How often do you smoke?

How often do you smoke or take edibles?

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Never you fuckin degenerate druggy. I'm almost a functional member of society.

often enough that i just did now

I ate an edible this morning and can still feel traces of it, although I'm not high anymore.

Cigarettes four times a day, smoke weed before bed every night, and an edible every Saturday.

weed is so overrated it's not even funny. dont get why people are so obsessed with it

Im waiting for my dealer to respond to his snap. Being a shut-in fiend is truly suffering, maybe i should start growing.

I smoke it every day I can. I take edibles whenever they show up.

Multiple times every day

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edibles are better but i've started getting dry eyes because of them

i have a few puffs every hour that im awake
do it! its so easy! i just started my first indoor grow

as often as i can, especially after long days at work or when i'm hanging out with friends

Depending on how much nug I have available usually 4-5 times a day

3-5 one hitter packs in the hour or two before leaving in the morning
occasionally, less than 3 times per month, ill hit it a few times during lunch break
a few packs before starting to drink in the evenings, a few more over the course of the night
my partner smokes a bit more than me and we go through a quarter a week

I pack at least 10 bowls a day

what do you do for work?
or are you still in school or something?

I'm still studying, but I'd like to be a teacher eventually

as of today, everyday for 6 years but I think it's about time to stop

yeah shit, I miss those days
now I can only smoke when not wageslaving

That's why I want to be a teacher, smoking a joint before class never hurt me before so I mean

I smoked everyday for 16 years. Stopped 2 years ago. Still get cravings but they go away.

I smoke that poop nearly every day.

I rarely smoke pot but when I do I like listening to IDM.