Why do girls enjoy sucking dick?

Why do girls enjoy sucking dick?

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they're submissive dummy

I don't. It doesn't taste good. It doesn't feel good. It makes my knees and jaw hurt. And too many guys watch too much porno and expect to nut in your throat or face

because they have a good time with the guy while they do it

I remember when I first started touching my willy, I skipped through the bj scenes, but now they're one of the best parts.

lt looks pretty fun desu

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What's weird to me is the number of guys and girls that say giving oral is one of their favorite sex acts, if not their absolute favorite. I guess I can understand women liking it, because Jow Forums says they're all submissive, but I don't understand what so many normal dudes get out of eating pussy.

Why does he not have balls?

basically. My gf mainly likes it because he likes seeing me enjoy

I would love a fembot to squirt on me.

It's literally pee my dude.

I'm a guy that likes giving oral. It's pretty simple - it's fun and arousing to give pleasure to someone, especially in the context of a relationship. Taking pleasure in your partner's pleasure is basic shit.

blowjobs are fucking boring and they dont even feel that good

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girls usually don't
guys do lol
women are generally shitty at sex

Chronic masturbator spotted

what is even the point of bj if you don't cum_in_mouth

Legit questions for gays and femanons, what is the ideal dick size for sucking? Cut or uncut? Big balls or small balls?

chronic dick sucker spotted

*assuming you actually like sucking dick, obviously.

For the same reason guys like eating pussy. It's not directly enjoyable but you should enjoy seeing your partner get a lot of pleasure out of something that you're doing, otherwise what's the point in having sex?
Wrong, I'm cut and masturbate a lot but blowjobs still feel amazing, people that say they don't feel anything from them just have gotten shitty head

>Wrong, I'm cut and masturbate a lot but blowjobs still feel amazing, people that say they don't feel anything from them just have gotten shitty head
i can't cum from blowjobs so i don't even want them

Some woman just love keeping a man happy.

I've never sucked a dick but
>cut or uncut
I'll never get near a jew dick

chronic idiot spotted

chronic cock breath spotted

Dicks can be fun to play with, and making him lose control is hot and almost dominant.

Probably small enough that it could fit in my mouth circumference-wise, length doesn't matter cause I'm not into that deep throat shit
>cut or uncut
Uncut, definitely
>big or small balls
Don't care

>I can't come from foreplay so I don't even want it

chronic dirty unwashed male ass eater spotted

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You would come from a BJ if it was done right

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yep, every time a girl sucks your dick she wants to fuck. retarded virgin

>length doesn't matter cause I'm not into that deep throat shit
What's most enjoyable though? Like do you really not care about being able to fit the whole thing in your mouth or having to work the shaft with your hands?

If she sucks your dick but doesnt fuck you after then something is seriously wrong with (you)

HAHAHAH oh man i dont think you want to keep posting

>I don't understand that you're making fun of me
>Hurr durr, virgin!

This thread is dead anyway

I know you are an asian sissy boi who likes posting white women getting blacked because you hate that your women prefer white men

You're getting it wrong, then. If she's literally sucking or just making an O with her lips and no tonguework, she's not doing it properly. Or there's something wrong with the grip or rythm.
I've had boring blowjobs too. But done right, they're mindblowing. You reach a plateau where your mind becomes completely empty except for that feeling, like you're one with your dick, your whole body tingles and you have to remember to breath once in a while. And a girl that knows what she's doing will keep you there forever.

I don't know the exact measurements of my mouth but I don't think even an average dick would be able to fit all the way in without making me gag.

>i watch a lot of blowjob porn and think i know what i'm talking about

Spotted the chronic dick sucker

Nice projections. Is someone getting good blowjobs that unbelivable?



>what is the ideal dick size for sucking?
Small is good because it's really easy to suck on. Big is also good because I enjoy struggling with it. Basically as long as it's not average which is the opposite of how I feel when it comes to penetrative sex.
>Cut or uncut?
Uncut 100%.
>Big balls or small balls?
Big balls are more aesthetically appealing and fun to play with. The only downside is that it can be hard to fit them in my mouth. Both are best when freshly shaved though.

i dont think they like any dick. if the cum tastes bad they probably wont like it.

>tfw both my precum and my cum taste great
feels good
>tfw nobody ever sucked it
feels bad

I like making you cum, it feels satisfying to give pleasure.

>tfw I know my cum tastes bad because I'm the only one who's ever sucked my dick.

i assume its kind of like how i enjoy licking pussy. its a lewd act and you can see how much pleasure you are giving the other person and seeing them go from enjoying it to not being able to stop is a turn on

my belly gf gives SHIT HEAD!!

