Reminder that even if God was real, there is no logical reason to follow his rules willingly

Reminder that even if God was real, there is no logical reason to follow his rules willingly.

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>Even if God was real
Implying God is what you think it is

Except for the whole eternal damnation through nine layers of hell thing.

Learn to read, I said willingly.

Yeah well, im talking about the catholic kind of god, not the abstract God-as-existence shit I actually believe in.

Doesn't sound to bad when you realize that you'll be living in what is essentially a totaltarian dictatorship in Heaven.
>constantly under God's watch
>have to devote literally every second to worshipping and praising him, without rest 24/7 for all eternity
>he knows what you're thinking
>he knows what you plan to do before you do it
>you essentially lose all free will

Except you're wrong. Why would you go against God or disobey him

Why not? An actual god wouldnt have wishes I could dissobey. But if god is just an all powerful entity that tells me, dunno, "dont fap" then in my masturbarion I have both a sense of freedom never before accomplished + he is proving his love to me by letting me do as I please anyways. If he punishes me then I MUST rebel as much as I can. If he doesnt punish me, then I can love him too and obey him if I see fit. Satan was kinda right.

Thing is, you're not equal to God, at all. You play by his rules or burn in hell.
I also don't see why he would give a shit about any suffering in life, it doesn't matter to him in the end. Don't hold God to human standards.

But I dont. I simply dont care for whatever standars he has if they allow for me to act in some other way.

Keep in mind the thread is about WILLINGLY accepting or not Gods rules. For me, the actual god is an entity beyond comprension whose rules cannot be defied, shit like 1 + 1 = 2. He is worth my love even though loving it its ultimately pointless. No acts can be made outside of him.

But the idea of a god with a mind like the Bible one who tells you what to do or not and punishes you if you dont, that I feel I would rebel against even if it causes me torment. Unless it doesnt, then I wouldnt specifically rebel, just do what I want since im free to choose.

Lmfao and how would you know?

Google what the bible says heaven is like if you dont believe me.
Not like it actually exists in the first place

reminder that everyone on this board would be a slave if it werent for christian values

This is hell, user. What would following his rules accomplish? You already got eternal damnation.

I happen to agree with some of those rules
Don't fuck your uncle

(this is all assuming you believe in all this in the first place, which is entirely your choice, doesn't really matter to me either way certainly won't convince you here.)

Keep in mind there is the aspect of free will. God has this earth to give humanity a life. So that the souls in heaven would have a purpose other than kinda just sitting there. Remember that "angels" and "people's spirits" are too different things.

Once in heaven I don't think that free will entirely disappears. Rather, once in heaven you gain some knowledge of God's plans and what he wants to do, which appeal to most people's inner natures. Meaning: you would rather follow him and do what he wants because it's matches up with stuff you would want to do too, after gaining knowledge from the afterlife, heaven, and an entirely separate perspective and existence from the earth.

Remember that we have no idea what life is like outside of our lives right now, because it is impossible to experience that. Once one dies and goes to heaven, it means they can experience a second life outside of earth. Though, the only way to get to heaven is if God knows you as is directly said in the Bible. It's not about sinning and going to hell, it was all about God knowing you. Following his rules means that you don't hurt other people and prevent them from living full lives. Stealing from someone causes pain to them, such as killing them, taking their wife etc. etc. The other commandments are all about respecting God.

So that's why there are rules, so that you don't infringe upon the enjoyment of the lives of other people.

>Don't hold God to human standards.
I'm gonna hold God to whatever standards I please.

I've pretty much always figured this.

I am the one and only god - the solipsistic god.
This whole universe is a creation of my mind.
You all are just pseudo-minds created by me, you aren't external.
I am basically communicating with myself all the time.

>don't kill
op where are you

Prove it. How do you know?

Damn right. The demiurge is just some higher-dimensional being who has us on an app on his phone. Sacrifice my ass.

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>he thinks he's not going to hell


>Keep in mind there is the aspect of free will
Does this mean that God doesn't actually know everything? Does he know who will eventually end up in heaven or hell?

If he does know these things, isn't he a bit of an autistic psychopath for creating humans and knowing full well which ones will spend an eternity in hell, regardless of any "free will" they had?

