Femanons tell us one thing you hate about other girls

femanons tell us one thing you hate about other girls

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They won't be my friend.
Or any other woman's friend.
Keeping me from the greatest of human connections, the fraternal bond of friendship.
Everyone on the board whinges on about tfw no gf, but tfw no true friend is one thousand times worse and every woman has been condemned to it.

Fake baby voice

Why won't women be your friend?

I hate seeing all of the "waifus" that get posted here.

They'll pretend, they've pretended before, but I think in the end something inside of us is broken. Every time I thought I had a friend it turned out to be something else, I was there for entertainment, social climbing, because they needed someone level headed who could get them out of a scrape, etc etc. We aren't capable of that selfless platonic love for one another. Even my desperation, the gnawing desire for fraternity has to be some fake bullshit, with a secret subconscious edge.

i am shocked and appalled that you are making me feel bad for a female. how dare you

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>We aren't capable of that selfless platonic love for one another
Fug off, I have exactly 1 friend, and meeting her was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Sure we don't even live on the same continent anymore, but we talk and do all kinds of things together almost every day. I love her and she loves me platonically.

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How oversensitive they are about everything. I've tried having girl friends but they will literally ignore you without telling you what you did for days, sometimes months for either no reason or a very petty one. Women are extremely passive aggressive. Yet somehow I find myself extremely sexually attracted to them. Hmm

They're either too slutty, dumb, or whiny it's fucking annoying. Bunch of crabs who won't shut up about gossips or other mundane shit. I share the same sentiment as .

>Even my desperation, the gnawing desire for fraternity has to be some fake bullshit, with a secret subconscious edge.
Wait are you saying that you yourself are just as duplicitous? I'll give you points for not saying "I'm not like other girls", but that can't be good for you.

Serious question, how do girls not go fucking insane?

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Have you ever met a girl, user? They're all varying degrees of crazy.

I stared too deeply into my own reflection and became just self aware enough to become permanently struck with abject horror and revulsion at the truth of womanhood.
My female monstrocity expresses itself as being "one of the boys" a poor mimicry of a man, and unhappiest of women.

Sounds fun. You should get a bf to help you sort that out.

Female here. I hate a lot of things about women. For instance, girls use other girls and men for attention, to feel superior. Everything they do is for a reason. They'll make friends with the ugly lonely girl to feel better about themselves, then once they've had their fix of dopamine and validation they'll drop you and pretend you never existed. Then they'll go off and try to befriend more superior girls to uphold a superior image. Girls will bring you extremely, extremely close and suck all of the secrets they can out of you, and once they're done, they'll use that info to trick another person into the cycle and drop you instantly, pretend they never knew you. They are so emotionally manipulative and unpredictable because in a patriarchal society they've been told that being an emotional wreck is what women are supposed to do. And then you have dumb bitches that actually conform to that and act like 50s paper dolls. And then they blame it all on the "patriarchy"? Like, no, it's YOU who's CONFORMING to that.

a femanon needs to be this girls friend right now

I've meet a lot of females who tend to be very dense and passive agressive often for petty reasons

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Ok everyone hates Stacy, but this thread is just about women in general.

I'll be your friend, femanon. I have penis though, if that's ok.

Some make too many excuses for dickbag men. Flake out on their female friends for the sake of male companionship, appeal to males by claiming to be tradthots. When the men inevitably ditch them, they come back to their female friends and lighten their views on women again when we all know they're traitors just for some dick and a false sense of security.

>m/f friendship
>being real friendship
No, it is invariable sexual or transactional (transactional friendships being most common between fags and hags- who exchange social capital with one anotheroften at a slant of power depending on which of the two is uglier)

just so it doesn't turn into one of "those" threads - some femanons think it's easier for guys to be friends. eh. i don't have friends anymore because i ditched all my guy friends. i just realized one day that all of them were total fucking scum bags and i didn't want to be around them and their bullshit any more.

>not just taking the black pill and realizing that a bunch of men who hung around in an attempt to fuck you weren't your friends in the first place

All the women I've befriended have turned out like that. But if we're talking more broadly, I think we're also just very dependant people. We depend on having someone close to us. I've seen girls call dozens of other girls their "best friends" when in reality, they have none. As someone said above, we all crave a sense of fraternity, but in the end we're so desperate for it that we settle for something extremely superficial. And when we see that the friendship has failed to be what we wished for, we lash out. And this is where girls get mean, and passive aggressive. They unleash their internal frustration, emptiness and rage in any way but physical, which can make dealing with girls really difficult. I can't handle it.

uh, im a guy, not a girl, if that's what you're thinking

I have superficial friends that I keep at a distance and maybe only one or two friends that I would trust with my life and secrets to. Even at that, as I've gotten older there's more distance between us all.

maybe you're just a real hottie

>user becomes self aware and has an existential crisis
>All we can do is watch

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i do happen to have a great ass

>got rid of his perfectly good male friends
That seems wacky to me.

