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I've seen so many MBTI threads with the same charts over and over again, lets make a new one!

Contribute down below!!

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FREE HUGS for all you cuties.

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And what name should ISFJ type have? Also if you can, please try to make it more descriptive

1 of a kind.

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Aight, whos next?

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Thats so accurate and cute.

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what name shoud ISFP have?

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Negative chart.

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Art Hoe.

But I'm not gonna lie I'm a bit of a art hoe myself.

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Mild Autism
Isn't super thrilled to hang out with you, but will pretend they care for your sake.

facts don't care about your feelings


I try my best to stand out in public. Always wearing effay clothes. Always hear people giving me shit about my clothes.
Standing out and being different feels good.

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ISTP here.
I all remember from a thread ago was "walking meme".
Little degrading in a sense, but kinda funny.

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accurate for me

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My sister in an INFJ, you guys live a miserable existence but it's all self induced so I don't feel bad for you.

what about the name of ENTP? and give more descriptions please

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Did you post this same image in /v/ on a thread about your best friend wanting to fuck you or something?
Also INTP living autism textbook here.

Yeah that's true for me

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Maybe I did maybe I didn't. UwU

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OwO that's a bit harsh...

It's only harsh because it's true.

oh boy I"m gonna die alone cause of all my inabilities to get pass my own emotions and die alone, but at least I can pretend I'm john snow!!!

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aight guys this is what weve got so far, COMMENT DOWN BELOW WHAT TO ADD NEXT!!! please include a name for the type and an accurate description

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Will never get anything of the things he said done
He is thinking about some stupid shit right now

Cares not about what you do, but what you do to help me do.

id say its pretty accurate
im sorry but that doesnt make any sense

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Perfection, couldnt have said it better myself.

cmon people! wake up and make something up in your dummy brain

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Which type is the most prone to existential crisis?;_;l

INTP. No contest.

put your skills to the test,
all of my dreams are in a nest,
they used to call me the best,
in my dream i carry a vest,
im dangerous
im a guest,
this planet is a mess.

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ENTP here, maybe a weird one for browsing Jow Forums

What's up, completely opposite beings from me? What's life like for you?

What kind of question is that lmao ofcourse it is INTP

>ENTP here, maybe a weird one for browsing Jow Forums
>self righteous
>obsessed with being correct
>will lay down dignity to come out on top
Nope, you fit right in.

I live life knowing tomorrow will be a good day.
Even if it isn't there always is tomorrow.

Smallest things make me smile.

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I would pay money for someone to make a cutsey 16personalities picture of Hitler

yall just straight up ignoring the point of the thread now.

INFP here. How fucked am I?

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You must be new. UwU

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Just find someone who loves you and love them back.

How do I approach a girl?
I like this 6/10 girl I see every day on the bus. She looks shy.

But I'm such a pussy.

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>afraid there plans won't work out
Why is my breed so pathetic? If it's your dream and your plan, there's no shame in failing.

whats your type user?

t. en fp

>did this test last week: INTP
>re-did the test for this thread: ISTJ

Oh I replied to the wrong person I'm sorry. I meant to reply to Regardless you can do it. Take it from me, King Chad himself and ESTP. Just try it because if you don't you'll never know if it will work out or not. Just ask for if they want to do something casual, girls aren't into fancy dates these days. Rejection really sucks and confidence when it comes to girls is less about thinking you're good enough and more about being able to handle rejection.

ISFJ guy.

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>that much Si
you're INFP in Fi-Si loop

Can i have the link to the bottom right test user?

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I think it's this one.


thanks user.

Not consistent with my observed personality. I'm an asshole and I like it.

So I've been put in ENTP and I honestly, for the most part agree with me being an ENTP. However I feel like I'm not some sort of egomaniacal and apathetic and that I actually do care for people, only that I hold strong views.

It doesn't help that I've also been put in INTP in the past as well.
Apart from that, I pretty much feel like an ENTP

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>thinks he's a chad
>on r9k
Being the most socially successful person in this crowd means nothing. If you made it here, you're a failure. Doesn't matter how you rationalize it

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You mad about it?

Do I sound mad?

You wouldn't have jumped on me if you weren't.

That sounds like projection. Do you follow your feelings a lot? Maybe you're an ESFP

But now you're just projecting onto me. Are you an INTP or ENTP? I have a feeling that you're just gonna keep posting until I stop.

My type doesn't matter, I don't need to compare myself to others to boost my self-esteem. I know what I am. It just gets annoying with you ExTPs giving advice nobody cares for instead of getting off your ass and improving your own life. Maybe then someone would take you seriously.

Man, now you're really projecting. You really are mad about this aren't you?

Im ashamed how many of those apply to me.

How am I projecting? I don't give advice to people, I'm tired of seeing it. Not mad, tired. If you take criticism so personally that you have to immediately deflect it you must be a Feeler though

You're still projecting my dude. Maybe you should get off of Jow Forums for a while. It would be good for you.

Google what projecting means please

I mean the denotation of projection is not what we use here on Jow Forums, and it isn't what you used earlier when you said I was projecting. I'm sorry that I used your go to argument against you but you've been projecting this whole time. It's okay, maybe next time you'll run into another INTP/ENTP. They would be willing to actually argue.

Man I knew sensors were low IQ but you're something else. It does help the conversation that the other person actually knows what the fuck is going on though, you're right about that

Do either of my descriptions for INTP or ENTP apply to you?

any tips for how to approach the questions? i used to be obsessed so kinda know what to expect from the answers and am not sure what think while answering. don't know myself too well

If you have a hard time finding an answer you can always try to think of an experience you've had that fits the question.

Not really. I don't think they fit their respective types either, INTPs don't care about ego, they care about doing things their way. It's not something they take pride in, which 'ego' implies, they're just anal about their interests and don't like other people trying to influence them and make them do it a certain way. It's a pretty childish and doesn't get them anywhere in life though, I'll give you that.
As for ENTPs, their insecurity doesn't come from impostor syndrome but their mortal dread of being seen as boring. Truth be told, ENTPs are generally spineless fucks who don't have any convictions or opinions because those would make them actually have to care about something. They just debate for attention. Similarly, ESTPs are like the stupider version that doesn't even attempt to seek knowledge in this vain pursuit, instead he celebrates being a drooling manchild and never grows out of his teens, thinking he can bullshit his way through life despite not even making half the effort the ENTP does.

I'm also an ENTP but it's the most ben shapiro cringe enducing personality type on the planet.
Fuck that guy so much he's such a retard.

Holy shit this is mad cringey

INTJ, reporting for duty.

You spelled feign as "fein". Besides that, feigning intelligence is actually beneficial in certain situations to receive certain reactions.

tested as INTJ function wise from 14 - 16 when i was really insecure and had a false idea of who i was plus an edgy and nihilistic view.

INFP gang now. explains my strong feelings and unrealistic approach to life

Yep, you're definitely an INTJ. From the correction to making up an excuse to hide from your flaws.

what massive piece of shit this, i did the test numerous times and always got intp-a. but i am a lazy, dumb, unoriginal fuck. im nowhere special or gifted

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INFP here. I wish I could start my life over. I wasted every chance I've ever had.

Not accurate for me. I'm so deep into the loneliness that I don't bother trying to win people over. I think I actively freeze people out at this point because the part of my brain that knows how to have relationships just doesn't work anymore, if it ever did. I try to be nice and not say things people wouldn't like, but that's because I can't deal with conflict well.

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