>inb4 reeee normie

how do i help her improve? she always taps out after like a minute or two claiming her jaw hurts. meanwhile im down there for like 15 min till she cums

>Big balls are more aesthetically appealing and fun to play with.
Absolute virgin here, what does "more fun to play with" actually entail? Do you just sit there cupping his balls? What's fun about that?

with their mouth obviously

This, do they think we're straight up lying when we say blowjobs can feel mindblowing? It's probably just sour grapes desu

tap out in a minute or two too claiming that your jaw hurts

I might reach into his pants and do that if we're just relaxing, but it's also (gently) squeezing them, tugging on them, softly running my fingers along them, licking them, and sucking on them. I also like to poke them and then watch them move, but I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is just tolerating that and thinks I'm a weirdo.

Submitting to a strong and sexy man turns females and gays on.
Women who don't enjoy it and lesbo-dyke or they're the epitome of western women and they have been brainwashed into hating men. (they secretly love it)

Never had a good one.

lol you're getting majorly screwed. My gf can go for at least half an hour before she gets 'tired'. But she's pretty good, I come quite fast most of the time.

my gf doesnt want me to nut in her mouth.
what should i do? cum somewere else.
im ok with her not swallowing but i really want to cum in her mouth, i dont want to worry about were to put that shit
worrieing about that is not the point of a bj
i only want to relax thats it. for one second

You are all animals. You are all sick. You are all filthy pigs.

Women only like worshiping black cocks
white boy

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This, it's not hard to understand.

Again, why are his balls so small?

No guys I'm serious. Is there some kind of reason black guys have small testicles?

You can't be 100% perfect

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is that suppose to be a negative?

semen is literally prostate fluid mixed with a little bit of sperm. that shit is fucking disgusting. foul body excretions

>Why do girls enjoy sucking dick?

I sort of presume it's pretty much the same as why I enjoy sucking on boobs, at least if they're actually enjoying it. I had one girlfriend who didn't like her nipples touched and that turned out to be a dealbreaker for me.

I actually want a girl to let me suck on her boobs way more than I want a girl to suck on my dick, but at this point neither seems likely to happen again and I'll be baking for myself on Thursday.

>I actually want a girl to let me suck on her boobs way more than I want a girl to suck on my dick
Fuck bro, it's all I want.

Nut on her face to show dominance

Is watching blowjob porn gay?
Like you are just watching a dick get pleasured.

See I thought about this and that why I only look at futa porn.
I wanna see a chick sucking dick but I don't wanna see a dude getting his dick sucked.

>He doesn't like sucking dick
What are you?Gay?

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Checking my own original dubs.

They like being good at it they like that they are satisfying someone they are attracted too. I love the faces women make when they are getting off. Its probably the same for them.

I also heard its an energy thing. Like they can feel it building up in you while going down on you until it becomes an eruption that they can't control etc...

sucking dick is the quintessence of foreplay.
play with it
have fun
get messy

women are iffy with sex, to emotional for some.
but sucking dick is pretty much adult playtime/recess.

I don't enjoy sucking dick. It hurts my throat, it hurts my jaw, it takes too long to make him cum, I usually end up puking mid blow job, and it makes the corners of my mouth split and tear. Then the cum itself is a gross consistency and the taste is a gamble. Overall not a pleasant experience and it definitely does not turn me on.

Maybe you're just gay?

>sucking dick is pretty much adult playtime/recess.
God damn I want a gf.

It hurts and it tastes bad. That doesn't make me gay.

I mean, it kinda definitely does.

I'm cool with that as long as you like having your boobs sucked on. And I'm not even remotely unique like that.

I do like that, very much. I will also go down on the person I'm with, I know it's pretty much expected so I'll do it to please that person but if I had the choice I would skip it. You seem like a catch, user.

You sound very considerate and giving. Personally, I would be horrified by someone doing something they didn't enjoy just because they thought I expected it. I hope you find someone who appreciates you properly. I've been told I'm a catch by a lot of people, but nevertheless, if I had access to boobs right now I would NOT be shitposting on the internet. Thank you, though. Good luck.

As a male, sucking dick is one of my favorite activities.

It's like the same reason people like sucking on their thumb.

Sounds pretty fucking gay. Are you some kind of dickloving faggot?

What kind of faggot doesn't suck dick from time to time? Man up and suck dick you fucking poof.

They like knowing how much you want it.


God, Nat is fucking sexy. Cute feet too.

How 2 find grill that wants to play with my pp?

How do I eat pussy? I want to so bad

my gf says she likes to suck because it feels good to be in control also she likes that its faster then sex and easier to clean up since she usually lets me unload in her mouth.

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holy shit you actually suck dick

>I actually want a girl to let me suck on her boobs way more than I want a girl to suck on my dick, but at this point neither seems likely to happen again and I'll be baking for myself on Thursday.
nigger r u me

>dick is too thick for blowjobs without teeth
why god why

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How do you eat pussy well? my gf always says it hurts when I do it or feels nothing

Those are the best tho

no user, no they're not

get a load of this faggot
bjs are better than sex

boo, sucking dick is awesome

i thought this until i had a really good one, i think people are often bad at it.