Sea Shanties edition, cunt. What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

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MDMA is the best drug in existence
It really makes you feel like everything is going to be okay in the end

What about the comedown though?

Take it on your own, or with a friend
Earl-aye in the morning.

It's not that bad with supplements, hydration and proper sleep
Definitely worth it if you're only doing it a couple times a year

brain damage twice a year

If you overdo it and let your body overheat, yes

it causes a moderate amount of brain damage regardless its suggested. Not a huge amount of concrete evidence, but it is generally suggested as moderately neurotoxic from current research.

A rugged looking Man walked onto the main deck and surveyed the drunken young sailor.

Coat billowing in the blustering sea winds, he took one deep breath through his nostrils, inhaling the salty sea air. He had thrown drunkards to the brig for less before, but today, this pirate held back upon his whim. He merely looked at the young lad before him, and with a twinkle in his eye, he suddenly bellowed a hearty guffaw.

"Yo, ho, yoho...",

>a pirates life for me

at least the seller accepted my order
should be here soon
i hope

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>not a huge amount of concrete evidence
Translation: none

Is dm safe at the moment?

>fucking roomate wont leave so I can do heroin alone
>cant wait till he leaves on thursday
normally I dont mind having him around, it just sucks now cause I have to hide my highness which means no nodding unless the lights are out and its either super dark or hes asleep
Im gonna go snort some in the bathroom, I'm so bored, nothing to do today really.
this weekend I think im gonna try diluting some h in 10-25ml water and put it in a nasal spray bottle to use during the week in a quicker, more convenient and less obvious way in my room.
>You're very good to have around and I appreciate that you're looking out for fellow users
>A lot of what you say would otherwise have to be learned through experience which is less than optimal.
no problem phampai, its the least I can do. some other anons tried to help me out, but I usually ignored their advice or they gave up without really making their case. hope I can save some other anons some of the trouble ive had
>I'll try to analyze the choices I make and not underestimate the substance.
Yeah I think p much everyone does this with heroin. Its hard not to, our ego doesnt let us admit we are as weak willed as heroin can make us seem.
havent taken any today right?
you got this senpai. the first few days are the worst.
idk how much you took last night but as long as it wasnt a ton, you are making good progress towards tapering off
are you planning on taking any later tonight?

would you guys buy a lock box that only opened on a set schedule so you could avoid going full retard and overdoing it on your favorite drug?

obviously it wouldn't be able to stop people from going full crackhead on it and destroying it, but I think I could manufacture somethign like one of those pill planners on a time release for each section. So you could dose yourself and stop yourself from easily redosing. Obviously it won't work if you take a sledgehammer to it but for people who have some semblance of self control it's more like a guarantee that you don't become an addict

>Is dm safe at the moment?
curious also

Asked in another thread, but I'd still like to know:
>Favorite way to ingest shrooms? I don't mind eating them straight up, but I'm seeing lots of talk online that tea is better, however even the tea recipes differ widely. Similar lots of people also prefer eating them raw. Going to trip for the first time in a long time tonight and wouldn't mind a nice long trip.

I'm gonna use a lil tonight
Can't sleep without
I just have so little left
I cried earlier cos of how little is left

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Yeah something like this would work for me since I have enough self control to not just smash it open, it's only really hard for me to not do a drug if I have easy access to it. Whenever I'm away from drugs I don't freak out or go into withdrawals or anything, but when I have them on hand it's hard to stop myself from popping something.

Pound that sissyboi sailors boicunt

>Yeah something like this would work for me since I have enough self control to not just smash it open, it's only really hard for me to not do a drug if I have easy access to it. Whenever I'm away from drugs I don't freak out or go into withdrawals or anything, but when I have them on hand it's hard to stop myself from popping something.
this is exactly what I had in mind. What should it be do you think?

>pill planner style
>small lockbox
>gentleman's box of some kind, like a cigar box; small, maybe ornate

just wonder about general dimensions and such. I guess once the basic mechanism is in place it'll be easy enough to implement it in any form

Should we blow the man down?

The cigar box would be roomy and also nice looking but if it was wooden it might not work as well for someone with less self control than me

>The cigar box would be roomy and also nice looking but if it was wooden it might not work as well for someone with less self control than me
could go for those old school metal ciggy cases

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>gotta take a break soon from burning while job hunting
>only relief will be sporadic mushes
>every intention of going back once hired
it's so much work trying to become successful and be a druggie at the same time

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got high and impulsively ordered a bunch of 4-aco-dmt pellets
what should i expect (ive only eaten shrooms once before ~2g)

which drug do I take if I want to see something like this from the comfort of the woods behind my house or my bedroom?

2c-b gives me dat color spectrum, cant guarantee on the shapes. generally one of the best psychs anyway

I have snorted heroin infrequently over the last 8 months. It is nice but seems overrated, I prefer oxy desu. Is injecting really that much different/better?

