The disgusting cowards in this country are preventing me from posting on /britfeel/, I demand a United States citizenship in order to get away from these pathetic wimpy cowards edition

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Na night me sweet swoledust

What we listening to lads?

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>Do you not want to look masculine?
yeah, I'm female

Got a stitch after 1.5km so stopped

Will do 2km next time, maybe tomorrow

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Stupid fuckin hoes
Bitches I knows

Suckin dem cocks
Feel the wrath of a rock
On ya clock

Trap master lick ya balls
Viagra falls
On ya vITCH

Moni, it's time to make the lads here happy. It's time to show us your sissy fanny hole. I insist.

You don't have a vagina though

a satanic mass

The only thing feminine about Moni is the amount of shite he talks.

If you really want to commit to being female you should consider getting SRS.

I couldn't agree more. Moni you need a pussy. Don't you desire having your very own fanjina?

Hope this is going to be a comfy womfy thread.

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Going to mcdonalds, anyone want anything?
if odd i'll get a cool 50p in the change
i hope meme magic works

Get me a Happy Meal with a Fruit Shoot and an Oreo McFlurry

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Holding a large amount of cash = being enough to arrest someone was in The Wire and I've carried that information with me since. I took it as read that it would be UK law too.

seems more like a deady weady thread, everyone seems to have fucked off for no apparent reason whatsoever

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No thanks lad, trying to lose weight

It's ok lad the guy they arrested was black

>tfw there's probably a 'oi m8 u got a loicsence for that cash' Jow Forums thread about this even though yank police do this all the time

30 years ago today Rodney got married

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Literally just checked and found one

>why would you ever carry that much money with you?
that doesnt answer the question though, you can have a million pounds in a vault in your house if you want it's just stupid to carry loads of money around

>tfw i actually clicked on the thread and went through it
what the fuck's wrong with me

I'll never not love OFAH

i found this looking for the original version and it's been stuck in my head these past few days

Every time I go on Jow Forums I want to die. Cant believe I used to browse there all day

real autism hours

Well, I heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth
The minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

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Honestly I'm the same way, I just knew the other user would be bang-on about how there'd be a thread about it and sure enough, one Ctrl+F 'money' later I found it.

Already spent about 100 quid this week but since I've got a job, can't hurt to buy some bluetooth headphones

I think it's the yanks who bother me the most. They have objectively the most fucked up Western nation and all they do is shit on everyone else

>sent off her valentine's gifts today
>she just dumped me

Now what?

Sorry lad I had already left. I'll get you one next time I think its pokemon toys at the moment
Try the carrot sticks

Didn't get any cool 50ps

People there being edgy for the sake of being edgy got boring fast but the Yank election was the last straw for me
cba hearing about all the Trump shit


Why are you posting it and not giving it her in person?

LDR? Internet gf?

Sounds like it was long distance and therefore a mistake


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I work in a different city so don't have the time and I wanted her to have it on the day.

I'd rather not give money to those fatty food gangsters

Am in high Wycombe next week lads. Genuinely and I mean genuinely , thinking of camping out on amersham hill til Timmy comes out and see him in the wild. It'd be like them nature programmes. I wouldn't interfere with him. Just observe from afar

>didn't send lad i like a valentine
>we're not a couple so it's ok
>still feel bad

that really rankles my ankles

Moni are you attracted to men or women?

The McMafia can run the fast food racket I don't care the mayo chicken is great and it's only 99p

Sounds cute aha tell me about him
What were you thinking of sending

>fatty food gangsters
had an image in mind for this but cant find it ffs

>Sounds cute aha
urrrh maybe
> tell me about him
I'd rather not
>What were you thinking of sending
Maybe some kind of map.

neither but want a relationship with a man


Dont send me anymore maps, you disgust me

Poley got a lot of abuse today, and at least 30% of it was from me alone, but I'll credit him in that he did not shrink away earlier from calling Tim a freak and rather stood by it.
He's wrong of course, but at least he didn't just feign changing his mind under pressure.

Meeting a girl at her house tomorrow wish me luck

There's fat in that mayonnaise

I remember when she got savaged for this and took it down

So? It's still nice

Have you asked any lad out for Valentine's day

I got this handsome boy as change for my bus fare on Saturday

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I wasn't going to but ok I guess

I'll give you a regular 50p for it, thanks user

Any ugly hideous gay cunts in

>tfw no map

Just because something's cheap doesn't make it good for you

my tastes are as high brow as they are functioning

just finished me bar of bournville

miss it already

I didn't say it was good it's probably not but I still like mayo chickens and I don't know why you're hassling me

is that a squirrel with a septum piercing?


>tummy hurts

ke$ha is pure roastie core

The squirrel looks VERY angry

Eat what you want lad, but it's all about moderation

Just finished Fellowship of the Ring, the extended version. Beautiful film. Very comfy. Always brings me back to being a child, it was first favourite film. I'll never relieve the innocence of that age but at least I still have the films and the memories.

I'll let you hold it for 2 minutes

lotr is the white black panther

>at least I still have the films and the memories.
you can have more precious things like friends

would you like me to be your friend?

Thanks, you're very kind. You'll definitley be getting it back after 2 minutes I won't be keeping it


I like that answer. So you'll subject yourself to anal fucking even though you aren't into it?

He's right. It's just that Tim is less of a freak than he is.

It's shit when Frodo dies at the end of the third one - woops!!!!!

If I start injecting testosterone will I stop crying

It would be based if Poley died in his sleep tonight

I havn't seen Black Panther and don't intend to watch it but i've heard LotRs was written with the intention of being a creation myth for the British. Should really re-read the trilogy.

No thanks Moni. I'm not good at maintaining friendships and honestly i'm too homophobic and racist for us to hang out.

pls no lewd

Well you'll have an unnatural hormone level which can lead to emotional imbalance but maybe

ok, I'm trans

>and racist
Me too!

why don't you post on britpol? they'd love to know your insight into pakis.

Signed up to match.com about an hour ago and i've been views 12 time and favourited once. Is it worth subscribing (presumably costs money) to see how has been checking me out? or is it all bots?

His body says drunk uncle dancing to Micheal Jackson at a wedding reception. His face says embarrassed auntie who's going to kill him later

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Why won't you tell us your age?

>Why won't you tell us your age?
27, it's not a secret

to be sure I see it again i while require something as collateral which, upon completion of the 2 minutes, will be returned in exchanged for the coin. What are you offering?

I will offer a regular 50p which has equal value. Alternatively you can have a very rare lesa sempson head made out of modelling clay

Thoughts on me having a wank right now?

Meryll, why does he hav the fren?

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Just woke up after a 16 hour sleep. Need to sort myself out lads.

Deciding on watch to watch, is that You on Netflix any good? Reviews look good

Do you date guys younger than u?

anyone heard from weather lad? last i seen he was having a mental breakdown, maybe he has been sectioned.. all because sp and shippy insulted his cats.

>Do you date guys younger than u?

nice try, i could get 1.40 for it on ebay. So I require either one 1.40 pound coin, or two 70p coins. Whichever is easiest

I just turned 18, I want you to teach me how to make love.