Letter thread

It's that time again.
Write what you've always wanted to say.

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KD here, king of Jow Forums. Khajit knows how retarded all of you goyim and shiksa are. khajiit sees and acknowledges your pathetic spiritual practices and will relieve you of your suffering soon. soon Babylon will burn and your children will perish and you shall consume their flesh.. khajit knows..

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Stop taking that moonsugar, N'wah.

let us fap, my brother.

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I wonder how much she makes off of her userbase.

she has been wounded, badly. khajit hurt her and feels bad. the spiritual cut from the sword/word is far greater than any mortal wound. I hope she recovers... she seems to be making progress

Hey Cat,
I did it. I am back to how I was almost a year ago before I got stupid for you. Took me long enough to get so much pointless shit out of my back. Maybe I should focus on uni work for now but gosh this feels so much better.


"so love has blinded you?"

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All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. 1 Corinthians 10:23

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I love you all, friends. forever


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please, make it stop. Not like this!

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"is there a cure for sperging out in a public area"

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for thousands of years this has been the agenda, nothing will stand in our way...

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FIRE FIRE FIRE! Execute Execute slaughter slaughter

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Hey Jimmy.
Look, I know we kissed that one time. I know we both felt bad about it. Yeah, I knew you were Bi and you were going to New York, but I know you love me like a brother more than like a lover. I think that's for the best.
Still I miss you, man. All I can see around me is how shit the world is and I can't talk to anyone about it. It's really bringing me down. I think that and getting off of Mary Jane is making me depressed. I guess what I'm asking is please come back. Come back so we can smoke cigs and talk shit on the porch. Come back so we can get the band back together. I know you're heading for Miami, but please man. I just want to see you again.


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Dear Mr. Stafford

"This all could have been avoided..." is what you're probably thinking to yourself. You have failed in your own exploits, and now as you're laying around depressed and in defeat, you wonder if you can even call them your own. So why did you do it? What prompted you to take the plunge? You've been mulling over it for as long as you can remember --- thinking "If only I could accomplish what I've set out for!" You longed for the opportunity, and then when you had it, you fucked up. I guess it isn't so bad, is it? There are hundreds of millions who will take your place in the struggle. But this thought doesn't occur to you, because your endeavors were never that kind of selfless, ideal pursuit to begin with. Think of it this way, even if your big moment's gone and there's nothing left you can do to change your fate, it was either this graceless failure or gracelessly expiring in your comfortable little hole. Neither are anything to be proud of, but I'm sure each has its merits. Or maybe not. But you'll never know, anyway. You should contemplate the best course of action for your next attempt, as morbid as that seems.

Your friend,

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Run while you can, cant stop the gingerbread man, lol.


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Another Valentine's Day will come and go without you. It hurts.


what initials


Why will you never try to make things right between us? Why do you not care? If you wont say something tonight I have to be done.

Dear Mayuri

Get rekt, Luka(f) is my waifu now. You had your chance and you blew it. Sorry sweaty.

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I think I have some type of gender dysphoria

Abraham 1010101010101

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I fucking hate you. You're a pathetic excuse for a mother. You put your own emotions over your children's well being. You're always a victim. When I laid awake at night staring at the ceiling with thoughts of suicide running through my head, I was selfish because of how it made you feel. When my sister came out as transgender, you were the one who was confused and hurt. When your golden child did anything wrong, your three other rotten children were to blame. When your pathetic father beat me, chipped my tooth, threatened to shoot me, and threw me out of the house many, many times, you never stuck up for me, then you called me a liar when I asked why. When my school found out and CPS was called, you blamed me. You use my dad against me, you act like my respect for him is a slap in the face to you. Whatever I do, you only see it as an act of rebellion against you.

You're awful. You're a narcissist. Your only goal in life is controlling your children. You turn us against each other and you bitch and moan when we get along. You don't deserve the children you have. At least two of us are going to grow up and move far, far away from you, and you'll deserve the pain it brings you to lose a pair of your slaves.

You're a selfish, controlling, emotional piece of shit. When you get old and die either alone or surrounded by the filth you brought upon yourself, I'll feel no pity for you.

Sincerely, the son who saw through your horseshit. Get fucked and die.

I actually used to write letters to my mother. I still have them in my bedside drawer.

If you get a boner imagining yourself becoming a girl, then it isn't gender dysphoria.

Can we give this guy an Amen? Send this shit to your mom, user. She sounds like she needs it.

Yes my brotha let me get an amen ra! praises!


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Dear A.S

You deserve to be beaten severely for your degenerate lifestyle and your constant disrespect towards people. Not just me, but even random strangers. And you have the guts to call yourself a "nice person".
You spend all your money on frivolities like the niggers you surround yourself with while you play video games like some kind of "gamer girl" that you pathetically try to emulate.
You claim to be a "prude" yet you post some of the most debauched pictures of yourself on social media I've ever seen, it borders on soft porn.
You are the biggest hypocrite I've ever met.
Enjoy living the remainder of your days in the stinking swamp of the aforementioned hypocrisy and degeneracy that you created for yourself.



