Based Joe Rogan just had /ourguy/ Yang 2020 on bros. NEETs rejoice!

Based Joe Rogan just had /ourguy/ Yang 2020 on bros. NEETs rejoice!

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Bumping because this is pretty interesting. He's right about the problems, but I'm still sketchy on UBI.

they can't even build a wall and you expect these retards to give everyone bux?

what this guy said was interesting desu, so far he's my favorite candidate but i dont know if he has my vote

based and yangpilled

>make a promise you know will never come to fruition due to opposition from others beyond your control
It's not a bad move. It got trump into office after all.

>dumb democrat wants to give useless underclass even more gibs than we already do



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It's actually aimed mostly at white people, so fuck off.

2 minutes in and he is never going to be president

is it really gonna happen? \i am losing neetbux in a few months anons
it was a good run

The entire premise is that you take away existing gibs, and instead give them a basic income. It's the same amount of givs

>reee liberals reee gibs

>Implying burgers will ever vote for an Asian
They'll vote for a black guy, a woman, or a Jew. But they'll never back a latino, asian, muslim, or atheist

why do burgers prefere niggers over honory aryans?

All hail Commodore Yang Wenli

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>universal basic income
Could be good if implemented properly, the experiment in Finland was conducted pretty poorly and that's pretty much agreed upon.

>Medicare for all

>Human Centered Capitalism
Meaningless platitude. Capitalism is defined by the profit motive. As long as capitalism exists money will matter more than humans.

You're right. We should be cutting taxes for the rich and protecting the interest of billionaires.

give me free money pleaaaaaaase

I listened to about 10 mins. Said some stupid things like half of americans are on welfare or get government checks which is retarded and I don't believe any of the stats he gave after that. He's not high enough energy to ever be president

when do you anons think we'll get basic income?

But....trickle down on me economics!!

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honestly an extra 1000 per month would help me out so much.

What are his other policies? I already know about the UBI and stuff but I'm curious where he stands on other issues. Particularly our horrendous track record for corporatism and tax loophole bullshittery.

>half of americans are on welfare or get government checks which is retarded
The government doesn't give checks to 50% of the people dumbass, it subsidizes shit for people.

>just disperse all of SS for 1k per head.
>and more

Daily, Hourly, and Minutely reminder that Universal Basic Income is literally required for capitalism to even persist. This is just part of the plan.

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just seize the entire SS revenue and cash it all to everyone at 1k/month

need to see the Donald dismantle this flub.

>it subsidizes shit for people.
Yeah that explains it nicely.

>gives everyone $1000 as part of a universal basic income initiative
>by sheer coincidence, the price of everything goes up by $1000 a second later!

this would remove social security completely.

boomers should not get a fucking penny

Yeah that's a good thing. SS is really retarded.

why does saying that make me laugh

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t. Reinhard von Lohengramm

Wagies are SEETHING at the thought

fuck off, I've paid money from every single paycheck into SS and I'll be damned if I'm not gonna get something out of it

Wait does this mean I'm going to lose my disability? But I need that so i don't fucking die from seizures.

Because they know that the BBC is superior to all
And yes, I guess you could argue that what I said is equivalent to M U H D I C C

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Don't you mean (((job creators))) user?

you're paying for boomers dummy

Yang reminds me of the based Asian dad I wish I had
>mfw we'll have the first Asian president before the first woman president

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>and I'll be damned if I'm not gonna get something out of it
boy do I got some news for you gramps.

Let us be honest.
He is an Asian male, he will never be president or anything. Doesn't matter whether he lies or states facts.

At best he can hope for some.other candidate picking up some of his ideas.

i want someone who is an actual robot to start a GoFundMe and run for president, and the entire fucking internet will vote for him, plus /b/'s autism can be put to use again

On one hand I want ubi but then again I'm sure this is only going to sky rocket inflation.
I'm half Asian and I wouldn't vote for an Asian president. I'm not voting for a socialist.
He probs won't survive the caucus.
I'm gonna vote Trump again, it would be good to have 4 more years before the inevitable tide of socialism consumes this land.

Why not start a gofundme for a little robot town or ranch with a bunch of little houses? or rooms whatever

Obersteiners in the house tonight everybody going to have a good time.

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>I'm not voting for a socialist
Yes good goyim socialism is evil! Keep voting for tax cuts for the rich!

>Yes good goyim socialism is evil! Keep voting for tax cuts for the rich!

Isn't this the same faggot that suggested that we put in a social credit system similar to what the chinks have?
No thanks, fuck off.

Nah he better try again in 2024 Trump will be reelected in 2020

C H Y N A N U M B A H #W A N
or dare I say it, N U M B A H #Y A N G

He won't win. Dumb ass racist trumpfucks will say he's a Chinese spy and they'll try and get him kick off. It's a shame because he's way smarter than that pumpkin fucker.