They don't like macabre jokes. Something about hanging yourself with your own veins scares them away.
Those normies, I tell you...

I have hard times making friends with other girls because they're so gossipy and stuff. Plus none of them are into the interests I am in so I get along with guys better bc of that anyways.

This is why you just get a bf to dump all your emotional baggage onto, and only have friends for the bantz. That's basically what men do and it works out great.

yea those are guy jokes. women really just do not like or understand dark humor

Ok femanons, if girls are mean and fake, why should I date you?

you put up with it for the vagina dumb ass

I'd say you shouldn't, but anti-natalism is genetic suicidality.
Get a woman but be cautious- never turn your back on her.

Don't. Run, run as fast as you can

Girls really only are mean to other girls, it's different with guys I guess?

they're a different type of mean with guys. they rip your emotions out and piss and shit on them and then make you look at it

wrong. they do that to everybody. at least guys get sex out of it.

Yikes, I've never done that before but I haven't dated anyone in like 4 years.

I could just get a prostitute.

>only get a gf for the purpose of breeding and don't ever trust her
hmmm, sounds totally reasonable

You better not post >tfwnobf then.

It was just a suggestion. What's worse; date a woman, while putting up with a woman or being single? Worst case just switch teams to the gay side

>i do happen to have a great ass

Oh you'll have a fun time. Guys don't really open up emotionally with anyone but their partner, so you'll have lots of ways to get creative about it. It's like trying to decide how to kill someone when their rib cage has already been opened up for heart surgery. Everything vital and vulnerable is exposed.

go back to your fag general

stop giving the psychopath femanons ideas.

jesus christ. I'm not that heartless but you know, w/e.

>stop giving the psychopath femanons ideas.
Why? We've already established that they won't date robots, so the only person who loses is their normie bf and/or chad if we're lucky.

everything. women are vicious cunts.

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Everything? Especially the competitive cattyness. All women see to be playing a social domination game with each other, and try to drag you in even if you have no interest in playing. They're fucking cunts.
tfw this feel. I've tried explaining that here in the past and no one understood me. Females just can't have genuine friendships with each other, and male friends only want to fuck me. I just want that nakama feeling. I'm really jealous of bromance and super strong male friendships. No woman will ever get to experience that.
feels bad man. tfw no nakama to fight bears with.

I'll show you female bromance. Give me your discord.

I'm aware that I'm ten kinds of batshit. To be fair I can also abide by pure logic, which I honed in order to tame the crazy.
>They unleash their internal frustration, emptiness and rage in any way but physical, which can make dealing with girls really difficult. I can't handle it.
Feels bad man.

based femanon. now you must answer the challenge,

>all of them were total fucking scum bags
Butthurt roastie detected.

Checking your dubs, OP.
>I hate that all other girls are prettier than me
>I hate that they all have happy families and I'm alone
>I hate that they seem to be able to get bfs or orbiters without putting in any effort at all

Literally just get a boyfriend. They call it a bromance because it's like a romantic relationship but without the sexual/intimate part and the emotional connection is more unspoken. But you can get a really close experience with a partner.
You could even take it one step further and just go gay.

Women can feel genuine love for men and children, just not for other women. I'm sincerely in love with my husbando. Just thinking about him makes me warm and happy. I'd die for him without hesitation. Unfortunately no 3dpd will ever reach this level.

yea im a guy dumb fuck. they turned into druggie degenerates and i got rid of them. fuck off

holy fucking shit same
i don't really want orbiters though. but almost every girl nowadays seems to be complaining about all the catcallers and guys asking them out when I've never experienced that.

I agree, I wouldn't want orbiters but it would be nice to know someone is attracted to me. I would be stoked if someone catcalled me, it makes me feel pretty bad when other women complain about it. I think with orbiters it bothers me because I'd be happy with one person and these girls take 10 people and keep them for themselves.

You seem cool.

femanons should be friends with femanons and then band together to bully robots into submission

I'll catcall you if you want.

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I volunteer my face as a femanon's chair.

You'd like that, wouldn't you? Kinky fruck

marry this man

i wouldnt like it but my weewee would

>mfw I see this thread in the catalogue
what did they mean by this?

