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I screamed nigger in a mall and got kicked out today. To be honest I don't even know why I did it. It wasn't as funny as I anticipated. Fucking hipster white girls looked at me like I had a mental disorder though.
Side rant: They're not even fucking black idfk why they choose to be offended by a word that literally holds zero offense to their people. If anything, the word nigger is an empowering word for white people because it alludes to a time where we whites reigned supreme when we didn't have all these PC vigilantes out here getting me kicked out of malls. I also have no friends to laugh about it with so I'm here lol

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no under 18s allowed

Thats incredibly autistic behavior user but I agree with you. Its amazing how saying one word can anger someone so much, to the point that they will physically assault you and feel justified to do so.

looking this over i realize i probably sound like a sixteen y/o in his rebellious phase. Time goes by too quick and I waste it all.

Where people thought we'd get to some sort of dystopian future where super structures and advanced ai rule supreme, causing humanities dismay, in reality we'll be driving cars from the 70s well into the next few hundred years and powers that be will continually degrade our sense of freedom until every other person is a shooter. Fuck this world, fuck the people of this world. Fuck everything about this world.

>inb4 underaged


It really is. Who gets to choose what's moral and what isn't? It's extremely self-righteous and hypocritical, the way these hipster cunts think of themselves as 'better' than those of us who understand that words are nothing but words. Women are an extremely over sensitive species. I haven't seen many libtard PC men honestly

If you really did this user, you're an absolute fool.

you absolutely do have a mental disorder, get help before you hurt yourself or others.

unless you're larping which, still, get mental help

he meant under 18 iq, user.

White people are more offended by the word nigger then blacks cause whites need to feel moral over everything.

did you just assume 's gender? the hipster cunts will kick you

joke's on you i'm samefagging!

I was going to say 'Bump' but that's not original

listen up you rural fucking hicks, if i say the word nigger, i can lose my job, my home, become a target for indiscriminate violence, get rejected by my family and have my reputation as a person effectively destroyed. i don't want that shit floating around in my vocabulary. thanks to PC culture the word nigger is more harmful to a white person than a black person.

Muh shekels, muh reputation, me me me me me

Shut the fuck up and quit acting like a nigger.

It's scary how true this is. PC vigilantes are so self-centered that they've somehow made a word meant to denounce blacks about pity and how sorry we should feel for black people, like they can't defend themselves today. Then they pat themselves on the back for getting white guys beaten up and evicted for cracking a funny. It's really fucked up. I'm starting to feel like white men are becoming targets for abuse and discrimination just because of our apparent "privileged". As a white man, I can happily confirm that I hate being alive and that my whiteness has not granted me ANY privilege. If anything, it's made me more succeptible to libtards' bullying.

>scream obscenities in a public area
>get kicked out

>>fucking PC vigilantes, man

What the hell did you expect? If you act like a retard you're going to get treated like one

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If someone randomly calls me a fat fuck, sure, I'll be offended, but I'll keep it to myself. If the same advocates for freedom of expression want to impede on mine, that's some real hypocrisy. You should keep your offense to yourself or rant about it later. Also, I didn't say "I hate niggers" or "niggers deserve death". I just said a single word. It's barbaric. I get that getting kicked out is inevitable, but isn't it discomforting how hypocritical of a world we live in?

I don't deny that, I am just saying who gets more offended by that word.

what word is it that we speak of?

>I did something socially unacceptable in public so there were consequences

What are you, mentally ill?

>empowering word for white people because it alludes to a time where we whites reigned supreme when we didn't have all these PC vigilantes out here getting me kicked out of malls. I also have no friends to laugh about it with so I'm here lol
Scratch that, you are. You must be. All that insecurity and loneliness, jeez.

You said you screamed it. You either exaggerated, or you think screaming doesn't warrant being kicked out of a mall. There's no hypocrisy, you were just being an ass

>yelled nigger at the mall
>doesn't know why
>thinks people look at him like he has a mental disorder

You do have a mental disorder, you fucking mongoloid.

Okay, I'll admit I was being an ass. I would have just rather not been kicked out of the mall. It was cold as fuck and it made me cranky.

God damn you need to chill out, you are the exact type of person op talked about, getting triggered as fuck over one word. You literally think he's insane because he said one word.

> I would have just rather not been kicked out of the mall.
Maybe try acting appropriately in public spaces next time and not like someone with mental issues?

What life event(s) led you to become such a special little attention whore?

>one word
>It's just a word user

I mean, yeah it's a word but how can you not see that it's an inappropriate word. It literally says 'slave of a certain skin color'. It brings to mind a time when slavery and oppression of a certain group of people was a thing. Apart from that, it's also used to justify looking down on other people only because they were born in a different way.