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That's my title unfortunately. Rope yourself faggot.

I miss your laugh. I can't forget it. I'm sorry. I wish that I could explain, but what is the point? There is no me anymore. You hate me. I wish to always be hated by you. Always and forever.

-your nobody

Our namefag who art in this shit thread. hallowed be thy fame. Give us this day our daily meme and forgive us our shitposting as we forgive those that spam against us. Lead me not into erasure, but deliver me from the breaking of my jaw.

You are my property regardless if I neglect you and erase you from the afterlife and send your family to burn in hell for all eternity. If I wan't to fuck you tomorrow or never that depends on me. Doesn't change the fact that I own you and you are my slave. I don't care if you think otherwise

tell me about their laugh user

Q formerly M,
fuck man I had a dream with you in it and realized you're one of the two most frequent people in my dreams even though we haven't spoken in ages. And not that it compares really to your situation but I have always kinda thought I should be a girl but clearly it ain't serious enough if I've got this far but whatever.
And fuck man I started watching so much cute anime and it hurts it's so damn good. I need someone to geek on this shit with. Anyways, still fucking thinking of you to this day for some reason, sorry I was a giant dick back then. I'm really done with all this but just trudging through. fuck.

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Where is your A.S. from?

don't spit on peoples gods or them and it probably wouldn't be like this. you've changed a lot since those times but how you and your brother treated me will always remain a taint on our "friendship". good luck out there kiddo

It was happy and genuine. It was pure. Over the phone, it felt like we were in the same room. I used to laugh a lot back then too. Now I don't laugh anymore. I smirk or snicker or whatever other things sound like a laugh. But, never like when we knew each other. Back then we really laughed.

I had a dream about you last night. I still think about you from time to time. I wonder if you still browse this board.
A / N

Wrong person. Sorry user.

you really are garbage and it should be funny to see what kind of fat stupid pig you end up with because of her tits.

What happened to the two of you then? you guys seemed really happy

>peoples gods

There is only one mam and that's me.

doesn't matter. all is relevant in the hive, my bee friend

i'm doing better than ever, bud. its nasa

Nasa you say? when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's AMORI!

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Dear G,

Brother of mine you are a human shitbag. I fucking despise everything you are today. You're a selfish manwhore who doesn't care if he winds up in serious debtor trouble from knocking up too many girls. You've manipulated me out of hundreds of dollars just until you could find a job then repeatedly quit or deliberately got yourself fired thinking the military would save you just because you're in the Guard. Fuck you, you goddamn huge flaming scumbag. Our brother N, is a fucking wreck of a human but has his shit together better than you. I know why I live with our parents still but with this way you choose to be selfish and never help around the home it's no wonder our parents want you gone. Either fucking man up and help do chores, get a goddamn job that only pays two hundred for doing a mere weekend of physical exercise, or just leave.

Get fucked, your oldest brother.

Grind on me!


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That makes me excited.


take your time on me, lol

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I loved her more than anything. We were kids at the time. I thought I had my life figured out. I took her for granted. I broke her heart. I thought I could do better and moved away. I ghosted her and cut her out of my life.Never saw her since. The last thing that she said to me was how much she hated me. That's why I always want to be hated by her. At least then, I am somehow part of her heart.

I guess that makes sense now. Don't shit on the only people that are there for you. Don't let others shit on them either. Once they're gone, that's it. Did i get it right, user?

no, you're a retard. you've got nothing right your entire life...i honestly dont know how most of you can tie your own shoe laces. maybe you should to tie a noose?

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a thief in the night to come and grab you..

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NTA but Amouranth is a high tier mommyfu. I like her big tiddies and green eyes. misshannahminx was better though.

Don't try to posit me as that user you worthless faggot.
>posting rihanna

Leave and never return

I win, lol. gg senpai. love you all


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Nah. You're a loser

Initials pls?


heres your Christ oil, tootz

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If this post end's in even's I give you brain cancer. If odd's I imprison your mother to burn in Hell for all eternity.

RIP cuck

ive been saving that for a long time. just for you. take my seed. *shoots self in the head*


May your love be eternal and last forever. *bows*


You won't be feeling much of your mothers love when she's burning in a fiery pit for all eternity

what in the goddamn hell is going on with these roleplay faggots.

Please reach out. I need you.

I'm ironically worth $3,000,000,000,000


Can you give initials tho?


I want to say but too scared. He would be asleep by now anyways.

what if he wasn't asleep? Say something he would know about you.

Will you do it instead?

Christ, this thread and especially this post is godamn perfection.

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I doubt it's me I just wanted to help you. my initial is K


I'm doing a little better today, im accepting that you dont want me like i want you. it hurts but sometimes il block it out just so i feel a little more at ease when you come by to say 3-4 lines of conversation.


Thank you, wrong initial. I knew he didnt care.

