Post a picture that describes how you're feeling right now

Post a picture that describes how you're feeling right now

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You know, the usual. Plus I'm getting cabin fever.

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I have an ungodly amount of pepe pics on my computer

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I need my drugs to feel normal

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>Post a picture that describes how you're feeling right now
also this

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Is something wrong, user?

fucking muted

My life is just going to shit and I may be homeless sooner than later. So I'm pretty much fucked.

I am aimless and in a brain fog.

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22 yo and still a lonely virgin...

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where does it go lads?

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Into the fucking abyss

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All day, literally everyday.

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This is acreate

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I just want this meme to end already

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failed everything this semester but i didn't even bother because i dont care anymore

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Found out the only girl I've really gotten close to is not a Virgin like me.
That fucking broke me.
Been beating my self up completely the face, my legs, stomach, everything...
If only I had a fuckin gun I would have shot her, then my self

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who cares faggot, if that's such a fucking deal breaker why not fucking just kill yourself right now you pathetic welp.

damn bro do you have an instagram maybe we can talk about it. going through the same shit rn.

I fucking wish I could, but I'm too much of a coward to do it without a gun.
XMPP, Riot.IM, IRC or anything more anonymous?
Else can you drop your PGP key?

i hate myself enough, im thinking of doing it at the end of the month. Wish me luck to find the courage to do it

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About to actually go there on my last journey.

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i dont know what i feel
i feel so much that its hard to -
to know what to do

all i know is what i've experienced
and i don't know where to go from there

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Seems to me like it's your violent psychopathic tendencies as to why you are still a virgin, if it was the other way around would she have done the same? Of course not.

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This but x1000 times

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I know that....
I just thought she was special...
She would talk to me about her depression & suicidal thoughts, and I would understand since I had been going through the exact same as she had.
We even slept together (not in a lewd way, purely just sleeping), and I just thought she was the one.
I'm a paranoid fuck who is most likely going to fucking die alone and for good reason

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feel bretty gud desu

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Lack of sleep is giving aches and pains everywhere, feel much like a door-hinge that hasn't been oiled. By the looks of things you're quite hear-broken, would you like a hug or any other form of affection? Anything that you would like to get off of your chest.

In the event that you do become homeless - heed this; use shopping malls for free toiletries and especially for changing clothes and washing yourself up a bit. Get the smallest tent possible and camp where you can't be seen on outskirts to avoid being attacked. Furthermore always keep a plastic bottle on you at all times. Depending on what country you are from, you may be able to live in a hostel whilst you sort your life out though these can be dangerous - certainly look towards employment, 20-hours should be the minimal for subsistence.

Is that really an issue? For sure its tragic that purity is frowned upon in our society though given how degraded values are and how sexual liberalism is promoted in our societies its not exactly surprising. Honestly its more an issue when they can't commit - people fail to view relationships objectively when choosing a partner is much like employment: and one of those facets is that if the individual in question (assuming that they have been in a sexual relationship) cannot sustain a relationship for more than a year then they are not worth the risk. Some experiment in their youths and ironically become hyper-conservative later on, that could always be the case. Really isn't a bother so much to attack yourself for, again - it sucks that society promotes the image of sex before marriage though there's nothing we can do about it sadly, its like throwing a controller at a wall when you get beaten at a video-game, the controller's not going to grow an attitude and neither are the norms of society.

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The thing is, I'm not religious.
I don't know if I'm angry and her or angry at my self...
I just wish I didn't get so fucking mentally invested in her.... I should've just stayed the fuck away...

I wish I was American or had easy access to guns... Fuck it all

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>let me tell im feeling good in a place where everyone is doing bad
>haha fuck them right who cares

I was borderline robot before I met her. Was only a few days from being a wizard before I married her. Why can't I be happy?

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I'm sad and low, yeah
I'm sad I know, yeah

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It's crushing me and there is no relief

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feel like going for some albanian genocide

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Can you livestream? If not, seek Jesus.

I really doubt I'll livestream. And I'm the furthest thing from a Christian, so no.

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I don't know how to continue, I can't bear it anymore. I completely failed at life which turned me into the bitter and hateful person I am today, only seeing the bad in everyone and everything. But at the end of the day I always realize that there is only one person to blame for everything, that is me. Knowing that drives me to the verge of just offing myself.

