Dependent personality disorder

>Dependent personality disorder
>Meet robot who says he wants a boywife
>Promises to love and take care of me
>Give him my virginity
>Take hormones and crossdress to get him to like me
>Do everything he asks including things I'm not ready for or comfortable with
>Get dumped anyway
>Back to being a shut-in
>Family saw the hormones and knows I was with a guy
>Beg him to take me back but he doesn't want me
>Life is completely fucked
>Too afraid to off myself

Don't fall for the sissy meme, no one will ever love you.

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Tell us what happened, why did he leave you?

didnt you just post this on the SG thread unironically enough i was giving you a longwinded response but it got pruned before i could post

No reason, no fight, just decided he prefers being alone or at least that's what he told me.

I would have done literally anything for him.
Yeah that was me.

>taking hormones to make a guy like you
Dun goofed
Trannies take HRT because they have gender dysphoria, not for other people to like them

>no one will will ever love you.

More accurately, no one will ever love you more than you love yourself.
There. Fixed.

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>just love yourself bro
Thanks for the tip I'm a normal now.

hope you kill yourself now you disgusing vermin

Thanks user, I hope I can too.

>Thanks for the tip I'm a normal now.

Ha. Funny.

>just love yourself bro

I agree that that would be really bad advice. It's also not what I said.

Lookit what I said a lil' more closely. Suicidal survivor right here. I'm not FUCKING around with you. I dropped in to help. If my help's not appreciated... Lotsa luck fella.

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you mean you failed?

Platitudes aren't help.

So what method did you attempt and how did it not work?

And it was here that I realized about OP... some lives are meant only to serve as a warning to others, y'all

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did you fart or something?

>Too afraid to off myself
damn i know that feel

sounds like you seriously need friends dude im not a social guy at all but if you wanna talk about random things from time to time feel free to hit me up


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i repeat that it's exactly why you don't date robots

Are all robots like this? I thought a robot would be nicer than a normal guy.

>fuck normalfag cunt
>cry because pump and dumped

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you are pathetic if you can't even like yourself
you should like yourself always

How can I like myself if no one else can?

easy if you a not an npc and if you are an npc it's easy to get people to like you

dude they all talk out of their ass you don't have to like or love you, you can hate, despise and be disgusting with the person you are it's all fine

but you need to be oky with who you are, just understand you are who you are and deal with it and if there is something about you you want to change than go and change it

>tfw no robot bf to love and protect

>tfw you get bored after a few months and abandon me
Fool me once.

He really wasn't into you or maybe into guys in general, probably it was just his thirstiness trying to convince him of such things

Don't be like that. There could be something good between us. If you're too scared to take another chance, then you might regret it. Let live and all that. You can hit my line when you calm down, I ain't going nowhere babe.

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Are you the one who posted his discord earlier?

fuck you dude im not a disgusting faggot just wanted to lend you a hand

Huh? I'm sorry I was just asking.

Why would you want to help someone you find disgusting anyway?

Obviously, the only valuable thing about you were your looks and being a fetish tool
Don't think that people aren't self centered
now post some legs

i might be a cunt and an asshole but i enjoy making people feel happy
the only enjoyment of life i get is making people feel a bit better

no I'm not that user, he seems like a piece of shit
kys pos, OP is a softboy and he didn't do anything wrong

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I'm sure there are some good robots out there, don't give up
For some odd reason it seems like only the craziest robots get to have relationships with other robots, while the good ones are mostly still alone.

it's because robots don't want a relationship...
only the /soc/sluts and fucks are mining for pussy on Jow Forums

>Dependent personality disorder
>Actually believing the bullshit your therapist peddles to you

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because you feel accomplished and like those people to think higher of you
it makes you feel better and that's why you do it
Nothing special

Romance is a lie user, don't fall for it, the only love that is real is the one between you and your true friends, maybe what you need isn't a bf bit a friend.

I don't really feel much better.
Thanks, I think I could talk to you if you want. Honestly I'm still pretty heartbroken and it'd mostly be complaining though so I'd understand if you didn't. Do you have a discord or anything?

well done senpai that 12min youtube video really payd off i see

don't care how you feel at this point
bait some more attention

lmao fag
burn in hell sodomite

link me the vid, i didn't know my opinion was so well documented

Pls leave discord, let's play vidya together

t. Probably actually believes in libertarian free will and gets very upset when told how retarded such a belief actually is.

Nobody will ever tell me that.

Why's that?

Are you cute, passive, or feminine?

Testing ueue

I'll go ahead and post my discord in case you come back.

Nick.#9430 with the period
I'm probably not really up for vidya. I haven't done anything for the past few days, hardly slept and I haven't eaten.

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it's not realy an opinion it's just what stupid people say to feel smart, jumping to conclusions of a persons behaviour based on a single sentence

there we go the cumdumpster found the next donator

I'm not a cumdumpster, I just wanted someone to like me.

>Nick.#9430 with the period
but you cannot have the period

>found a qt trap that was depressed and lonely
>was with them for 2 years and they were dependent on me
>said we'd be together for ever
>I always offered to do anything they needed and be there for them always
>their mentality starts to change out of no where - no longer depressed or needy
>leaves me and says the they're no longer who they used to nor love me
How am I supposed to go on after experiencing what happiness is like and knowing I'll never have that again? Every night I hope I die in my sleep

>kys pos, OP is a softboy and he didn't do anything wrong
yeah he did whiteknight

only if you hitchhike across the country and beg at my door to add you

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One sentence that is
>"but i enjoy making people feel happy
the only enjoyment of life i get is making people feel a bit better"

is enough to make conclusions about his behaviour
stupid people would obviously not comprehend such a sentence

Sorry that happened to you, I feel the same way right now. I was so happy before and now I'm just miserable again.
Don't bully me I'm not right in the head.

>Don't bully me I'm not right in the head.
No one here is
Go seek help at a better place you dumb fuck

Therapy is a scam. Imagine paying some roastie hundreds of dollars just for her to give you platitudes.

Still a better option than seeking help here

Actually it's not.

>It's free
>Anonymous and over the internet so I don't have to be embarrassed
>Get genuine responses instead of platitudes

This, people are here for a reason. You'll get weak-minded people taking advantage of other weak-minded people.
You should find someone who loves and respects you, not necessarily someone 'nice' to you. People can be 'nice' for the wrong reasons. As cliche as it sounds, you should love and respect yourself first because you were being 'nice' for the wrong reasons too and he took advantage of that.

You're wrong and right. Women digs the tranny.

What women? Straight women don't want to date a tranny and lesbian women definitely don't.

Almost every transbian ends up dating another transbian.

I Like how people dont have a fail safe. When going the Sissy meme. If you going to go do that always have a fail safe for a rainy day.

yo homie that's like the truest thing I've ever read on Jow Forums

bi and "straight" women

I have never heard of women having a fetish for traps.

only cute reverse traps are good. like pic related.

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