>2c-b gives me dat color spectrum, cant guarantee on the shapes. generally one of the best psychs anyway
how can i get it in the usa

dream a dream

the darknet, although it's nearly impossible to find it domestic on there

>nearly impossible to find it domestic on there
aka not possible to get in the US anymore since customs seizes shipments now

There's no way customs can detect all drug shipments, if they could then darknet drugs would cease to exist

>There's no way customs can detect all drug shipments, if they could then darknet drugs would cease to exist
there's a reason domestic RCs dried up dude

Got 80$ lads, what drugs should I pick up?

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More people should do drugs, imagine being someone who desperately wants to get addicted to drugs because they have a void in their life to fill but they follow the law so they have nothing to get addicted to but alcohol, one of the most awful and destructive drugs to get addicted to.


>be me
>park at a Walgreens with mom
>she picks something up and shows it to me
>"look user, what is this? There's a bag full of these in the ground"
>it's a nos whippet
>my now-it-all ass instantly blurts out "oh people use those to get high"

I wanted to pick them up but mom was gonna notice they were gone when she got back and probably think it was me who took them. That shit is for teenagers, right bros? Please make me feel less bad for leaving them behind.

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complete fucking virgin no-life here, how does one buy drugs? do i go to the nearest park at midnight or some shit?

lol pussies can't handle a comedown
it's literally no worse than a hangover. if u need just smoke a zoot and watch a film n have a nap you'll feel right as rain by the afternoon

>be us government
>spend about 30b dollars in 2016 to get rid of drugs
>dont realize that legalizing hard drugs will just fuck up the drug lord economy in the us

horrific advice. if you're so bad with people you have no friends it will give you the confidence to do anything

>b-but addiction kills thousands a year
yeah but so does cancer and we know how to treat addiction better, why not treat it as a health problem like rich people do. also, nationalise ur health service you disgusting dogs

>doesn't realize the private prison system will take a missive hit too
>LE will also lose all those sweet assets sized from drug lords



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Pretty sure they're only sold in age restricted smoke shops
They're pretty lame because of how short they last but that short time is a blast, especially if they're free
No you dumbass that's how you get stabbed by a paranoid dealer or arrested by an undercover cop. If you have zero social connections then the darknet is your only option

I do meth about once a week can I join your gang

Good night /drugfeel/, tomorrow I'm getting up at 5:30 am, taking 2g of phenibut, eating some eggs and then I'm gonna drop 2 tabs of acid. Gonna be a good day

sure why not honorary memberships are allowed

I kind of want to drop my last tab of lsd but it's pretty late. Currently drinking, might smoke some weed later. I don't have work tomorrow so i might just eat some lucy, idk, tough decision.

dried shrooms raw just taste like fucking paper.
no experience with not dried tho, its harder to get here

>Imagine not living near endless cowfields

i sometimes envy town/village people for being able to smoke weed at their garden and shit.
but then i remember they cant just grab a kebab in 5 mins at 4am if they feel like, amd instantly feel better.

>went out to buy weed for the first time
>agree to meet behind a movie theater
>I'm super worried, never met a drug dealer before
>bring 2 guns
>bring buddy with a third gun
>antsy as fuck
>guy walks up
>shakes my hand
>all around real pleasant dude
>get weed
>walk away without any issue
Well I feel dumb now

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OP checking in and sending off for goodnight; I drank two beers and smoked a little pot. I am currently listening to Smiley Smile by The Beach Boys and I'm feeling quite comfy. Tomorrow I'm taking some Dexedrine and then hanging out with a pothead girl, hopefully a good day. I wish you all a goodnight, PLEASE never listen to professional advice and get sober. Remain fucked.
thanks for the posts fellow amphetamine bros

Weed dealers are basically mcdonalds workers dude. They basically make below minimum wage.

>Can't even smoke weed since this stacy girl is home all day when everyone else is out
Rip there goes my plan to smoke

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Autistically based desu.

any PST/PPT anons?
havent done any in a long time wondering whats been good lately.
just took my bedtime 5g dose of green MD kratom
smoked half a joint

Drugbros, I have a dilemma. Next week I'll have access to: a half ounce of weed, 100mg tramadol, a dickload of booze, a bunch a dph, and (maybe) some dxm. what combinations should I use these drugs? (I only have access to them for about 6 days) pic unrelated

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Is that stacy in your home or what?

All at once pussy

Yeah she is renting the downstairs room. She works at night while everyone else does in the morning/afternoon so I can't smoke in my backyard like I usually do. Can't even do my night walks anymore since she might spot me there when she is coming home.

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throw all that dumb shit away and get some adderall-brand amphetamine

Is the circus gonna be in town only for that time or what? Anyway, I would say go with the weed and tram. Dph can be a bit enjoyable too, although a I have never taken it for fun. In fact I took a couple of pills last night and this weird shit happened. I was laying in bed in the darkness ready to fall asleep and also making a long post in this thread, but all of a sudden I snap out of it and realize I had only imagined/dreamed making that post, and actually had my eyes closed. Weird desu.