Why would you want to bring that image in someone's mind? If you honestly can't understand why this is inappropriate you either have the empathic abilities of a potato or you're just being an ass.

My parents were never around growing up, and when I was molested by my older brother they didn't believe me and sent me to Sunday school. And then all the kids at Sunday school didn't like me because I'd talk shit about Jesus so I've just accepted that stirring shit is in my nature and I hate the world

>If anything, the word nigger is an empowering word for white people because it alludes to a time where we whites reigned supreme when we didn't have all these PC vigilantes out here getting me kicked out of malls

Superb logic

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Context is everything you moron.


Wow, empathy on Jow Forums... You're so called "normie", right? (person who didn't fuck up his/her life)?

are you retarded also?
it's not normal to scream ANY word in a closed space just for the sake of attention, you have to be either retarded or some kind of edgy teenage attention whore

The word slave makes me think of slaves. Pharaohs make me think of hundreds of African slaves building pyramids.
People born in different ways are different. Manlet is no better than nigger in that sense. Retards are different to normally born people too. Many people discriminate against manlets. I'd discriminate retards since I know they can't operate as well.
Making skin color a protective clothing is stupid.

except as a manlet you're being punished by nature while being a slave is being punished by other people.

There IS a difference. The problem isn't their color but the fact that a lot of people in the past which had the color in common were used as slave labour (suffering caused by humans, not by nature). You understand it?

Well nigger by itself means black person, insultingly. Nothing to do with slavery itself.
Manlet and retard discrimination is also by people in similar ways. Not taking them seriously, not offering the same opportunities.

No?. It's literally how slave masters called their black slaves. When they started calling each other that, it was meant as sharing the burden of slavery and oppression in a brotherly bond.

>Manlet and retard discrimination is also by people in similar ways. Not taking them seriously, not offering the same opportunities.
Never said discrimination of any kind is appropriate.

But nigger being derogatory is just a social construct. Retarded indicates inferiority because they can't function as well- the word retard deriving from the French word "retard", which means late or delayed- slower than the norm. Similarly, the word 'manlet' suggests 'less than a man', which means inferior to men. Nigger is different this way though. Nigger is just a word to describe a black person. It doesn't actually mean that black people are inferior.

Black was also used by at least one slave master. Nigger was also used of all of them, not just slaves.
During 1800 it even meant pal, dude, guy etc for a while. It wasn't always insulting. It's probably most insulting right now, much more demeaning than ever in history.

Yup it's like buckaroo, they took the words from the Spanish because they thought it sounded cool or something like that.

Yeah. That's why I wonder why is it so banned in USA. Manlet at least means the target is actually inferior, retard too. Much worse than nigger by itself. So why is nigger a protected one

Yeah! Nigger comes from "negro" or "negra" which literally translates to black.

It's not banned just don't be surprised if you're kicked out of a privately owned place or get jumped by some niggers. It mostly has to do with white guilt, I just say black though so I won't get jumped by nogs kek.

That's a really great point. People like to take the word and put it into whatever historical context they deem convenient to be offended by. Truth is, ALL history happened. You can't choose to say the word was all bad throughout history.

That's what I meant by banned. Calling your friend a fucking retard in public isn't anything really. Calling your friend a lazy nigger can get you beaten. I'd think retard is much more insulting

Doesn't retard just roll off the tongue though?

Also, hipster cunts do in fact get offended if you say retarded. Maybe to a slightly lesser degree though

Yeah retard is a lot more insulting, it just has to do with hood nigger blacks thinking they own the word and white lefties getting butthurt, but there are plenty of blacks who don't give a fuck and many whites who think the same. You are the one who chooses how much power a word has on you, the people that get butthurt either have white guilt, or think blacks truly are inferior. Anyways though I'm going to keep on saying although I wouldn't be an autist yelling it out either.

Can't really say about rolling off tongue. I'm not a native English speaker and I can barely pronounce the English sounds.
They do? Wew. Not sure I can ever understand them.

>I also have no friends to laugh about it with so I'm here lol
Can't imagine why; you sound like a real epic dude to be around. Keep your chin up, sport.

op how angry was your mom when she had to drive you home

I walked home actually. Frick you.

Oh wow. I believe you 100%, user. Sorry to hear that.

Did it feel good, though? When your bro molested you, I mean.

if anybody was yelling words for no reason at the mall, by himself, probably waddling around autistically, regardless of what word it is it's fucking insane

No, it didn't feel good. I'm not gay. If my sister had done it I would have been a much more decent person.

That future sounds rad as hell

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