5'10" fembot here

5'10" fembot here.

I always wrote off short guys and ignored them in real life and on dating sites. I've been single for a while so my sister set me up on a blind date. I get there and the guy is 5'8" and I'm thinking about going to the bathroom and running off.

But I stuck with him and I'm glad I did. He's really sweet and funny and has a killer bod. We've been dating for 3 months now. I thought people might make fun of us for the height difference but everyone has been supportive.

Anyway, stick in there short guys. It might take extra effort but there's someone out there for you!

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>I would have never gone out with a short guy unless I got tricked into a date with one and didn't put aside my initial disgust and urge to run away

Thanks. I'll just wait here for someone to set me up on a blind date you fucking cunt

fembots dont exist, get out whore

I know this is just a troll, but a least put some effort into it , jeez

this is like going on /a/ and making a post "Hey guys, I've never watched anime and dont know anything about it but im a huge otaku!!!"

> I thought people might make fun of us for the height difference
I would bet good money shes less than 5'4

>mfw i don't exist

You're not a robot. Stop trying to be cheeky and fuck off to Facebook you dirty butt.

>I'm thinking about going to the bathroom and running off.
>picky af
You're not a fembot.

>5'10" fembot here
>We've been dating for 3 months now

do you see the problem here?

its never enough for women. we cant even have a place to our own to discuss our woes, but on top of that you whores have to come on here and flaunt your relationships in our faces. its not good enough for you to have a loving bf, but you have to also cheat on him and be an attention whore online. what the FUCK is wrong with women

I hate how elitist this place has become. You don't have to be a complete 100% virgin never had a date or hugged someone to be a robot/fembot

I wouldn't want you if that was your attitude.

You will never be one of us. Go fuck yourself.

>You don't have to be a complete 100% virgin never had a date or hugged someone to be a robot/fembot

i never said that genius, but guess what, IF YOU ARE ACTIVELY IN A RELATIONSHIP YOU AREN'T A ROBOT



OP is not a good person if the initial reaction to someone being 5'8 was disgust

Yes you do. You just think that because for some reason you falsely identified with the board and now are trying to cope with the fact that you dont belong. Now fuck off whore

Either this is written by incel, that wants girls to think, that dating shorter guys isn't bad, or it's actually true in which case +rep. Only downside is some moments like giving him his mug from the top pile might be a bit embarrassing.

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Ron Weasley is 5 foot 8 I thought and Emma Watson 5 foot 5. How tall are those heels jesus

i just fucking hate women so much and these threads make me hate them even more. the OP is so fucking awful and every other post this retard posted in reply to other posts is just fucking garbage. i'm 90% sure this is a troll but it's perfectly and intelligently done because it reflects reality exactly

It's written by an incel that wants other incels to think girls don't like short guys.

>it reflects reality exactly
No it doesn't, OP. Your bait was weak.

i'm not OP, dicklick. anyone with a brain knows women are this retarded and shallow

ah, so , if my 5'10" self wants success in dating, I should just throw myself at women until out of sheer luck one of them doesn't ghost me.

Cool thanks.

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i'm a manlet and anyone who says shit like what you said is a manlet trying to cope

that's probably a good thing. mate even if it is bait, just let it be. it's a nice story with a achievable ending. just chill, don't flex being a piece of shit

Nice try manlet, your antics dont work here.

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Not all girls care about height. Some girls even like short guys.

>woman overcomes her biasness


>incel who has never been on a date is an expert on women

i'm a manlet and anyone who says shit like what you said is a lanklet trying to cope

i can tell you're trying to cope

i'm like 5'7 and a half. i'm a cursed manlet and i got past the coping phase quite some time ago

You're literally the optimum height for fucking lots of girls. If you're not getting mad pussy you're not trying at all.

As a 6'1 man I gotta be honest: if you cannot reach the top shelf without a stepstool you should just give up on life

>Optimum height
Are you sure about that?

this is the ultimate cope. i am (and you probably are) stuck at child height forever. that's not good for attraction women, especially now when the 80/20 thing is in full effect

the optimum height for men is between 5'10 and 6'2. Any shorter and youre a dwarf, any taller and youre a lanky faggot

According to science that is more or less correct:


You are taller than most girls. What are you smoking?

doesn't mean anything and largely untrue anyway. why would they go for someone *just* taller than them?

Why would they go for tall guys? You seem to be really seething about this. It's almost like you are a closeted homosexual and only think of tall big men.

5'7, 8 or 9 are the most swiped on because they are the most common. Most people that get matches on dating sites are average looking, that doesnt mean women prefer average looking men over good looking men. 6'2 is the ideal height.

this is either bait or the most depressing attempt at coping

Fellow 5'10" fembot here. I'd have zero issue dating someone shorter than me as long as they aren't black or a piece of shit. My only criteria. I wish I was shorter desu.

are you seriously trying to argue that women don't prefer tall men? youtube.com/watch?v=hBEfsLAxEPY

but you would prefer taller yes?

That article literally proved women go for good looking men. That's why they swipe right on 5'7" to 5'9" much more than 6'2". Guys that height are simply more physically attractive, that's a fact.

I'm shorter, not black and not a piece of shit. What about you? Are you white? Thicc or sticc? Titcow or chestlet?

Meh. I don't really care. As long as they aren't literally a 5'5" or lower hyper manlet. It's more about his face and personality than height. I imagine a lot of guys don't want a girl as tall as me.

>more attractive
Said no women ever

>has height criteria
>"oh his height doesn't really matter it's his face more"
why are literally all women retarded
you're a white female too, aren't you? they seem to be the dumbest of all for some reason. you wouldn't think they're stupid, because they're white, but they're fucking stupid

>oh no he's 2 imaginary units that somebody made up shorter than me so now I have no attraction

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but if you had to choose between a 5'7 and a 6'2 man who would you go for?

Except those that swiped right on them far more than 6'2" guys. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Swipes are based purely on looks, height is taken out of the equation. And it just happens that when you do that, guys average and below average height have the clear advantage. When it's all about looks, height is a disadvantage.

I can answer this for her: whichever of the two is not an insecure whiny faggot like you.

I am white yes.

If they were identical besides height the taller guy obviously. If they're different people there would be more factors involved.

That article says that 5'8 is average in the UK. that makes 6'+ men rarer than men 5'8. Because being 5'8 or 9 or 10 is more common that means they are more likely to get swipes or matches. Do you need me to use smaller words for your pea sized brain to understand?

this is one reason why stormfags, wignats, trads, etc. are retarded
white women are absurdly shallow, superficial and just plain stupid. returning to a culture that elevates them above everything is just the dumbest idea in the world.

What am I meant to be insecure about frendo?

You are not a robot and you never will be.

what is it with women trying to force themselves into male spaces they just don't belong in

It's obviously height controlled. And there are more 6'2" guys than 5'6" guys, yet 5'6" guys were swiped right more. It's simply unbelievable how desperate your coping is. You can't accept facts no matter how much they are shown in your face.

>I thought people might make fun of us for the height difference but everyone has been supportive.
Who the fuck would even care about this, why are some people so vapid and stupid lol.
Oh no, some people are making fun of me, this is much more important than me being happy and having a partner I enjoy spending time with, better just drop it all.

Welcome to reality, nobody really gives a shit about your life except the people directly involved in it, even if they comment on it.

I dont have to cope for anything. 5'7 is not more desirable than 6'2. Youre a troll and i took the bait

what the fuck is the point of this post even, OP
I hope it's just an elaborate falseflag, because if it's not holy shit

>tfw 5'8" and cute
>tfw gay dudes and mommy's like me both ways.

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