Why don't robots and fembots get together before valentines day so they aren't lonely?

Why don't robots and fembots get together before valentines day so they aren't lonely?

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im ready to collect my fembot gf, let this be an open invitation

I would rather be alone, ty

even fembots want chad

Fembots don't actually exist sadly and if they did their standards would be too high to even consider hanging out with a robot.

Fembots in western countries aren't desperate enough to date a robot.

Already got blown by an Asian masseuse earlier, my only form of human contact and probably all I can take for another year.
>Also the longest I've been outside of my home for 2 years
>Including bus time

There isnt any time left to have anything meaningful between one another to make valentines day special, but I would still be elated if there was a fembot who lived around here that would at least hang out with me online on valentines day for part of the day

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This. I want to at least spend time with a girl and watch anime or something together on Valentine's Day

wtf what makes you guys think you cant be chad like or even better than fucking chad

LOL fembots are mega stacies

If anyone is in SoCal I'm down.

Because I'm scared of leaving the house

Considering all the fembots replying to the "do you like to have your butthole licked?" and "do you like sucking dick?" threads this may be true

dont have any anxiety or some shit, i just don't feel the need to socialize with people i barely know, i don't start conversations with strangers, i can't chit chat with people i wear my normie mask.

they're a bunch of ogres, and even the ogres think they can do better than us

Women are a minority on this board, the ones that would consider meeting up with someone from here are an even smaller minority, the ones that also live near me are a considerably smaller minority than even that, the ones that fit all the criteria above that I could also get along with most likely don't even exist.

Because robots don't give a damn about that shit.
no such thing.

I picked a robot and am long terming him. Still no Valentine's Day plans and will be spending it alone like all of the rest. I think it feels even worse being alone when you aren't single, I had no idea it would suck this much.

>fembots are divided into 10 bloody hunks so each robot gets an equal portion
I'm on board with this plan.

Chad has significantly better social skills.

Is he too lazy to even celebrate with you? Dont stay committed to someone for no reason and waste your time if he wont even appreciate you

Because robots are (rightfully) worried that all women on this board are either LARPers, scammers, or will just end up ghosting them, and fem"bots" have BFs a lot of the time. The ones that aren't are (semi-rightfully) worried that robots will either use them as practice GFs and dump them, use them for nudes and dump them, or will just be bad BFs. That's just the way things are, and I doubt it'll change. If you really want to meet someone, you'll have to do it IRL, or at least not on this board.

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Not many nudes of girls ever get dumped here and you can easily avoid a larp by asking for a timestamped hand photo. Both concerns are rather invalid

I don't think it's important to him. He blew off our anniversary, too. I don't have high expectations but it would have been nice if he cared a little more. I'm the first girlfriend he's ever had and he's my first, too. I'm not really sure how to get him to care more, I give him presents and try to make him feel special so maybe he'll reciprocate.

if """"fembots"""" liked robot boys then r9k would be a dead board

It sounds like you care about him more than he cares about you and that if you show him some kindness he'll change and magically start acting how you wish him to. The thing is people dont change, your entire relationship is going to be like this.

>Not many nudes of girls ever get dumped here
Just because nudes aren't posted here, doesn't mean that some people occasionally date others just long enough to get nudes, and then dump the person they're with. I think you misunderstood what I was saying since I didn't specify that it was the person getting dumped, not necessarily the nudes. You're right about the LARP thing, though.
If he doesn't care about you, then tell him how you feel and give him some time to think about it and adjust his behavior. If he keeps blowing you off, dump him. That's assuming this isn't some LARP designed to bait gullible bots with savior complexes into god knows what.

>some people occasionally date others just long enough to get nudes, and then dump the person they're with
That is an epic waste of time when porn and the internet exists

I'm in talks with an honest to god fembot from this board, and the funny thing is she belongs here more than any guy I've ever talked to from here. She's jaded by the previous robots she's associated with due to them doxxing her. It really is fucking disgusting how lowly you faggot nigger cunts would go to really establish yourselves as the undeserving cesspool of literal shit that you all are. Just hearin the stories of the lengths these other queer motherfuckers went to hurt this girl.. When she checks off every robot/neet pre-requisite.. It's unbelievable. Trust me, I hate women more than any of you cunts. 33 hkhv, but irrationality is a big part of why I hate them, and you faggots doxing a girl who can relate to you on that level is the epitome of irrationality. So na, I strongly advise fembots to avoid robots. The majority of them are nothing but gay self-righteous cunts with daddy issues.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I guess some people get a rush out of it or something.

Are... are you retarded? You are not origiiiiiinnnaaaall

I talked to a fembot on discord once. She didn't seem like someone I'd really like to be in a relationship with, but if she were in my country I'd go on a valentine's day date with her no questions asked. Everyone needs company sometimes.

Fembots honestly despise us. Have you never seen lolcow pinkpill threads?

>implying fembots use lolcow

Because fembots are a meme and don't actually exist.

Thank you for the advice. Do you think there is a tactful way to tell him I'd like him to put more effort in?

You could make up examples of your friends getting gifts and receiving surprises from their bfs but honestly your bf sounds like he would be too dense in getting the hint. You should just be honest and tell him that he isnt as engaged in the relationship as he should be

Do NOT do what said. It's not about gifts, it's about effort. Also, lying or making things up, especially in a relationship, isn't good. Personally, I think the best thing to do would be to tell him how you feel, but try not to sound too harsh. Instead of saying something like "you aren;t paying enough attention to me", try saying "you've been pretty distant lately", and then go on from there. I think that sounds reasonable, but you're the one in a relationship, so you probably know more than me on how this sort of thing works. Good luck, my dude.

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but all the fembots I stumbled upon until now have been either mentally ill sociopaths or wannabe lesbians
I don't know if there's even such a thing as a fembot that could prove to be healthy relationship material

and it's not even me having high standards, because I just want a qt wife that will cuddle with me when it's cold and bear my children

Thanks guys, I think these are both good ideas. I appreciate the input. Thank you for not reeeing at me.

No problem, my guy.
> Thank you for not reeeing at me.
It would be hypocritical for me to reee at a fellow fag. Just because you managed to get a BF doesn't mean I should be resentful.
Just kidding. I'm surprised no one replied with "tits or gtfo", though.