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>that video
wow, what a compelling argument to be a complete retard

>Litterally the source of all existence but, I am sure that I know better than him

Pride is the Queen of sins

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>he didn't intuitively use the Bible to activate lexiconical powers in his life
Dude religious texts are mirrors most of the time
Just because a monkey looks in doesn't mean an apostle looks out
When you look into the mirror what do you see?
The word of god is a sword, a weapon
That's what god is, he's basically just an alchemic presence and concept in our world in the metaphorical sense

The greatest minds in history studied the Bible

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>The greatest minds in history studied the Bible
All history, alongside with this comment of yours, have been created by my own mind.
Everything is in my mind. You too, obviously.

Its true. I used to be just like this man until Satan tricked me into falling away (BECAUSE GOD LET HIM TEST ME!). God will send you to hell for buying a fucking dog. Salvation is basically defeating your very self. Why exist in the first place? I'm an antinatalist.

The position as source of all existence inherently causes any sapient being to lose perspective.

I know you from /lit/ and /his/. Based punished gnostic poster!

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Its not a bad point, but ultimately, since we cannot act on what we dont know, it means nothing. We dont know why God wants us to have fulfilling lives. Even more, I could find happiness in stealing from others. I could be evil. Do I wanna be evil? Thats my own decision to make. There is also rules that are more contentious, for example, I would completely agree about not killing children, but masturbating? Sex before marriage? All that shit, those rules, I would be glad to break them. And if rules like that exist, then Gods Will doesnt match my own entirely. And since I cant know Gods supreme plan nor intellect, but I know I CAN and have been allowed to rebel at it, then its my duty and pride to do so, for myself. If it happened to be that God lets me do so, without punishment, then I would love God. Well, I love God anyways, but im talking pure theory here. If I love God, I would mostly want to agree with him. Im reality, since the God I believe in only deals in absolutes, there is absolutely no way for me to go against God, but im talking about the human-values-christian-God here.

I'm not gnostic though. Gnostics believe Jesus was from some higher up God and they believe in salvation via gnosis. I don't believe in any of that. I just believe we're all fucked and have a moral imperative not to have children.

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I'll use a quote from the matrix for this actually. "There's a difference between knowing the path,and walking the path". Now that isn't exactly the quote but it sums up how I think free will could be interpreted.

God would know how everything would turn out, but he would also see all of the possibilities laid out before him. As in; he would see the possibility that another being of free will could introduce the two, or inspire faith. (Remember that heaven is all about God knowing you). This is why God asks Christians to go and spread the word of God, it's so that more people could know of the truth. With this added in, yes God may know how things will ultimately turn out, but if he were to really go and interfere then free will wouldn't exactly be a thing now would it? By giving the choice of free will and not interfering he ensures that our world is not Heaven, and that we are not bound to his commands. This is the only way I can really come up with an answer to this. Maybe I should spend more time and think of a better way of wording it...

To respond to this I'll say two things...
First, an answer of sorts. In order for there to be good in the world there must be evil. In order for there to be will there must be choice. Don't get me wrong in saying that immoral acts are things one should not commit. But immorality must exist for there to be morality.

Specifically with the sex before marriage thing look at it first from the perspective of those writing the Bible, and when certain laws were put in place. Sanctity of marriage was important because woman did not have control of property and were not recognised in law, something notoriously wrong and exploited in the middle east today. That something is also interesting another aspect that has changed over time... anyways another thing is that birth control did not exist. So if a man and a woman had immoral sex there would most likely be a bastard child or a child missing a father. Which would mean that the child would have to grow up in an incomplete household, which would, once again, infringe upon the happiness of another being (the child in this case). If a couple were married and had a child it ensured the father and mother would stay together and raise the child together. they would also provide a stable home for proper growth and social development, which would in turn mean greater things for society. The better society was the more humanity could develop and create (which I think was part of God's plan from the start).

To continue with what I said before. If God prevented you from sinning then free will would not exist in the first place because then life would be perfect. Nothing is stopping you from masturbating or having sex besides the rules God laid out. He laid them for a reason and that's a bit more of his business, and also timing for some of them. But keep in mind many of those laws are still applicable today. Think of how many divorces and torn apart families there are now from people rushing into things relationship wise, or having kids without meaning to, and all the jazz. It became so rampant that an entirely new issue came up in the form of Abortion. (I refuse to get into that topic since it's so far off topic on this post.) There would be less of that if people waited to have sex and did things a little differently. I'm not asking you to stop, everything is up to your own moral choices, but if you put things into perspective you can see why some of the laws are around.

God's rules are for your own good too.