Is it true that is a girl sees her bf get beat up she will be attracted to the guy who beat him up?

is it true that is a girl sees her bf get beat up she will be attracted to the guy who beat him up?

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only if that guy is good looking too.

yep, ahppened to me twice.

for some reason i always become attracted to the guy who gets beat up. but i probably have brain damage for thinking like this anyway so i don't represent all girls.

she's fibbin. she nurses the battered guy but shes thinkin of bully chad the entire time.

Women are natural nurturer, so yes.

No, she just finds her boyfriend less attractive.

could you green text it?
it's probably your female instincts telling you to nurture the week and helpless

like if you were the older, better looking, estranged brother of her current bf, and you beat up your little bro just because, she will eventually fall for you, bypassing every moral blockage along the way.

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god women make me sick

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yep, they are naturally attracted to the guy who wins. the good ones will stick by you if you lose, but women are just a bunch of whores now so don't expect it

it's okay user, i'd smooch you if bully chad beat you up.

oh ya? and when i go to sleep after your nurturing ministrations, you go check your phone and guess whos sssliding into your texts...

girls want to be the good girl that goes bad for Chad. girls want to be tempted against their moral compass by Chad.

nuh uh i'm a good loyal girl, i don't take strangers' phone numbers. did you get cheated on before?

I dont like jock/chad types of guys
I really would be by your side
But okay

Get fit anf learn to fight dirty and you won't have to worry about that happening,chump. Only nice guys fight right.

i believe it. but you dont understand Chad's power. i know you would -never- cheat, but when Chad starts texting you.. its like somebody else takes over your body and your hands ands lips are moving on their own, saying and doing things you would never do!

No. I dont like them. They say the same shit
All of them

>girls want to be tempted against their moral compass by Chad.
you know it's funny you say that because I often think about a hot Stacy trying to come on to me and steal my virginety had girls seducing good boys has always be a fetish of mine

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im tempted to start a fight with chad so i can get beat up.

w-wait oh no i'm starting to feel the temptation
i hear chad's mating call
my feet are moving on their own
you were right user i gotta go

totally. i get that alot. have to turn them down.


ill be here.

U guys are delusional. If the Chad gets beat up the girl comes to him to tend to his wounds and calls you a monster and of chad beats you up ur gf will want his babies.

>tfw no caring, nurturing gf to heal my wounds

unless a chaddier Chad beats him up.

>hot come on to me a lot
press x to doubt

Ethier way just hurt as many people as you can and call it a day. Doesn't matter if they deserved it or not. They made this society and that is a crime enough worthy of death.

*mashes x*

ok. when Chad texts, this is what girls will feel.


the first thing girls feel is fear, after all why would Chad text them unless he was mad? so you check your text asap to make sure hes not angry.


when you realize that Chad isnt angry, you let herself get excited. maybe he just wanted to talk and hangout later!

and at this point, your body is no longer your own, the CHAD autopilot system has taken over.

This, Chad is always right. You're either a pussy or a villain.

There was a reddit post about this, where the girl ended up masturbating to the guy who beat up her bf.
I dont have it though, god it feels like ages since i have seen a female hate thread.

Well that's the case with animals at least

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yeah that's why you simply beat up somebody's bf and get yourself a new gf

just be yourself bro and use dem brass knuckles

If that was the case then the current UFC champion would be considered the "sexiest man alive".

not even for many animals

[Insert thinking emoji] yeah it's a real thing

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Yeah, I remember this story by a dude that was beaten up and the girl admitted on Reddit that she was attracted to the guy who beat her. Guess it has to do with evolutionary reasons and girls wanting the stronger dude lmao. Women are absolute fucking thrash.

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who beat him*

Why a girl would ever be with a man who's supposed to protect her if he gets beaten up?

Someone post the greentext of the guy that gets beaten up, ends in the hospital and the guy who beated it gets a ride home and a bj by the dude gf

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They will certainly be less attracted to their bf. Being Chad is a never ending shit test that can be lost at any time, for any reason.

Just look at this clip from Rogan where a female talks about exactly such a situation.

all the comments are telling her she's a shallow wench and she deserves to be single at 43, at least some normies have common sense

I want to see this also

Back when I had a social life I knew this couple who dated for years. One night at a party this other guy wanted to fuck the gf. His strategy was to pick a fight with the bf. The bf thought he was a tough guy so he agreed to the fight. They went out front and the other guy knocked the bfs teeth out. Punched the bf right in the mouth ans broke his teeth. Within week that other guy had told the gf the reason for it was he wanted to fuck her and he was fucking her.

I think it partially depends how you lose. Of ypu get beat real bad but still get up and brush it off still mad and determined they will still like you. But if you get knocked out or start crying they will want to fuck the other guy.