Are you deformed?

Femcel here. I have an underbite. It's pretty noticeable and it makes me ugly and asymmetrical. Do any of you guys have facial deformities or severe malocclusions? I have never had a bf and I'm too ashamed of how I look to ever ask anyone out. Also what is worse, an underbite or over bite?

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You can't be a femcel if I'm willing to date you

She looks cute tho, would definetely date her

unless its absolutely severe i wouldnt care about having a gf with a deformity if i like them as a person.

if you want a bf just wait til you connect with someone and build things up from there.

besides, one facial deformity doesnt make you ugly, everyone has redeeming qualities.

I have a somewhat asymmetric chin. Thanks to this I always look like a tranny from a certain angle.

I have ptosis of one of my eyes and mismatched jaw and cheekbones, its not too noticeable but it makes me look like im always looking up to the left.
overbite is worse than underbite, at least for me.

No that wouldn't bother me. Do you have a nice butt?

>tfw no underbite gf to join as one with your overbite in sweet embrace

>I am a femcel
>Posts a cute girl
Femcels literally spend their entire lives telling themselves they're ugly since other girls don't have underbites.

Girl is cute

Tell me about yourself
What makes her look cute exactly? Is it the bangs? Should I try to get bangs?
Thank you
I always felt an underbite is worse for a girl and an overbite is worse for a guy
I dont really know what you consider a nice butt.

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>I dont really know what you consider a nice butt.
Not flat and squeezable.

I like insects, history and horticulture. Those are my main interests but I have others

It's because she's asian.
If you're asian too you'll automatically get bonus points

I too have an overbite.
What part of the world are you in?

I think I fit that. Possibly
Post your favourite insect. Also what is horticulture? What do you like about it?
Unfortunately I'm not Asian

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Breastbones are fucked up, bit like pigeon chest but it's asymmetrical. It looks pretty weird. Kinda selfconcious about it, can't really be without a shirt because of it.

are you the pajeet girl who posted the other day?

unironically if you're into TST and have a cute deformity i would date u


My favorite is the Dubia Roach, I think they're awesome. Horticulture is pretty much gardening I have a few plants I grow so I can feed my pets sometimes.

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>Unfortunately I'm not asian
Yeah you'll probably have to neck yourself

Post pic so we can evaluate

I don't really find anything to be wrong with an over or under bite, I have an over bite right now after braces reset my jaw all though my teeth have started to get fucked up again because wisdom teeth

Hi, virgin male here. I also have an underbite. I never had a gf before. I feel like an underbite is worse than an over bite, but really severe over bites do look bad too. What do you think about a guy with an underbite? Would you date one?

Yeah, I have a small dick.
I never approach women because of it.

do women actually think they can be femcels?

i also have an underbite and my teeth are all fucked up and out of place too, so i'm getting surgery to fix my shit this year. can't wait to have a stacy chin at last desu

>Are you deformed?
my ribcage and shoulders are rather large and broad

Well can I date you til you become beautiful and leave me xd

I agree with this guy. See you can't be a femcel because now you have two men who would date you

The surgery terrifies me, plus the healing and the braces. I don't know how people can do it. You are very brave. I hope it all works out well for you.

Girls with braces are cute as fuck go get em

I have the same thing. I'm a 6'0" male so its hard to hide and it makes me extremely insecure and I think it has caused me a lot of mental illness

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I lost my virginity to a girl with slight underbite and a fucked up jaw. She's still a cutie though, it doesn't make a difference.

Sorry, I don't consider you human so I can't tell you about our lord and savior. This thread is a disgrace like all threads but I have attained perfect symmetry and facial harmony.

no, i have immaculate bone structure. im just a reclusive schizoid autistic mentalcel. when i was young i had girls be in love with me and stuff, i was just super shy and autistic

even if you dont believe me, you have to understand that statistically men like me exist, wether you like it or not. so even if you dont believe my personal case you have to acknoledge there are robot virgins who look like this

this guy, david gandy was a virgin until 21 and only had sex with like 3 or 4 girls his entire life. he has autism for cars

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omg my future neo stacy chin won't turn me into a cunt like that don't worry

that's fair!! but i never claimed that i'm a femcel over there, am just a lurker

thank you so much, that's very sweet of you!! i've had braces since i was 5 years old and many other annoying and/or painful procedures done, so the fear of not recognizing myself post op + the tough healing process aren't gonna discourage me now that i got the money for it. i just really don't want to look like a deranged hound when i smile/laugh anymore ya know

You sound really sweet.. I wish I could spend Valentines with you

i broke my nose pretty badly when I was younger and have always been too poor to fix it. Throws off my whole face I hate my life

i'm flattered thank you!! T___T i hope you have a good valentine's day nonetheless user, treat yourself because you deserve it

Actually I'm going to try and induce a coma on valentines day, it sounds pretty retarded but I want to be in a state where I only dream and I never have to wake up and face the world. If it works I hope nobody pulls the plug

> i just really don't want to look like a deranged hound when i smile/laugh anymore ya know
yeah I know exactly what you mean. People don't realize how bad it when you are afraid to even smile. They've always had perfect smiles and don't even think about it.

i hope you are happy with your new chin user i wish i could spend vday with you

Same here OP. Underbite makes me feel so fucking insecure for doing something as simple as talking to people. I can't shut my lips close nor do facial expression because of facial muscle weakness which makes it worse and people mistook me for being emotionless or mute because of it. Never knew what it feels to smile too.

I hope you can find a solution to it you deserve some confidence user

that's god tier escapism and real concerning but i don't want to go Jow Forums on you uninvited, so please try to be safe dude :(

right! they just take it for granted while we're so terribly embarrassed of showing an ounce of happiness and ending up looking like beasts. genes are a fucking meme. i wish you the best of luck with your teeth problems user!

i haven't gone under the knife yet but! thank you!!

Mind if I take you out for a good time?

Acne thats my deformity.

literally just mew

you still have a chance to be my gf

I have a slight nephilim skull

Thanks user.
Surgery might fix this underbite problem, but I dunno about the rest. I plan to save up for it although that will take me years. People and even my ex-friends used to subtly tease me about it. I have to wear mask nowadays whenever I interact with others.