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If a black guy can win, I'm sure this Asian can win too.

>Jew Rogaine
Fuck that toe looking sell out

Except the white guilt that seen whitey voting obummer doesn't apply to Asians like it does to blacks

Yang is literally a villain from a dystopian novel. He wants to kill all neetbux by taxing the poor as much as possible, then giving funbux to everyone, including the rich, thereby increasing how much everything costs to survive to the most ridiculous degree while handing out everyone a pittance. The rich, obviously will be fine, but everyone else will literally die in the street.

That's literally what Yang stands for. He's just a lying chink.

I really hope mankind isn't this fucking stupid, but I think everyone already knows it is.

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Yang is retarded and all of you are retarded. Buy an economics text book and read it.

It's not even that. Yang is a cynical, rich lying asshole. He wants a value added tax to pay for this which will massacre the poor and middle class and make the rich even richer.

He's not a socialist, you dipshit. He's literally a religious capitalist millionaire. He's literally trying to run a scam to make life 1000x worse for everyone who isn't rich.

>they won't pay for everything ever so they're evil

Enjoy paying fucking $6 for a roll of toilet paper. The rich won't even notice.

I guess the shills are already at it.

What's to shill. Look at his policy. He wants a value added tax to pay for giving every adult in the nation $1000 a month. Do the fucking math. Learn what a VAT is. It's a tax on common commodities like toiletries and shit. This is a scam that the rich have been working on for literally decades. It's why VAT is such a libertarian talking point. Kind of weird for a "socialist" policy to come right out of the mouth of libertarians, wouldn't you think?

>libertarian = evil
Ok retard.

>libertarian = evil
This is what we call in the world of sanity "correct". Literally every word libertarians say is a lie meant to make rich """people""" richer.

>why VAT is such a libertarian talking point

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I'm sorry, I keep forgetting everyone on this site is either 12 years old now or a paid shill.

i don't think you know what libertarianism actually is, user. Maybe you should consider picking up and reading a few books before opening your mouth and making yourself look, well... dumb.

If you're blackpilled like me you'd know an asian male would never win a popularity contest.

So which one are you?
>you definitely sound like one of the two

Libertarianism is an invention of the mid-20th century by a bunch of jews hellbent on winning back the gilded age for their rich donors.

You know what, forget everything I said. I don't know why I keep trying to avert disaster. I'm going to try to make sure this fucking evil chink wins just to punish America. You deserve the hell he'll bring.

You're fucking retarded. I hope you're now aware of that fact.

literal kek
delicious kek
too bad there isn't any ice cream to go with this kek

I'd legitimately bet on Trump winning a reelection, honestly. I don't care for him, personally. I'm just aware of how fucking stupid Americans are.

People have been doing that for thousands of years too. There was this politician in the late Roman Republic (think his name was Drusus) whose strategy was that no matter what his opponent promised, he would just promise something even more generous/outlandish knowing that the Senate would never let it happen.
>Other guy: I'll found 9 new colonies in Africa
>Drusus: I'll found 20!
Won by a landslide

Shit like this is why I hate poorfags. You try to help them and they just keep screaming "MORE MORE MORE MORE". Shut the fuck up you retarded leech.

Well, the public is about as smart as a bag of olives. That will never change. It's just that one would hope said sack of olives would hold close to a republic longer before shitting it all away into some centralized abomination. Guess that'll never happen either

I honestly fucking need NEETbux its fucking stupid how in burger land you need to be a quadruple amputee with schizophrenia and autism to get anything I cant control myself im a mess with no hope at least give me a closet to live in.

>tfw 3k dislikes

Hilarious how NPC normies are literally incensed at the idea of someone not slaving away just because they did.

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as much as I want 2 Trump terms I would really pick this guy in a heartbeat if he can really follow through with his plan. based chink

I don't know how it works in the rest of the world but here in canada ontario if you're on neetbux you cant have a job. If the government finds out you're working and are on neetbux they'll cut the neetbux. Do neetbux work the same in the USA? His system seems to allow people to work, and he claims it'll only cost 1.8tr because it'll just add ontop of neetbux. Why wouldn't people on neetbux who are also working secretly (it happens) just drop the neetbux and get the full thousand from him. Or why wouldn't neets who arent working drop the neetbux for his 1000 just to always have the assurance of the posibility to get a job and keep your neetbux. If the whole job+neetbux thing isn't an issue in the USA then what I'm saying doesn't matter, but if it is the same, even in just some states, then he hasn't thought this through, and the price will be higher than 1.8tr.

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And also they hate the idea of seeing a chink in power.
It is funny when you think of who the people are that leads the Sillicone Valley.
Anything but an Asian male.