you have proof? No you don't so stop fucking slandering him

Is that one of those photoshopped stories we've seen pop up? Because there IS proof that people are faking "evidence". Police report or fuck off.

[citation needed]