Hi J,

I know we don't talk much and I'm quite sure that at times you think I'm very annoying or you just hate me, but that wont stop me from trying to talk to you and be nice and get as close as possible without making things werird. I know i would never accept myself aswell as them not accept me but its fine i always try to work things and no matter how badly depressed or bad i feel from what they say i still feel this slight thing that everything will be alright so at least give me a shot to try.

Dear Chance

I think I should start off with an apology for being a rude ass bitch to you and to the others. I know I left you when you needed me the most, I was scared that was once again forgotten by those I called friends. Being unable to help you was my greatest regret and I would do anything to changed what happened that day. Though since there is nothing that can change it now, I do hope you found your peace from where ever you are now. I hope to you see you again someday, hopefully. After all I still owe you 20$ and a soda.

Can you tell me about MA, J-non?

That faggot isn't me. He's been trying to posit and larp as me for the past several months

But there are people around you who do, you should go see them. I know from experience that isolating yourself will just make you more and more alone until you trap yourself in that loneliness. If you are already talking to the people who do care then good keep doing that and don't forget about him, but move past him. Have a nice day user

a and a,
yeah yeah you want to join me in my suffering with those fifty friends that you need to "cut out most of them from my life" of yours? feels great to be forgotten by the only one i had hope for. i regret sharing anything with you, or that one of other person either. i hate you guys. at least you have each other, so please stop torturing me and finally fuck off because i know the only value you put on me is time.

h.s, specifically o/j

I'm a schizo retard faggot that loves black guys

Dear G,
Sweet nothings with implied meaning
Wanting to do many things and doing none
Promising to do these before our hearts stop beating
Not content where we are or with anyone
I wish for something that can never be
I tell myself you could really be with me
Always hoping something will occur
Something that will bring back who we were
Feelings we both admitted were genuine
Even moving on and saying everything is fine
I feel the same way as always, except I'll admit it
I won't make the same mistake, so I won't omit it
Truth is I don't know how to not love you
I'll even ruin this poem by rhyming Jew with you
And now I've pissed all over the carpet again
I'm a terrible cat, aren't I? I can't even explain
I would do it all again, I don't regret anything
Except for one thing, the one regret that I'll cling
It's not finding you sooner before you could get hurt
Albeit a waste to ponder that since you changed me
Altered me for the better, my feelings now overt
Funny, it's almost like for my heart you held the key
Am I writing for the sake of writing? You tell me
Are these genuine? To you I'd never lie, you see reality
"As bitter as drain cleaner, as sweet as cane sugar
Such a complex feeling, only you make it worthwhile"
Odd structure and word choice, its cause of you
For the one and only with the most worth, I love you


heres your (you), newfag

you got pwned, kek. praise JAH! Ahahahaha!

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all you bums got nothing on me when it comes to the spiritual aspect of warfare. make all your threats of physical violence. because that's the only way you can harm me

Tired as shit even though it's early thinkin bout breakfast burritos
- J man


Lets get married. Like right now. We dont even need to be bf/gf first. You told me once that you would someday like to get married and have kids. Well, I want that someday too. Why dont we just say fuck it and go for it. Seriously. We dont know each other that well but we can make it work. I trust you. Do you trust me?


me vs the rest of you fools swinging at shadows, lol.


Dear J man,
Don't have morning burritos. Maybe a couple eggs and orange juice. Or cereal. Anything else works.
Save the Mexican for the evening or else you'll suffer for the rest of the day.
Signed, J pal.

watch the video or you're the biggest cuck pussie ever. and here watch this one too for anyone calling me a schizo, it means nothing. you're only making yourself look worse...I don't hate any of you. what happened happened because of natural law. karma is real. we all pay in some way. play with energy and you can cause fires or explosions on accident


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Please talk to me, you havent all day

Dear S,
I understand the words I said hurt. We were there for each other for so long, but every time I got in legal trouble, you were involved. Everytime you were a rat. One of us stayed your friend. He got into even more shit than me. I don't know if you cared for me, or if you wanted to see me burn. But if it was the first, you did it the wrong way. If it was the second, I've meditated on the thought of putting a bullet through your head for quite some time but everytime I see you it changes. Your lucky. But eventually I'll get over your looks. Fucking rot.
Sincerely, the best friend who used to love you.

Remember this guy? seems cool, like someone I met in a mental hospital... nice guy, could sing good too. schizos unite!


Dear E,

How's your second term going? I was so happy to hear you were pursuing compsci at the University, you seemed like you were really gunning for it. Your whole aura's changed, but I still saw the E I first met in your words. When we last talked, it's true I was still insecure. There's been therapy and getting out and around and all of that but the thing that's really been driving me towards change is the memory of what an ass I was to people - dishonesty really hurts the dishonest the most. That's been crucial in making it that step further from being a faget. Anyways I'm a year away from my degree. My job's pretty sweet too, you'd have a laugh if you knew what it was.
Ako je sve u red