Would you take super powers if the downside was being highly neurotic and scared of people?

would you take super powers if the downside was being highly neurotic and scared of people?

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The answer is obviously yes so help me find the strongest combo here:
- Flesh merge is the strongest primary but doesn't pair well with anything
- Dragon language is nice but only middle to close range, pairs well with teleport
- Telekinesis is weak (can't effect what you can't see/know about), pairs well with clairvoyance

wait, so how am I worse off than now?

what happens if you already have super powers

flesh merge + teleportation to start my totally-not-edgy quest to eliminate humanity

anything pairs well with clairvoyance
also as for flesh merge... merging with another being especially a human sounds disgusting

Fuck yeah i would. Gimme my Flesh Merge and my Sharingan please.

>>merging with another being especially a human sounds disgusting
>found the virgin lololol
That aside, it probably doesn't feel disgusting idk you can get used to it. Imagine merging with a bird and flying everywhere. Benefits outweigh how disgusting it is imo

Fleshmerge plus clairvoyance. Immortality plus future prediction means you can guide the course of history as you like and live forever.

Flesh merge plus teleportation i guess.

but why do people underestimate the sharingan? It gives you complete control over the person you make eye contact with, it's like having 100% persuasion which is extremely useful in society and can make up for your social retardation. Imagine making a chad piss himself with terror, watching him tremble as he wonders why he's feeling this way.

Flesh merge + teleportation is pretty op, you could rule the world through the shadows easy if you wanted.
>you can be anyone, anywhere.
>you can grow beings to do your bidding or control others, creating a sleeper slave army.
>you're only weak to fire, and if it ever came to that you could just teleport away.

>Dragon Language
The word faggot will now have the ability to kill someone. I could also teleport people to other dimensions just to fuck with them.

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I'm already super neurotic and scared of people so yes.
I'll take clairvoyance so I can get some lottery money and be a good neet.

you just not gonna choose a primary?

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I guess maybe flesh merge if it means maybe I can not be ugly?

howdy partner

Flesh merge + pic related

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of course you can not be ugly with flesh merge. You have complete control over your physiology and biomass.

Yes, if they were good powers.
Dragon Language + Teleport, please.

holy shit no wonder you guise still not getting laid when your larping about this uneccesary shit? haha pathetic

I will be a rich boy and travel the world integrating with various cultures over my lifetime.

>merging with people even though you're scared of them

it's not to say you cannot interact with anyone at all without your brain turning to mush. Perhaps if you ambushed one and did it quickly.

for some people it takes more courage to speak in front of a crowd than it does to kill someone.

flesh merge + Sharingan. I always wanted to be immortal and immune to disease. Better eyes and hypnosis is just a free plus.
as for the downside..., I already have trust issues.

>Hahahahaha imagine being neurotic and scared of people hahaha doesnt that just sound like the worst thing ever hahahaha man that would suck lol

Flesh merge + teleportation, just The Thing everything on Earth, ez.

>if the downside was being highly neurotic and scared of people?
I already am.

That's pretty much what being on adderall is lie.

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