Explain why you don't have a domme RIGHT NOW

Explain why you don't have a domme RIGHT NOW.

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I'm not some punk boy and anyways some women disgust me by their mere size and height

Because even though I'm attractive I'm also schizophrenic. I doubt anyone would put up with me

Because I don't submit to weaker specimens

They're not exactly easy to come by you fucking nigger

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Any woman that has ever been attracted to me (which is extremely few) I'm positive were submissive and the future ones will follow suit.
>in reality a masochistic winnie the pooh

I prefer submissive girls...and nobody likes me

Women are incapable of respecting a submissive man, and there's no such thing as a dominant woman anyways.

I tryed that but she through me out when i opened up to her like she asked. Now I just don't open up to people like that. She asked me what was wrong,I told her,and then she was like "I can't be around you at lmao bye" via text.

Because the world is not that kind.

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Several reasons.

Switch here, its a shit numbers game.

Out of the close to 50 women ive slept with only 4 had natural dominant inclinations and showed them. Most of them were fully identifying as dommes and werent really viable as longterm partners because they mostly are sadistic and Im not masochistic.

Your best bet is to get a normal girl and teach her. Of course there needs to be some kind of will to try domming but thats your best shot.

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>Your best bet is to get a normal girl and teach her.
Isn't that like a guaranteed way to get her to break up with you because the two of you are "incompatible"?

We'll if she truly is only submissive and doesnt want to dom then there isn't much you can do really.

If your goal is to find and be with someone dominant then somebody telling you they're not compatible should be seen as a good thing. You can move on.

did those 4 women have any abnormal traits? like clothes or interests?

fuck forgot reply

2 were very normal and 2 were from the BDSM scene so they also were in some part identifying themselves as dommes.

One of them was a 4'2'' girl who had a proclivity to making me look like a schoolboy during our sessions. She didnt allow me to take off my glasses which was funny.

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Because I don't leave the house and I'm not attractive enough for one to want to break in and kidnap me.

Cuz i can't find a dom mom :(

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I read the first chapter. It was super hot,

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Holy shit that woman's fuckin STACKED

Shame that TH lost their mind and can't draw proper proportions for shit now.

l'm ugly as fucking shit

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Just looked up the comic she has a dick and assfucks him I'm not into this anymore but I should've seen it comic when I saw the guy had a corset on

because I am the domme

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Because I don't want a domme, I want a gf, a wife, a mother for my children
one that just so happens to be really assertive and isn't shy about making the first move and initiating and pin me down and ride my face, but still

also because I have no goals or will to make it and am too scared of starting any form of relationship

Because I never met a dominant women in my life. Unless you count sassy black or Hispanic women. Or cunty white women.

The type of domme gfs in comics are all fake and what guys want. No women is actually like that. None.

Because they are shitty at this and want money

Because I'm not good looking enough. But I'm working on that.

Why *would* I have a domme? Regular girls don't like me, let alone the ones I like.

Because I'm not gay, and if I had to have sex with a man I'd choose an effeminate twink.

Because i'm the domme and thus wouldnt have a domme.

I had one, but things kind of fell apart so now I don't, and domme's don't exactly grow on trees so I've never run into another one I liked.

I am sorry sure if the reason why. She would probably have to find me first.

i'm not a faggot, and they don't exist, your pic is not something present in reality except some extreme pedo scenarios

Because all the doms in south florida are either taken or gay

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because i have a dom