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It's not great on the other side of the fence.
>was in a casual sports group
>friend of the leader started hitting on me, finally he asked me out
>turned him down
>everyone stopped talking to me and I have no other friendgroup, can't play that sport anymore in this town in case one of them is in the group
Guys get really pushy trying to get you to go out with them, they'll coerce and manipulate you and try to guilt trip you. And it sucks because no matter how good you are there's a sneaking suspicion they only tolerate you because you're walking eye candy they're all masturbating to in secret. I have never had a roommate who hasn't tried shit with me, and any group of people I join (like for a sport or some activity) multiple guys will try to get with me even when I act kuudere as fuck. I've tried acting more crude and tomboyish and it just makes them more attracted to me. Even if I pretend to be lesbian they still try to get with me. I'm very pretty but completely autistic, I just want to play fun sports because I'm a five year old on the inside, but I can never have anything because no matter what I do it devolves to drama and someone's feelings will get hurt. Men get outright nasty when you turn them down, it's unbelievable. Like if they can't have you then they want to utterly ruin you, or keep goading until they get you to concede to a date. So I can never have anything.
With my super feminine appearance and voice there's not even a chance of successfully crossdressing.
You think you have a friend and nope, they just want to fuck you.

>it would be nice to know someone is attracted to me
yeah I imagine this is what most of the people on this board experience.
>these girls take 10 people and keep them for themselves.
well said. though i wouldn't only blame the girls, the orbiters themselves are the ones creating a demand for orbiting servers yknow.
you too

I'm really sorry you had to go through that. That's really shitty.

the fact that they aren't dating me desu

this. have you tried female-only groups though? are there any where you live?
but yeah i understand your struggle. what i was getting at was that it'd be nice to receive some kind of validation from the opposite sex even once irl. but your situation does sound just as bad, if not worse.

>You think you have a friend and nope, they just want to fuck you.
That's because you have no value to any besides your body. Maybe work on that?

Thanks. It's just, that ALWAYS happens. I try to go out and be social and maybe even get exercise, and bam, a bunch of romantic drama. 4 past male coworkers have hit on me, too, 2 even sexually harassed me. I'm in a female-dominated field now but it's not any better because the women are all catty and try to start shit. I just want to be left alone but nooooo.
And my looks are wasted because I'm only interested in 2D anyway.

that's just what happens if you're attractive and do stuff with guys a lot. we can't really turn that stuff off. i really don't know what to tell you.

This makes me want to an hero. Maybe go be a Stacey somewhere else?

I was pretty good at that sport actually, in the upper half of players there. Same for other past interests. Doesn't matter, apparently.

Rip to all the fellow fat and ugly femanons out there

>there's a sneaking suspicion they only tolerate you because you're walking eye candy they're all masturbating to in secret.
>You think you have a friend and nope, they just want to fuck you.
I just want to virtue signal and say that while I absolutely want to date pretty much any/every girl I know, I've never jerked it to a person I actually know. I don't want a gf for the eye candy, I just don't want to be lonely.
Just pointing out that a guy doesn't necessarily see you as eye candy just because he asked you out.
Then again the whole
>Like if they can't have you then they want to utterly ruin you, or keep goading until they get you to concede to a date.
Part doesn't apply to me either, I'd just say "that's too bad" and leave you alone, so maybe I'm just weird.

why didn't you just tell them you have a boyfriend?

Guys can still get aggressive and jealous over that. I have a friend that gets turned on by making girls cheat.

just tell him to fuck off then

In women's Asian dramas a common trope is first hating the guy, but he keeps going after you still. Then falling for him for whatever reason.
Maybe a replay of that? You can never know with women anyway..

I hate that I don't fit in. But thats nobodies fault but my own. I would say I hate the backstabbing, especially in the workplace, but I honestly experienced more of that from men. Though I guess they could have just been more subtle.
also hate how loads of us just drop their friends when they get into a relationship. I once visited a friend in another city (a boat and 2 buses. 7 hours travel in total) Stayed a couple of nights. On getting to my transfer bus to take me to the boat port I discovered the boat was cancelled so with very little money I had to return to my friends (2 hours away) only to be turned away because her BOYFRIEND said I couldnt stay. I basically spent the night on the streets until I managed to get a shot of someones phone, and made a post on normiebook, eventually a girl I hadn't met since I was 4 years old offered to come pick me up and let me stay (bless her soul)
I guess im still not over it. This supposed best friend of 10 years couldnt let me have her sofa for one more night. (and by that point it was so late I would have only been able to stay there until 5am anyway) because she couldnt say no to her darling boyfriend

her boyfriend is a cunt

Stop telling me my life would be better if I partied. I get it, you herpes infested fucks

I dont know, he didnt owe me anything. I thought we got on pretty well honestly. Maybe he had his reasons.I just definitely blame a friend more. I wouldnt do that shit to my worst enemy to be honest. She also claimed she thought I could afford a hotel but I think thats beside the point. its very telling that a girl who was practically a stranger reached out to me

My couch is open for you user :D

i think the friend is more of a cunt here

im fat old and ugly.also mentally unstable as a bonus

maybe she just used her boyfriend as an excuse? did he actually tell you that he didn't want you there or did she tell you that he said that?

Women hate everything about other women

You can party and not be a whore though.

absolutely based thot destroyed femanon