This makes me have fantasy scenarios where you would be toking up, and stacy comes up behind you and ask to join.

Where does everybody buy from? In Burgerland I can never seem to find a dealer that is consistent

Except it's the opposite and it's this stacy seeing me smoke and then snitches to my parents and then I get kicked out. YIKES

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Them trips.

Burgerland here too and I don't think I've ever bought anything irl.

gonna be tripping on some lsd soon, anyone know any good youtube vids to watch?

Do your parents own a boarding house user? Anyway, I you really intend to keep it a secret I would say to try edibles or maybe dabs with a sploof.

My parents have a 2story house with 5bedrooms. downstairs only has 1bedroom and it's the one we are renting to the stacy. I don't have money to spend on edibles currently. I just got these 2grams and a whole lot of kief leftover. This can last me for like 2months since I have a flower vape which takes very little weed and gets me high for at least 4hours per fill.

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Watch the audio visual album by iamamiwhoami called "blue". I did that once on a big screen while on 175 ug and 20 mg mdma and felt omnipotent.

Hmmm I thought those dry flower vapes didn't stink. May I ask how much yours costed and how much you put in it per fill? Must also feel sort of feel weird living under the same roof with a stacy, user.

I have a script for addy, but since I have ADHD, it's not that great to use recreationally. Addy also makes me way too irritatable.

They don't stink but anyone who knows the smell of weed will know. Mine costed about $75 I think can't remember but that's because I bought it at the smoke shop since I didn't want to wait a week for shipping from buying online. I think online it goes for $50? I don't know the exact measure meant since I usually just do 2pinches of weed. So I'm guessing 0.2grams? She was suppose to move in on Sunday but moved in today. Won't actually start seeing her till tomorrow.

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walk around the neighborhood and toke not a viable option??

This guy has done every drug in the book. Lol

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Can't currently since my dads childhoodfriend is over for a week since it's his birthday. So don't want to risk my chances they catch me smoking.

>bringing a gun to a fucking weed dealer

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>did my bedtime bump
I'm very comfy
Bf got me a collar for valentines
I should still have a little for tomorrow
I hope I don't run out before more arrives
Being comfy is the best
Stay comfy my drugfriends

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>This guy has done every drug in the book. Lol
Me2 can I get a vice show plz?

Time to get a puppy.

>Bf got me a collar

Is that like a BDSM thing?

>Me2 can I get a vice show plz?
List all of them

Gonna take some phenibut and go apply for a busser/dishwasher job tomorrow. Wish me luck bros.

Ugh too lazy, but in the span of a year I've pretty much done almost something from every class, including meth, dmt, and heroin.

My sister already has a dog and it's annoying. Wish gov could give me neetbux and my own tiny apartment. EUfriends have it easy

Do you have any backround in chemistry?

>tfw all out of booze and only have DPH left to numb the pain

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what drug will cure me of the autistic condition?

Not only that but two guns. Big boss 1000HP final level weed dealer

A neet with a computer can probably learn anything.

As much as I would love a NEET neckbeard version of shulgin, I don't think it's gonna happen desu.

I like making a peanut butter sandwich with them inside. The peanut butter coats my stomach and makes me less nauseous. Eating that shit raw is for try hards.

micro dosed some lsd today, now getting comfy with weed and beer and differential equations homework lol

are there reliable international DMTs or are you out of luck if you're outside the US?

Do you want something stronger than DMT? 5 times stronger

I try to get the shrooms into as small of pieces as possible, you can use a grinder or just a shotglass and some scissors. then I sprinkle it on top of bread with Nutella and make a sandwich. you don't really taste it except when you burp and I didn't get nauseous

hello user. Hope youre doing well
>did my bedtime bump
>I'm very comfy
Ok, just beware of taking too much which extends your w/d timeframe to say the least
>Bf got me a collar for valentines
Umm. thats kind of weird desu
>I should still have a little for tomorrow
Ok, just do yourself a favor and do boy bump it too early. Be cautious. Think things through.
>I hope I don't run out before more arrives
Whether it does or not, you need to be prepared to deal with both.
In the event that the h arrives tmw, you have to be psychologically prepared to resist the urge to use.
You are doint fine assuming you have been taking smart doses.
There is light at the end of the tunnel
>Being comfy is the best
Yeah, i agree I'm insanely comfy in spite of my roommate and being worried about your use
>Stay comfy my drugfriends
I will. We will.
I hope you can join us properly in due time under better conditions, not addicted. It will take time but yoh can get there by fighting
To a lesser extent, me as well. Im probably getting addicted again.
Day 6 of daily use for me. Around 100mg today.
A problem is on the horizon.

gn drugfams!

Drunk right now. I wish i could feel this way all the time. I feel like im partially out of my body. do you feel the same way?

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Why were such a sperg? It's a sack of weed for fucks sake.