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my professor is fucking insane....wants us to write a verbatim transcript of this fucking research project

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I've just kind of learned to love the suffering at this point

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Comfy I suppose

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Ur a bully, life, a big, fat bully

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I always feel sad and out of place, but I never tell anyone

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I've always posted this pic to these threads and it still fits. Just witnessing the passing of days through my commieblock window and listening to music.
Although my headphones are broken right now and it fucking sucks

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There is no escape. I have no desire to die but I struggle to comprehend living a full lifespan. I want to be left alone but life won't stop harassing me with it's constant demands.

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my brain feels empty. I might be above average in looks and shape, but I have no experiences and am boring even though I try to be outgoing. Feel like no grill would stay for long. My cancerous connections at least would make sure of that.

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Tired, drunk and lonely.

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no picture available

pretty much this. work sucks, life is uninteresting, I'm just coasting.

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Pretty much this except for the bit about being female.

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Fasting makes me so fucking tired of everything and tired in a sleepy way.

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me on a weeknight

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Every time I sleep I have reoccurring nightmares but I cant stand to be awake

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pretty accuratee

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Y'know what, I've changed my mind. This is the one that really describes how I'm feeling right now.

>I'm not a robot
>it doesn't hurt

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I think i might have hemorrhoids

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I hope your suffering ends. How they'll end idk and I'm not going to tell you to anhero but I hope your suffering ends

I got to take it slow

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I have to read a 32 page report at 4 am , but at least i feel productive

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It feels like everything is falling apart.

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This is all I want now.

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I really don't feel so good right now.

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I feel disappointed and I feel regret

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original based oblongs reply

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This question confuses me a lot, I am feeling something but I don't know what. I don't know if I should be happy or sad because it's been a while since I felt anything.

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just submitted an application and doubt ill make it in and if I don't then ill become a neet

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chill playing old school runescape

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It's a very frequent feeling since I can't get in the mood for much of anything.

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Sad robot hours

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where the fuck do polish soldiers die?

give me a girlfriend NOW or i will fuck you up

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3 or OSRS?

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I'm wading knee deep in an unrelenting sea of bullshit. My life has been constant drama, petty interfamilial power struggles, all with a sprinkling of trauma and a healthy side of mental issues. My mind is like a warzone, where I am rarely at peace. I'm not even sure I want things to end anymore, I'm just riding life out and seeing what happens.

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Gonna ask out a cute girl tomorrow. Hopefully she's not taken

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Pretty well sums up how I've been

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good luck dude hopefully ya get her

Right now?
This is all the time.

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Knowing that I'll never be young again.

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It's abstract, but I'm sure one of you guys can relate.

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This is just how it is on this biatch of an earth

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Its coming to an end.

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I'm feeling more like this, but relatable.

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dude, you gotta have somewhere to crash. relatives? friends? someone?


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>tfw just got my drugs and feel normal

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Feeling pretty good today. Obviously there's always room for improvement. I make sure to focus on improving what I can.

Being proactive and reminding myself what matters most in the long run is important. Additionally, prioritizing activities that contribute to long term goals also helps.

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Lamb to the cosmic slaughter

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I'm feeling anxious.

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Iraq, that's what the post is referencing (Bush saying "you forgot poland" in the list of the coalition countries)

>Kill yourself over women
Holy shit user, you're such a pussy ass little bitch. You'll look back on this message the day you actually go out and bang a ton of worthless sluts (women) and think wtf was I being such a dumb beta bitch for? Focus on something else more important and randomly fuck a girl, then throw her away. All they cause is more stress or problems if you keep them around.

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok.....

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yeah this probably describes it pretty well

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Everything might be going to shit but fuck it, I don't care.

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hey man good luck!
I'm rooting for you user.

underated keksimus maximus

I got a project due in 6 days, and. Test Friday.

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Anxiety attacks have been much stronger and more frequent this year.

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because youre still here, tainting us more. move on, buddy, im sure you have some facebook to catch up on.

this person's room describes me most of the time. thank you for your room, whereever you are user.

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I couldnt find the picture that described how I feel until I saw yours. So mine is the same.